3 Tried and True Gift Ideas for Senior Night


Senior moms have been killing it on senior night for years. Here’s a round up of some of my favorite gift ideas so you can benefit from the trailblazers who have gone before you!

Gift 1: Senior Night Photo Collages 

Of course, I have to start with senior night collages! These are my favorite because they use your pictures to create a scrapbook of your athlete’s career on their jersey number. Talk about a personalized keepsake! Your child will love it on senior night AND love it on her dorm room wall! Make it yourself with one of my giant numbers or start your project today by choosing your collage type and size here!

Gift 2: Custom T-Shirt Blankets

A close second would be custom t-shirt blankets made from your athlete’s sports t-shirts. These are such a fun way to keep those memories close - and another wonderful addition to a dorm room. There are several vendors available for these, and the most well known is Project Repat. They often have coupon codes for discounted blankets, so plan in advance and avoid paying full price!

Project Repat Blanket

Gift 3:  Make-a-Ball (Custom Photo Ball)

Rounding out my top 3 is Make-A-Ball. They use athlete photos to create custom baseballs, basketballs, footballs and more! These make great end-of-season gifts as well.  The website says that you can use unlimited photos or texts on your ball!

For the rare three-sport athlete, you could give one of these amazing gifts at the end of each season! But all three make wonderful graduation gifts.

Is there another senior night gift that would make your top 3?

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