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  • Senior Night Gift Ideas for Senior Athletes (Updated May 2021)

    The best Senior Night gift ideas for Senior Athletes that they want to keep forever?

    You are in the right place! Basketball gifts, coach gifts, team gifts: there are so many stakeholders for whom to shop. If you are the mom of a senior football player, your senior will celebrate at the first of the year, so it's good to get started planning early!

    Planning ahead can help you feel prepared as a football mom. The athlete's senior season is different from the other year: it's the final year of firsts. You may buy on behalf of a booster club for your football team or just for your senior as a mom of a senior football player.

    If this is your first go at Senior Night, you may be wondering, what gifts should you give for Senior Night? You may be shopping for senior gifts for your son or daughter. Or maybe you are the #bestgirlfriendever looking for the best basketball Senior Night gifts for your boyfriend!

  • Why Collage and Wood is the BEST choice for Senior Night Gifts (Client Testimonials)

    "You guys went above my expectations and I really do appreciate you doing what you could to get it to me as quick as you did. You guys are awesome! 10/10 I would recommend.” 

  • Senior Night Gift Options, Senior Night Sports Poster

    Hey guys! I wanted to share with you a few items I've created for Senior Night. Most people know I make giant jersey number collages for athletes,...