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Why Collage and Wood is the BEST choice for Senior Night Gifts (Client Testimonials)

Collage and Wood Senior Night Gifts and 2021 Photo Props and Wooden Letters and Sports Poster

I know I talk about my awesome collages all the time, so why don’t I let some of my recent clients tell you about her experience instead: 

"I had 11 Senior Football boys to buy for this year. They had told me they didn't want a bag with their number on it. My son found these, so I looked into it. What made this more special to me was that I took the pics that went on these. I honestly hope we do this again! Crystal was in constant contact with me and with her using dropbox, I could see and talk to her. And most importantly, the boys loved them!” 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with me and take the senior night gift stress off your hands?  

"I recently purchased a collage as a graduation gift, and I could not be happier with the results. They are the most wonderful company I have ever bought something from — everything they do is so personable and you can really tell it comes from the heart. They are so willing to work with you and make sure its the best product outcome possible. Not to mention, their customer service is better than any company I have ever seen. Definitely would repurchase and definitely would recommend to anyone considering! My gift came out better than I had ever expected (and I’m a major perfectionist).”

This is what it’s like to receive one of my custom collages in the mail: 

"He loved it! I think I saw a few tears but I don’t think I was supposed to know lol. When I received my order in the mail I fell in love!! I cannot thank Crystal and her team enough. It was for my boyfriend's senior day for college baseball and he absolutely loves it and I know he will cherish this forever! You guys went above my expectations and I really do appreciate you doing what you could to get it to me as quick as you did. You guys are awesome! 10/10 I would recommend.” 
Pretty sweet, right? Just imagine how relaxed you’d feel if you started your project today, lady! If you want a special sports keepsake to celebrate your team's league championship or even the sports award banquet gift, you are in the right place.
Want to talk? 
Now it’s YOUR turn! What personalized sports (or senior night) collage would you like to create together?

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