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Hello, Beautiful! Welcome to Collage and Wood! Love, Crystal, Jon & Asher

Collage and Wood Shop - we make senior night gifts

Crystal, Jon, and Asher

Crystal Waddell, The Collage and Wood Shop, Collage and Wood President and Founder, Senior Night

When we started The Collage and Wood Shop, we created a business that values family, shared vision and teamwork. We know that it's not the final scores your athletes will remember - it's the bus rides, the travel tournaments, the sacrifice you've made to help them become their best.  Our designs reflect those memories of our own journey - our youth and college teams, developing our faith, marriage, having our son, buying our home, and coaching high school volleyball - special times that made us the husband, wife, and parents we are today! 

We look forward to partnering with you to celebrate your new baby, new home, or new life as husband and wife. When the time comes to celebrate your special senior with senior night gifts on their senior night, we hope to continue with you on every step of their journey as well!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied. If there are any issues with delivery, we will fix it!

While shopping with us, we want you to be completely happy with the experience.  We have been making collages and numbers since 2013. If you have questions about us, our products, or even shipping, please let us know! 

The Collage and Wood Shop is proud to be the original jersey number collage creators (we had to make our own numbers because we couldn't find them in a store!)

Still Have Questions?

Questions about the Collage and Wood Shop Process? Here are a couple of FAQs.

People often wonder ... 

Do we make custom orders? 

Yes. Please click "Find Out More"  and fill out our contact form so we can discuss your project.

Do we sell the letters/numbers unfinished so that you make your own collage? 

Yes, and we even have a tutorial to show you how to do it!

Can we rush an order? 

Sometimes (and it may require a shipping upgrade).

Can we make "{your project here}"? Probably. Just shoot us an email with any questions you have and Crystal will get back with you ASAP:

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