How can we help you bring senior night and graduation party ideas to life?

Crystal Waddell writing in her planner about wooden letter orders, wooden number orders, senior night gift orders, wedding decor orders, event decor orders and photo prop orders.

What Does The Collage and Wood Shop Make?

We make photo collage numbers and letters. We specialize in Senior Night and Team Orders.

We also make wooden letters and wooden numbers. We specialize in senior graduation party decor and can make giant wooden numbers to bring your graduation party ideas to life.

Do You Make Collages for Other Occasions?

Yes, we can create collages for babies, birthdays, reunions, business events + more. 

How Do I Send My Pictures? And How Many Do I Send?

Within 24 hours of your order, you will receive an email via with a link for you to upload your images. 

Your finished collage will be ready to ship in about 3 weeks.

To ensure the quality of your collage, please choose the appropriate size for your collage using our recommended ranges for images:

  • For 12 inch letters, please submit 15-20 images per letter/number.
  • For 15 inch letters, 20-25 images per letter/number.
  • For 18 inch letters, 20-30 images per letter/number.
  • For 20 inch letters, 20-30 images per letter/number.
  • For 24 inch letters, 20-35 images per letter/number.
  • For 30 inch letters, 25-40 images per letter/number.
  • For 36 inch letters, 25-45 images per letter/number.
  • For 42 inch letters, 30-50 images per letter/number.

Do You Have Deals for Teams/Booster Clubs?

Teams purchasing 3 or more collages can choose from an additional 10% discount on their collage order OR a free size upgrade to the next collage size. 

Collages must be purchased using one method of payment with a single person serving as project coordinator and point-of-contact.

I Want to Make My Own Collage - Can You Help?

Absolutely! We sell all of our letters and numbers unfinished as well so that you can Do-It-Yourself. Check out my blog with helpful tips for you so that you can create a project you'll be proud to give!