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What You Should Know About Social Distancing on Senior Night: 5 secrets you can use in 2021

It might not be the senior night you envisioned. 

Limited Fans, Social Distancing, Masks. But we both know that Senior Night is not about everybody else. It’s about celebrating YOUR athlete, YOUR family, and YOUR team. Nothing can break the bonds that years of competition have forged, and that's what makes being a part of this team so special.

So no matter how much the outside forces try to limit your senior night, you can still go all out for your players! If the weather permits, you may be able to celebrate with more people by moving the festivities outside!

Here are some fun ideas that I found online. 

1. Outdoor Decorations for Senior Night

These outdoor jersey number signs are so cute! As a fan of repurposing, I predict that you can reuse these for graduation parties AND possibly even wall decor when your senior is ready to decorate their dorm!

Senior Night Jersey Signs, curated by collageandwood.com

2. Drive by Celebration

This next idea comes from my friends over at Triangle Senior Year! If your school isn't allowing the crowds attend the games, they can still drive by and celebrate senior athletes in a senior night parade. Click here to read more about it!

Drive By Social Distance Parade for Senior Night, curated by collageandwood.com


3.  Mask Up on Senior Night

When masks are required, they can actually be another way to show team spirit. There are tons of shops on Etsy that offer customizable masks and you can personalize yours with your school name, mascot, or child's name.

If required, maybe the seniors could have their own special masks for the evening as well!

Customizable face masks for sports fans, curated by collageandwood.com



4. Social Distance Your Walk-Out In a Fun Way

The terms "social distance" and the measurements of 6 feet have become part of our common venacular. But, that's also the way that you can keep the festivities on track - utilizing both and keeping everyone at safe distances from one another.

Hockey Senior Night Social Distanced, curated by collageandwood.com

5. Move the Celebration Outside for Indoor Sports.

The final idea is a great option if your school has nixed indoor gatherings or limited spectators at games. More space means that you'll have room to social distance. A football field or stadium at the warmest, most convenient time for your teams could become part of a new tradition!

 Student Social Distancing in Stands at University of Georgia, curated by Collageandwood.com

How has your school adjusted senior nights in 2020-2021? I would love to hear!

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