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Senior Year of High School: 3 Creative Ways to Celebrate the End

Senior year has always had its challenges.

 3 Creative Ways to Celebrate the End of Senior Year

As our nation “gets back to normal” I realize that normal will not look the same region to region. For some, large graduations will make a return. Of course, small gatherings may be mandated by the state or local community. Time slots may be reserved during graduations for smaller groups of graduates and their families. With that in mind, I wanted to share some ideas that I’ve seen over the past year.

How's your progress on your senior year of high school checklist?

Check your senior year checklist, and check it twice! If you're looking for popular checklists, here's a couple for you to check out:

  1. Checklist from The Scholarship System Website.
  2. Checklist from the Collage Board Big Future Website.

Likewise. time is running out to accomplish all that you have on your 12th year to-do list. If you're all caught up, it's time to plan the graduation party of your 2021 dreams!

As a matter of fact, are you ready for the fun stuff?

1. Shower your grad with inspirational quotes!

This is a good time to start researching quotes that speak to you about the senior year experience. A great place to find senior year of high school quotes is:

They have over 90 quotes for you to look through and utilize to create a custom display. Additionally, Pinterest is my favorite place to find inspiration for EVERYTHING, so maybe start here for senior quote inspiration!

2. Will your senior have a prom this senior year?

If the answer is: not at her high school, or something frightful like I read on (non-traditional prom, including NO DANCING), check out this guide by that has some great ideas for celebrating senior year as well as a helpful blog about hosting a prom at home.

Will your school have a large graduation? 

If not, here are some ways to make graduation day special for your senior - in addition to plenty of personalized pomp and circumstance!

3. Graduation Party Ideas

Depending on the rules in your area, you might need to limit your party size but that doesn't mean you can't go big on decor! I love the ideas compiled by Laia. She has beautiful examples of cookie bars with graduation themed cookies, as well as over-the top yet absolutely perfect balloon garland decor.

You can go all out with a polaroid photo booth like this one in addition to creative ways to display your treats: donut walls and cupcake towers!

Keep it college themed with decor in the color of your graduate’s college choice!

If your grad is the playful type, here are a variety of games that you can play with a small group as well as outside to keep everyone feeling safe!

So, what do you think? Will you be celebrating graduation in a traditional or a non-traditional way? Or a little of both? I would love to hear about your plans!


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3 Creative Ways to Celebrate the End of Senior Year

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