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3 Brilliant Ways to Celebrate Your Child’s Career on Senior Night

I can’t believe senior nights are ALREADY upon us again. Life is flying by!

The next time I tell you about my products we will be talking about graduation decor! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to walk through this year with you! Sports have a way of connecting us in a special way.

There’s a few ways that I can help you preserve those memories: 

Senior Night Number Collages

You probably know that I make giant number collages. I often am asked if I make a specific number and the answer is yes, I make all numbers 0-whatever you come up with!!! And I also make all letters A-Z, Greek, etc.

 Basketball Senior Night Collage from collageandwood.com   

Senior Night Posters 

If you need your collage design faster, the best option would probably be a custom collage poster. The initial process is identical to my physical collage numbers but the finished product can come to you in two ways: a digital file for you to print and download OR I can print the final product and mail it to you.

Unfinished Wooden Letters and Numbers

IF you have the time (and the desire), I can make any of our numbers (or letters) up to 42 inch tall. Maybe you want to paint them in a special way, spelling out S-E-N-I-O-R-S or maybe you want to handle the collage project yourself!

Either way, I can get the letters to you fast.

 Giant Wooden Letter from Collageandwood.com 

    Which of those ideas seem like the best fit for you?

    If you have any questions I’m just an email away!

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