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Nautical Wooden Anchor Door Hanger For Your Home! Wood Anchor Wall Decor

If you need an anchor for your front door, there is a perfect time to buy! Wooden anchors can be found at

Our website features different styles and types of decorations. Our anchors are the perfect way to keep your front door looking great! They come in a variety of styles and colors, so you can find one that matches whatever look is going on with holiday decor or just because. Wooden anchor decor is beautiful and practical at any time of year. These decorations can be a great way to add personality into your front door!

You're in luck! There is always a perfect time for wooden anchor decor on your front door:

  • Summer Time - Summer, because what could be more romantic than sitting by the seaside with someone you love? Or springtime when new life comes crashing through its cocoon. And fall... ah yes, there's nothing like feeling cozy inside as we prepare our houses for winter ahead.


  • Patriotic Holidays - There are many great reasons to deck out your front door with a set of wooden anchors this Patriotic holiday season!
    You could celebrate Flag Day, Memorial Day weekend or Canada day. The options are virtually limitless when it comes time for you and yours to enjoy some American-made craftsmanship (andengineering). 


  • Christmas - The perfect time to decorate with a wooden anchor on your front door is around the holidays! Dress your wooden anchor up with holiday cheer and winter decor. A great place for them is in between December and January when it’s cold outside. 


  • Housewarming - These wooden anchors are a must for every home. The perfect time to add a little something extra at your front door is when you're housewarming. Wooden anchors make great gifts that will be used and loved! They make great gifts, too - that's what I did with mine at least ;) You know that perfect time for a wood anchor to decorate your front door? Well, now is the best! They make great housewarming gifts.
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New doors, new friends! Make a handmade door hanger in the shape of a wooden anchor for your favorite neighbor and enjoy some quality time together. You are only limited by how much fabric paint or glitter you have in the garage (or both).

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