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3 Simple Steps to An Unforgettable Senior Night Gift

It’s no secret what my favorite senior night gift is - but the reason why might surprise you!

It’s not just because this is my signature product or that I was the first on Etsy to offer jersey number collages specifically for senior night.

It’s more because the very first collages I made for athletes were for my own volleyball players.

Collage and Wood's Original Collage Projects for travel volleyball team collageandwood.com

A special group that shared so many great memories. Like the time I told them I was pregnant with Asher, and they were the first to know outside of me and Jon! Then there were some tougher times, like when Jon was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and suffered an extreme low at one of our travel tournaments. He was holding Asher at the time and it was so scary - but all of my team moms sprang into action and saved the day!

My travel volleyball team celebrates in the snow collageandwood.com

Then there was the time we won the regional championship. They were 8th graders then. But there was so much that we experienced together, and the girls tell me that even now that they still have those photo collages - even though they are currently in graduate school or embarking on their careers after college.

We are connected by the memories and I know that a warm glow spreads through all of us when we look at those collages. So I’d like to extend that experience to you! It’s so easy: 

1. Choose the collage size you want: 

33 collage senior night gift from collageandwood.com12 inch
15 Inch Jersey Number Collage Senior Night Gift from collageandwood.com15 Inch,
18 inch senior night gift collage from collageandwood.com18 Inch,
24 inch photo collage senior night gift from collageandwood.com24 inch,
giant senior night gift, 30 inch photo collage from collageandwood.com 30 inch 
36 inch photo collage senior night gift from collageandwood.com 36 inch 
collageandwood.com senior night sports poster or a poster!

2. Submit your pictures here.

3. Approve the design.

You’ll receive the finished product within 3 weeks and the reaction from your athlete will be priceless and something that you will remember forever!

Are you ready to get started? Let me know if you have any more questions!

You can contact me here!

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