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What your child is thinking on senior night

For up to four years, your kiddo has taken the field and watched the senior night events.


But this year is different: Your kid is the senior. And all of the senior traditions are for her this year. So what’s going across her mind? Here are a few thoughts that I’ve found around the internet: 

  1. “Playing as a senior is special because you know it’s your last chance to perform, so you want to do your best.”
  2. “It’s also special to be able to represent your school with classmates that you don’t ever play with again.”
  3. “It is definitely the best event of our season,” 
  4. “It is so bittersweet to say goodbye to your most beloved teammates, and it gets harder every year.”
  5. “I think Senior Night made me step back from the go-go-go of the season and showed me that I really only have another week with these girls.”
  6. “I am done with softball, a sport which I have been playing since I was 6."
  7. “Senior Night, and all the appreciation that my teammates showed, meant the world to me.”

Adapted from: Senior Nights recognize graduating athletes, The Camponile (2019)

Good luck keeping those eyes dry, mama. By the way, has your senior given you any insight to how they feel about their upcoming senior night?

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