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2022 Photo Props Available Now!

Can you say BEAUTIFUL?

Beautiful girl holding 2022 wood photo prop

Senior portrait season is here - how are you prepping for senior pictures? Let your photos speak for themselves with photo props that represent your almost-graduate perfectly!

Senior portraits are an important part of senior year - and the preparations for those photos can be equally as exciting! So before you get your hair, makeup, or outfit just right for that big day at school make sure to pick up a few extras on Your photo props will speak volumes about who you really are when it comes time to take pictures in front of all your classmates next week.

What's not more fun than prepping with some extra accessories? Whether they complementing a style statement or adding personality into someone else’s photographs there is no shortage of options available!

Senior portrait with senior girl holding senior script font prop

Every year, senior portrait season comes around and we see lots of high school seniors taking their portraits. There are always some common pieces that end up on the table: hats to represent our favorite teams; class rings for those who have them; any sports memorabilia from past years at games or practices can be a great touch too!


Beautiful girl holding wooden script senior prop

There's no shortage when it comes down to what you could add into your photos in order to make them really stand out among others. Our custom props will ensure that your pictures are creative and unique! Senior portrait season is here! Check out these creative photo props to make your senior pictures perfect for the occasion.

Senior wood prop with senior athlete in front of jerseys

How fast do you need yours? We often ship same day if you order before 12 p.m. EST. I am looking forward to working with you for your senior sessions!

Senior Portrait with stacked 2022 photo prop

Senior portrait season is coming up - how are you prepping for your senior pictures? Let the photos speak for themselves with photo props that represent who you really are! We have dozens of items in stock, so take a look at our senior photo prop inventory and find what best represents YOU.


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