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Senior Photography – 11 Props to Bring to Your Senior Portrait Session

Your senior year is a milestone in your life – it’s the last year of high school, and it’s a time to celebrate all that you’ve accomplished.

Senior Photography Photo Props Senior

One way to commemorate this special year is to have a professional photo session to capture you in your element.

Even if you are simply taking photos with the help of a friend or family member, you can still source amazing photo props to bring your visions to life!

Most people know Collage and Wood for our amazing collage products - posters, letters, and jersey collage numbers. But the "Wood" means the "sign" part of our business.

Seniors and senior photographers have been using our easy senior signs to take their senior portraits since 2016, all over the world. If you can imagine it, we can probably cut it.

If you’re looking for some ideas on what makes a great photo prop to bring to your photo session, your search has landed you in the perfect place!

Here are 11 ideas to get you started!

Four-legged family members

11 Props to Bring to Your Senior Photo Session - Furry Friends and Family Members (dogs)

Your vehicle as a photo prop

Your senior yearbook and your diploma as photo props (or other academic materials!)

Your favorite accessories

Career goals on wood signs

Balloons or confetti as a photo prop

Sports Jersey or Equipment

Musical Equipment as a photo prop

Your favorite accessories for graduation

A trophy or awards from the past academic year. If possible, try to get real trophies instead of photo props in this instance so your photographer can take clear photos of them!

Personalized signs or a giant wooden sign with your graduation year.

I know where you can buy a 2022 senior photo prop sign!

Senior Photography 2022 Photo Props

Location, Location, Location

Choosing where to meet for your photos is very important for your senior session. Search for a beautiful place with a view or somewhere that means something special to you and your family.

This element will make your pictures that much more special.

It could be near where you grew up or a spot where you and your family love to share special times together. Remember that multiple locations may come with an additional price tag.

When price isn't really a consideration, you may want to think about choosing a beach or mountain view. Destination-based senior photos are becoming more popular with seniors across the nation.

When you can travel to a destination-based photographer, you will have senior photos that stand out from anyone taking their pictures back at home.

Four-legged friends

Can your dog take part in your senior portraits? Not everyone would consider a dog a photo prop, but having your furry friend can help you feel more relaxed.

11 Props to Bring Your Senior Session - Including Your Dog

Make sure you contact your photographer for suggestions on how to include pets in senior photos. Check through the review section on their website to see if others mention bringing their pets.

I would hope that the photographer that you are considering would consider your pet as a member of your session, but every company is different. It also may cost additional money for this sort of custom request but is probably a purchase that is well worth it.

Plus, you may need permission to bring a pet to certain locations.

It's sad to think about it, but when a senior year ends and kids head to college, your sweet family pet will not be able to go or come visit.

Including your pet will give you a beautiful memory for your senior to take with you to college - and for mom to display at home.

If you schedule part of your portrait session outside, your pet can become a fun and meaningful part of your senior photos.

Your vehicle

Using a vehicle can help create a unique picture that your photographer can take and have fun poses or suggestions. Your senior will feel comfortable and have a great time while in the photograph.

11 Photo Props to Bring To Your Senior Photo Shoot: A Pretty Bike

If your car doesn't have sentimental value, you may be interested in using an antique car in senior portraits can make the image more interesting. A talented photographer can uniquely tell your story and imagine fun poses with creative props.

While you are thinking about your senior photos, what is one thing that comes to mind when you think of senior photo props?

If it is not cars, then something else may come to mind. It could be a location or pose.

Check out this Pinterest board for more ideas about how to use your car as a photo prop in your senior photos. (Great ideas for guys!)

No matter what it might be when creating senior photographs, there are plenty of easy creative ways to capture the perfect images in your senior session.

Books or other academic materials

What about college-bound or academically inclined students?

Bring along the material to showcase your love of academics!

If you like reading, take some of your favorite books as a photo prop. When you think senior photo props 2022, it's all about telling YOUR story. Consider taking a trip to the library or the bookstore and use the shelves of books as unique photo props and backdrops.

Fun Photo Prop ideas to Bring To Your Senior Photos


Hats, scarfs or similar items can provide interesting and fun colors or help keep an eye on your portrait without having to change clothes.

Let seniors order fun props that help them relax in front of the camera.

Search online for a senior photographer who seems helpful and offers a variety of ways to make the senior portrait session more relaxed. Senior photo props are common in this generation's senior portraits. And they are definitely helpful when answering questions like, "What do I do with my hands?"

The ultimate in senior photography should show who YOU are. Have fun with it and make sure you bring senior photo props that represent you.

Career goals 

Ensure that all your work aims and interests are represented in your images. For instance, it's very common for nurses to take senior portraits as they prepare to graduate from nursing school.

Not sure what senior photo props they should use? Depending on the site of your photos, there are so many ways to find props that represent your major.

Nurses can take senior pictures in their nursing scrubs or uniforms.

They may also want to include senior photo props like a stethoscope, penlight, nurse shoes or other accessories like:

  • a lab coat;
  • books;
  • pencils;
  • pens;
  • scrubs;
  • and textbooks.

Your senior photographer is trained and ready to help you feel comfortable and relaxed during your portrait session!

The best photographers will make your photo session memorable and timeless because senior photography is personal and special for everyone involved.

Balloons or confetti

If you wanted to have more color on a photo, please bring some balloons!

These can also be fun ways to color up your pictures and create contrast with your site's background. As for confetti, it can be a way to show your amazing personality and have some fun with the photo session. Here are some confetti pictures I absolutely love.

Which would you choose? Balloons? Confetti? Or both?

The choice is yours!


Sports jersey and equipment

Athletes can have so much fun with their senior portraits. Why not bring in some of your favorite sports equipment or jersey as some of your top senior photo props and make it amazing?

If you’re into a sport, this is a great way to show it off and have some fun with your senior portraits. If you play soccer, bring your soccer ball. If you play tennis, bring your racket.

If you can find a gym to take pictures in, getting a shot of you as you enter. It's also helpful because you might be able to access different sports equipment.

Make sure to tell your coach thanks!

You can take smiling shots or serious senior photos; it’s your senior photo session. Mix up your game faces and have fun with it!


Musical instruments

You may prefer a musical interest. Wouldn't it be cool to have a giant wooden sign in the shape of a treble clef or some other fun music sign?

bring your guitar to your senior pictures  

That would be a photo prop for the most unique graduation photos ever!

Speaking of creative photography, and the best photo prop for a senior musician, why not feature your instruments in your senior portraits? This would be a great senior photo prop option.

You can even show off your skills and play a tune or two. Nothing tells your story like an action shot.

You may enjoy playing the drums, the guitar, the violin...the options are endless here. Just pick something you love to do and show it off in your senior pictures!

Did you know that senior photos don’t have to include a link to the site where you usually participate in a particular activity? That's what makes the photos come to life!

You can move the photoshoot out into the world! Take your instrument to nature trails, at stadiums, whatever you'd like!

musical instruments as a photo prop in your senior pics

This is a great way to mix up your interests and showcase what you love.

Personalized signs

This is a great way to show your personality.

If you like to make people laugh, bring a sign that says something funny.

You could even get creative with this and have a sign made specifically for your senior photo session.

Your photographer will love it and it will create one-of-a-kind senior portraits!

Here are some examples of signs we've created for other seniors:

This photo makes for a very entertaining graduation announcement and gives you a chance to have fun! Reuse the shots for your graduation announcements and for different uses throughout your senior year!

Sentimental items

It's really special to include a sentimental touch in your photographs, and you'll learn that you'll be glad to have these photos years down the road.

Senior Signs and Photo Props

Think about including your grandmother’s quilt, your grandfather’s watch, or something that has been in your family for a long time.

One popular sentimental item to use in a photo is a baby blanket or other item used during infancy.

This is a great way to show off your family history and have some beautiful senior portraits taken at the same time!

Including a special family member's photo in a frame is another special touch. It's a great way to include them in your senior year and has a lasting memory of them!

Incorporate these thoughtful touches to create beautiful and sentimental images. They are perfect to create a thoughtful collage for family memebers.

There are no set rules for what you can bring to your senior portrait session!

11 props to bring to senior photos, including your dog!

Be creative and have fun with it! If you think of something that you’d like to bring, go ahead and ask your photographer if it’s possible.

Most likely they will be more than happy to work with you on some creative ideas!

Finding the best small business that specializes in senior photography

Finding the best senior photographer for your senior photo shoot is critical. Make sure you utilize online reviews for small businesses in your community.

Senior photography is a special skill and you want someone who will capture images of you at your best.

11 photo props for musicians to bring to their senior photo shoot

The best senior photography business for you will showcase their work online and inspire your ideas for your photoshoot. Small businesses who specialize in senior photography will have reviews on their site and an easy way to contact their company.

It's important to discuss your budget and what the price entails so that you are both on the same page when you book your senior portrait session.

How Much Do Senior Photos Cost, Anyway?

The typical cost of a senior photoshoot varies around the country. Some studios provide a variety of photo prop options - and while another company may require the seniors to source their photo props.

These are details you will want to review with your photographer before you sign your contract. Additionally, finding out how many places you can meet up, outfit changes, and other options is helpful before you move forward with your pictures.

However, this doesn't include prints and special add-ons.

One way to potentially save money is to search for photographers with ambassador programs. Usually, this consists of signing a privacy release and giving your photographer permission to use your images for marketing purposes.

In return, you typically receive some sort of discount for your session fees or image order.

Regardless of how you decide to work with a company, these images will become treasured keepsakes for years to come and are worth any amount of money you can afford to invest. 

Senior photo prop for 2022 props

What To Consider After You Choose Your Top Photo Props

If you decide on an item such as a wooden sign photo prop or personalized sign, make sure your photographer knows ahead of time so they can plan accordingly and fit it into your session time frame.

Collage and Wood is your source for all things 2022 photo props. We have a variety of layouts, including horizontal and vertical sign options. We ship your senior props within one business day, so visit Collage and Wood's senior photo prop shop at

It's helpful to organize and review your list of photo props to make sure that you have everything ready to go about a week before your photo shoot. You'll want to know that everything is perfect and ready to go.

There’s nothing worse than expecting new props and or ordering a custom sign and not getting them in time!

There are a variety of ways that senior photographers will deliver your images - a collage of photos, or a carefully curated online portfolio for you to view and select images.

When you search for a senior photographer, book a chat with them to see if you are a good fit using their contact form on their site.

Remember the photos you took in your high school yearbook? The ones that will forever be a reminder of who you were and what your life was like when it all began. It’s never too early to start thinking about how those moments will look in 2022, so why not plan ahead with these 11 props for a future senior photo session!

From a sentimental sign or personalized signs, musical instruments, sports paraphernalia to career goals and accessories, there are plenty of ways to ensure this session is just right. And don't forget four-legged friends or balloons or confetti if they're appropriate for your aesthetic!

You'll want something from every part of your life represented on film--from clothes to books to vehicles--so make sure to discuss with your photographer ahead of time what you want and need so everyone is on the same page.

Phone cases, pennants, tickets, letters, yearbooks, personalized signs - these are just some of the photo prop ideas that will help bring future memories to life during your senior portrait session.

bring your top awards to your senior photo shoot

After choosing your top items for your future photos, it's important to chat about this list with your photographer before you sign a contract.

This includes details like how many change of outfits will be included in your session. Review the time frame--and if there is an added cost involved with any props or special customization requests for a sign.

This information should also include questions about which props they prefer their seniors use (if any), color choices, and whether there are particular items they do not allow.

Include a few sign prop ideas in your list to ensure you don't forget anything.

Keep in mind that if you add more props, your session can become more expensive and time-consuming for everyone involved.

You'll want to make sure everything is confirmed before the day of your shoot to ensure there are no surprises.

If something needs to be ordered it's best to order it well ahead of time in case any glitches happen with shipping or delivery times for unique sign props!

There are a variety of ways that senior photographers deliver the images you order - a collage image, online gallery or a beautifully bound book.

Price may become irrelevant once you click into your portal! It's helpful to start with a budget in mind because you may love every photo equally as you get to review your images.

You will be a seasoned pro and near model after you learn all you need to know for your senior session! So now that you have these ideas, please check in after your shoot and let us know at Collage and Wood:

What sign or props did you choose to bring or buy for your senior pictures?

11 props to brint to your senior photo shoot (including your doggie)Senior Photo Prop 2022 for Your Senior Pictures 

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