Custom Graduation Gifts Your Kids Will Love | Collage and Wood

Custom Graduation Gifts Your Kids Will Love

Custom graduation gifts: give them a piece of home to take with them when they leave for college.

Custom collage letters and numbers take about 3 weeks. 

Helping you celebrate your family is one of my favorite things to do! Continue reading to learn more about my custom options.

Custom Handmade Graduation Gifts your Graduate Will Love

Let me share a few examples of the custom graduation gifts we can work together to create: 

Custom Collages

custom photo collage letter S by

Custom collage keepsakes are not just for senior night. Covering your senior's first initial with meaningful photos and memories will help your graduate stay connected to home, no matter how far away they fly.

Digitally Signed Poster

If you live in an area that is limiting contact and gathering sizes, here's an idea for you! Submit a google doc of well-wishes for your graduate as well as your favorite image with plenty of space around your graduate. I'll "sign" the digital image with the encouragement of your loved ones and you can print and frame for an incredible gift.

Don't Forget the Senior Photo Props!

Use Collage and Wood Photo Props for pictures and custom guestbooks. You can also use them as the base for creating your own collage!

Senior Photo Collage (pic by jenrenpro)

Senior Photo Prop, (photo by Jasmine Strecker Photography)

2021 Photo Prop (Photo by Sills Photography)
2021 photo props

Monogram Wall Letter or 3-Letter Monogram.

3 Letter Vine Connected Wooden Monogram by Collage and Wood

When giving custom graduation gifts, you can't go wrong with custom wall decor. I can help you create a variety of monograms, including single letter monograms and vine monograms that connect three letters.

Wall names or meaningful words or phrases is an option as well.


Navigating graduation and the end of senior year is an emotional time for you and your graduate. I'd love to be a part of your senior year gift-giving as you celebrate all your child has accomplished ... and look forward in anticipation with you as you embark on yet another new adventure with your baby that has grown up (but will always be your baby.)

Which one do you think your grad would want to take to college?

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