Destination Senior Pictures: Inspiration for Girls Using Senior Photo Props | Photo Prop 2022 | Collage and Wood

Destination Senior Pictures: Inspiration for Girls Using Senior Photo Props | Photo Prop 2022

Take Collage and Wood senior photo props with you! Check out these ultimate photo shoot ideas!

Destination senior pictures are growing in popularity for senior girls who want to have unique and exclusive senior photos.

Senior pictures are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Nothing preserves the memories quite like a senior portrait session. 2020 inspired some seniors to go the DIY route: modeling their shoot after Pinterest-inspired senior sessions.

Destination Senior Picture Inspiration Curated by

2021 is offering an opportunity to make the senior picture experience even more elite and to make the experience even more unforgettable. I’m talking destination senior pictures and editorial-style layouts.

Senior Moms are giving their girls the opportunity to pick their photographers: and no coast is off-limits.

The only limit is your imagination - and possibly your budget.

Ready to take a look at some incredible senior photography inspiration? Let’s go!

  1. The Beach Destination Shoot: Take a 2022 Photo Prop with you!

Photo Credit: Leah Baggett Photography, Virginia Beach

2. Senior Photos with Mountain Views: Take one of our senior wood signs to the top with you!

Photo Credit: Jasmine J. Photography

destination senior photo inspiration

 3. Destination Senior Pictures in Paris: Take a Senior Photo Prop with you!

Photo Credit: Amelia Renee Photography

destination senior photo - Paris

 4. Hawaii Inspired Destination Senior Pictures

Photo by Anthony Calleja

Destination Senior Photo - Hawaii

5. Desert Destination Senior Pictures: 2022 Photo Props are heating up!

Photo by: Lacey Homer Photography, Arizona

desert image

 So what's your preferred destination? Are you staying close to home for senior pictures or are you traveling to an even more beautiful location?

Let me know!

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