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Exploring the Rise of Influential NIL Collectives in College Sports

Are NIL collectives game-changers in college sports? These organizations are at the forefront of a major shift, offering college athletes ways to generate income through their name, image, and likeness.

This article uncovers the framework and influence of NIL collectives, the new financial opportunities they present athletes with, and the broader implications of this change.

Key Takeaways About NIL Collectives

  • NIL collectives, born from legislation allowing college athletes to profit from their name, image, and likeness, facilitate endorsement opportunities for athletes, bridging the gap between them and financial compensation. These collectives are funded through contributions and serve to empower student-athletes beyond traditional scholarship aids.

  • The involvement of NIL collectives in college sports is dual-sided; providing financial benefits and brand development prospects for student-athletes while enhancing their protection from exploitation. Yet, the NCAA has imposed restrictions on collective activities, specifically in the recruitment process, to safeguard the integrity of college athletics.

  • NIL collectives are expected to continuously adapt to the changing landscape of college sports. As they develop new strategies that integrate technology and data analysis, their influence on recruitment and sports competitiveness is notable, albeit dependent on many variables including NCAA regulations and other factors such as coaching and team performance.

The Emergence of NIL Collectives in College Athletics

Student athletes discussing NIL collectives

NIL collectives are entities that arose from legislation allowing college athletes to benefit financially from their name, image, and likeness (NIL).

These collectives serve as a bridge, connecting student-athletes with endorsement opportunities and generating revenue-generating activities.

Today, over 120 known NIL collectives cater to student-athletes across various universities.

These collectives are primarily funded through financial contributions from donors and boosters, including tax-exempt entities.

The funds are then utilized to establish paid endorsement opportunities for student-athletes, providing them with financial resources that were previously unattainable (at least within the scope of NCAA rules!)

This new landscape of college athletics has opened doors for student-athletes to receive financial compensation, a transformation that can be largely attributed to the influence of NIL legislation.

The influence of name, image, and likeness legislation

College sports have undergone a significant transformation due to the NIL legislation. NIL makes income generation easier for student-athletes through licensing and endorsement agreements.

Now, athletes across Divisions I, II, and III have the potential to earn income from their NIL via commercial endorsements, appearances, and even social media posts.

Moreover, the legislation has been instrumental in the establishment of NIL collectives and NIL marketing companies. 

Both offer a legal structure that empowers these entities to assist student-athletes in pooling and monetizing their NIL. 

Welcome to a new era in college sports.

Key players in the NIL collective landscape

NIL collectives are blowing up. Several organizations and individuals have emerged as key players.

These include NIL collectives like the Clark Field Collective associated with the University of Texas, Friends of Wilbur & Wilma supporting Arizona, and BLVD LLC for USC.

Among these, Grove Collective is another organization that aims to pay athletes, including Oregon athletes, for their NIL through endorsement deals and other revenue-generating activities.

Prominent individuals involved in the establishment of these collectives include Brandon Sosna and Michael Jones of BLVD LLC.

Oliver Luck of the Country Roads Trust, and Kelly Woolwine of Triumph NIL, among others.

These individuals and organizations have played a crucial role in shaping the NIL landscape and ensuring that student-athletes can fully benefit from their NIL.

Benefits and Advantages of Joining an NIL Collective

College athlete signing NIL agreement

College athletes stand to gain numerous benefits from joining an NIL collective. The collective's main goal is to grow the opportunities for athletes to profit from their NIL.

This includes financial advantages such as:

  • receiving payments for services to charities

  • direct monetary compensations

  • investing in long-term financial stability

  • promoting financial literacy

In addition to financial benefits, NIL collectives should aid athletes in personal brand development.

They orchestrate branding opportunities, align athletes for NIL deals, and foster relationships with relevant clubs and organizations.

At the same time, these collectives safeguard athletes from exploitation by offering financial advice and ensuring fair compensation.

Before you sign ANYTHING, make sure that the person selling you the world within an NIL deal is legit. A good place to go for resources is NIL Network. It was created to 

Financial opportunities

Joining NIL collectives could lead to substantial financial gains for college athletes, as it includes:

  • Receiving funds generated by these collectives

  • Leveraging NIL opportunities

  • Generating revenue through activities such as posting branded content on social media, participating in fan events, and receiving compensation for the use of their NILs.

The financial gain from NIL collectives can be substantial when compared to traditional athlete scholarships. While only a portion of Division I student-athletes receive athletic aid, which often isn’t a full scholarship, NIL can provide additional income, assisting in covering costs for student-athletes. Furthermore, college athletes have the autonomy to negotiate their own deals within an NIL collective, granting them control over their NIL engagements.

Personal brand development

Personal brand development for student athletes
Moreover, NIL collectives play a vital part in bolstering the personal brands of student-athletes. To illustrate, by participating in a NIL collective like West Virginia’s Country Roads Trust, an athlete’s personal brand benefits from financial compensation opportunities and aid in crafting a compelling message for their audience.

Content creation by NIL collectives like Garnet Trust and Spyre Sports Group plays a significant role in enhancing the personal branding of student athletes. Some ways in which they do this include:

  • Fostering connections between the fan base, student-athletes, and businesses through sponsored interviews and fan events

  • Facilitating significant interaction and dialogue

  • Elevating brand awareness

Protecting athletes from exploitation

The implementation of the NIL legislation has opened new doors for athletes.

NIL makes it legal to generate income from marketing deals, social media promotions, and merchandise sales.

NIL collectives and marketplaces play a crucial role in safeguarding college athletes from potential exploitation.

Collectives provide protection by consolidating booster and supporter funds, creating financial opportunities for athletes, and offering legal and financial counsel.

Additionally, NIL collectives are implementing measures through federal legislation, such as the PASS Act, to ensure athletes’ rights are protected.

Challenges and Controversies Surrounding NIL Collectives

While NIL collectives offer numerous benefits, they are not without their challenges and controversies.

The NCAA, for instance, has recently revised its NIL guidance to prohibit collectives from participating in the recruiting process, a decision aimed at safeguarding the integrity of college athletics.

This also raises concerns about the potential emergence of ‘pay-to-play’ models in the recruiting process, which could result in unfair advantages and potential exploitation of college athletes.

NCAA's stance on NIL collectives

The NCAA has taken a firm stance against NIL collectives.

They have imposed restrictions on these collectives, prohibiting them from participating in the recruiting process.

The impact of NIL collectives on the recruiting processes in college sports is significant.

The involvement of these collectives has several implications:

  • It limits the ability of recruiters to fully assess a recruit’s potential.

  • It creates a larger division between schools.

  • It could lead to a shift in the recruitment culture.

University perspectives and relationships

Universities are also actively engaging with the rise of NIL collectives. Some key points to consider are:

  • Some universities are enhancing their connections with NIL collectives.

  • There are concerns about unequal support for women’s sports.

  • There are concerns about the repercussions of schools’ collaboration with third-party collectives on their Title IX responsibilities.

NIL collectives offer support and management services to student-athletes looking to monetize their NIL rights. 

They can organize fundraising initiatives to generate revenue for university athletics departments for the benefit of all athletes.

Ethical considerations

The rise of NIL collectives has also sparked a series of ethical considerations.

The monetization of student-athletes’ NIL raises distinctive legal and business considerations, sparking policy debates and hearings to regulate NIL in college sports.

NIL collectives infringe upon amateurism by enabling athletes to monetize their NIL, challenging the traditional concept of amateurism and raising concerns about fairness and integrity within the sports environment.

To uphold ethical practices, NIL collectives implement integrated sponsorship models and remain vigilant of potential ethical pitfalls.

NIL Collectives and Local Business Involvement

Student athlete promoting local business

NIL collectives, as well as other collectives, have not only established meaningful partnerships with local businesses, but these collaborations are mainly geared towards marketing strategies and charitable initiatives, which are mutually beneficial. NIL collectives have engaged in collaborations with local businesses on marketing strategies, primarily through endorsement and product deals across various industries.

These collaborations provide local businesses with increased compensation, opportunities for local business leaders’ involvement, and the ability to draw attention to minority-owned businesses.

Collaborative marketing efforts

Collaborative marketing with NIL collectives offers a wider range of advertising options for local businesses. It highlights black-owned and minority-owned businesses and delivers immediate rewards for advertising and marketing endeavors. The collaboration between NIL collectives and businesses in marketing campaigns facilitates compensation for college athletes and guarantees their equitable participation in revenue.

This collaboration also provides authenticity and a direct rapport with the target audience, ultimately enhancing the reach and impact of marketing campaigns.

Charitable initiatives

NIL collectives are about more than business; they also focus on community service. They have cultivated partnerships with several charitable organizations, contributing to both local and broader community initiatives. In the context of a school’s nil collective, they encourage student-athletes with a dedication to charity to submit proposals for funding, supporting their charitable endeavors, and enhancing their leadership in philanthropy.

These charitable initiatives assist athletes, particularly student athletes, by providing substantial benefits such as financial compensation, endorsement opportunities, and avenues to connect student athletes in engaging in philanthropy without violating NCAA regulations.

The Future of NIL Collectives and Their Impact on College Sports

As we look forward, NIL collectives are anticipated to keep evolving and adjusting to the dynamic landscape of college sports. This could lead to a future marked by changing strategies and models for NIL collectives. Anticipated strategies encompass:

  • Expansion of services

  • Forming partnerships with marketing agencies

  • Collaborating with universities

  • Advocating for representation

  • Providing education and empowerment for student-athletes

Evolving strategies and models

NIL collectives are actively advocating for amendments to foster a legal environment favorable to NIL deals. They are also supporting federal legislation aimed at tackling compliance issues and concepts relevant to NIL collectives. Some of the strategies they are using include:

  • Incorporating technology and digital media into their strategies through digital fundraising

  • Leveraging their social media presence for lucrative deals

  • Utilizing technology for data analysis

  • Employing cutting-edge technology for interactive content creation

The strategies and models of NIL collectives have evolved to align with NCAA regulations and the evolving NIL landscape. Every Power 5 school is expected to have a NIL collective within a year.

Potential effects on recruiting and competitiveness

NIL collectives have the potential to disrupt recruitment strategies by constraining talent evaluation opportunities and favoring certain schools through financial incentives for athletes. NIL collectives, which operate independently from schools, support student-athletes in pursuing NIL opportunities and can influence college sports recruitment by offering extra financial incentives for athletes to select specific schools.

However, the actual effects are complex and influenced by factors such as coaching quality, historical team performance, and conference strength.


In conclusion, NIL collectives have significantly reshaped the landscape of college sports, offering unprecedented opportunities for student-athletes to monetize their name, image, and likeness. They provide financial opportunities, aid in personal brand development, and protect athletes from exploitation. However, they also pose challenges and controversies, particularly in relation to NCAA regulations, university relationships, and ethical considerations. As NIL collectives continue to evolve, they are likely to have a significant impact on the future of college sports, potentially affecting recruitment strategies and the competitiveness of college athletic programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are collectives in history?

In history, collectives are characterized by attempts to share and exercise political and social power, making decisions on a consensus-driven and egalitarian basis. This helps in understanding the nature of collective movements.

How do collectives operate?

Collectives operate by generating and pooling revenue from various sources, which is used to create opportunities for members while making decisions democratically and without hierarchy. This allows every member to have equal decision-making power, ensuring that no one holds special authoritative power.

What are NIL collectives and how did they emerge?

NIL collectives are entities formed as a result of new legislation allowing college athletes to benefit from their name, image, and likeness, connecting them with endorsement opportunities. This has emerged from the changing legislation concerning college athletes' financial rights.

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Gifts for a Senior Football Player |

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your favorite football player on Senior Night?

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In this blog post, we will discuss 10 football gifts for men that are sure to please any senior football player. 

1. Madden NFL Video Games

2. "Patrick Mahomes" Oakley Glasses

3. Jersey Number Collage

4. Academy Sports Gift Card / Dick's Gift Card

5. Buffalo Wild Wings / Sports Bar Gift Card

6. Poster Collage

7. Custom Jersey

8. Football Ornaments

9. Custom Football

10. NFL Sweatshirts and Hoodies 

From jerseys and hats to signed memorabilia and personalized gifts, we have football presents ideas for everyone.


So what are you waiting for?

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Read on to find the perfect and fun football gifts for your favorite football players and sr night gift ideas!

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Football Things To Buy: Perfect for Giving

Although there are many wonderful things to buy, don't overlook DIY senior night gifts!

Players will be touched by your thoughtfulness.

It's great if you're looking for an idea of creative football senior night gifts to give as a gift, even if you don't make it yourself.

So if you're looking for football related gifts for boyfriend or homecoming gift ideas for football players and you just want some inspiration!

Mens football gifts: Football video games

Madden football is an ideal gift for any football fan!

Not only does it provide hours of virtual entertainment, but it also offers the chance to practice and develop strategies.

Madden 23 for PS4

Madden NFL 21 features realistic graphics and game play that captures the intensity of a real-life football game.

 Madden Football is a great choice for any football fan to stay competitive off the field!

Get Inspired by Patrick Mahomes

What football mom wouldn't want her child to look up to Patrick Mahomes as a role model? 

Let me know if you meet her - in the meantime, I saw these Patrick Mahomes shoes for sale on Instagram and immediately snatched them up for my son. 

They are SWEET in real life, with the built-in tongue. My son's next sport is basketball and he's going to use Mahomes' shoe for basketball shoes.

Of course, you won't go wrong with Oakley Sunglasses (which are also promoted by Mahomes!)


Looking for gifts for the other "footballers?

We've got gifts for senior soccer night, too!

Gifts for footballers. Now back to American football in the blog!


What is the best senior gift for high school football team members?

Best football gifts for Senior Night football gift, end of season football player gifts.

High school and college football players typically receive senior gifts from their team at the last home game of the season.

The best football gifts for a teenager are either priceless keepsakes, personalized football items (photo memory gifts), or gift cards!

It's time to use those senior pictures football themed to create unforgettable football gifts for boys!


Collage #28 gift for football fan boy; best senior night gift


Popular senior gifts for football players include:

Easy gift for football fan boy: Academy Sports Gift Card, also a great gift for gifts for fantasy football lovers

A gift card to a sports bar and grill will always please your player on senior night.

Players may also receive gift cards to their favorite sports store or restaurant.

Gift cards are always an easy way to secure last minute senior night gifts. 

Another option is a sports jersey number collage on Senior Night. These are unforgettable senior football gifts that outlast the football season.

What do you give a football player on senior night?

high school football or college football player senior football poster gift idea


Common gifts for football players on senior night include a plaque or trophy commemorating their years of commitment to the team. collages have proven popular as gifts for youth football players in addition to senior gifts!

What do you get as a senior night gift: Good gifts for football players

custom football jersey

A customized jersey with their name and number is a must.

Add a special touch with a senior night patch.

They'll be able to wear it with pride long after their playing days are over.

A personalized football display case is a great way to preserve their memories.

It can be engraved with their name, jersey number, and the date of their senior night game.

For something really unique, get them a custom-made football ornament.

All of these unique football ornaments will show your football player how much you support them and are proud of their accomplishments. They're sure to cherish these gifts for years to come.

football ornaments, sentimental football gift    football ornaments engraved

If you have a volleyball player at home, check out this article on the best gear for volleyball season!

What to get a guy who likes football? What do football players like as gifts?

Football Senior Night College Football

These are great football gifts for high school and college seniors AND for guys on special occasions.

When it comes to giving gifts to football players, it is important to think about what they would truly appreciate.

While some players may be happy with any gift, others may prefer something that is personalized or specific to the sport.

If your player is a jokester,  look for funny gifts for football players that can be personalized!

One idea is to give a football that has been personalized with the player's name and number.

You could also customize it with a silly nickname from their youth football days.

This will show that you have taken the time to find a gift that is meaningful and unique.

     customized football with player picture    give your favorite football player a gift of a sweatshirt of their favorite football team

Another option is to choose a gift that is related to the player's favorite team, like a nice NFL hoody with an NFL team logo.

Whether your favorite football player is a high school senior or headed to the pros, these gifts are sure to please.

With personalized jerseys and custom gifts, your loved one will feel like a superstar on their special night.

Frequently asked questions about football gifts:

light up football player gift

What do football players want for Christmas?

If you're looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for the football player in your life, you've come to the right place!

Here are a few ideas that are sure to score some points, like the football lamp above!

They'll be able to hone their skills on the virtual gridiron and learn all the secrets of the trade from none other than head coach John Madden himself!

If they're more interested in playing rather than watching, then consider getting them a ticket to see their favorite team live in action.

Nothing gets them pumped up quite like being in the stadium surrounded by like-minded fans, cheering on their heroes as they battle it out on the field.

Finally, if you really want to shows that you care, get them a personalized football jersey with their name and favorite number on the back. They'll wear it with pride every time they watch their team play - win or lose!

No matter what you choose, these gifts are sure to please any football fan this holiday season.

What should I get my football fan for his birthday?

If your football fan is anything like mine, they're always looking for new gear to show off their team spirit. Here are a few ideas that are sure to score a touchdown with any football fan:

A gift certificate to their favorite sports retailer or online store. This way they can pick out exactly what they want and you can be sure it's something they'll love.

Tickets to a game or a meet-and-greet with their favorite player. Nothing gets a football fan more excited than being able to attend a live game or meet their idol in person!

A replica jersey of their favorite team or player. This is a great way to show your support for their team.

What do you do for football gifts on senior night?


Make senior night special with a collage from
Senior night gifts are usually given before the football game. A typical order of events is:


  1. Seniors are introduced and walk out onto the field with their parents/families.

  2. Seniors may run through a banner that reads "Seniors."

  3. Families join the seniors on the field for a photo op.

  4. Football gifts are exchanged, coaches and players may share words or short speeches.

  5. The game kicks off!

  6. Don't forget the centerpieces for football banquet!

What should I get my football dad?

There are plenty of great gift ideas for football dads out there.

If your dad loves football, chances are he would love any gift related to the sport.

Here are some football gift ideas that any football dad is sure to love:

Gifts for a football dad

Tickets to a game - This is a great way to score some points with your dad. Get him tickets to his favorite team's next game and he'll be sure to appreciate it.

A new jersey - Does your dad have an old, worn out jersey that he loves? Why not get him a new one? He'll be excited to pull on a new one come game day.

Football memorabilia - Create a custom photo collage in the shape of his favorite team logo or his old jersey numbers!

What to get someone who loves fantasy football?

Draft Kings Fantasy Sports

There are a lot of great  gifts for teenage football playersne who loves fantasy football. Here are a few football present suggestions:

  • A subscription to one of the major fantasy football websites or magazines.

  • Tickets to a pro or college football game.

  • A jersey, hat, or other piece of clothing with the person's favorite team's logo on it.

  • A book about fantasy football or the history of pro or college football.

  • A voucher for a sports bar or restaurant that will allow the person to watch games while eating and drinking their favorite beverages.

What to gift a guy who likes sports?

Custom football frame from Etsy

For some easy gift ideas for the football banquet, senior night or a little something to go in his senior night basket, consider these:

  1.  football keychain

  2. football mug,

  3. personalized sports frame features a moment from a big game day.

football keychain gift idea


Custom Football Mug Gift Ideas



Thanks for following our guide on football gifts for Senior Night. Do you have any other ideas? 

Are you a baseball mom looking for ideas on what to do with all of the senior baseball pictures you have? 

Browse our baseball senior night gifts here!

Let us know in the comments below!

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Best Senior Night Gifts for Volleyball | Collage and Wood

If you're looking for a unique and meaningful gift for a volleyball player's senior night, you've come to the right place!

At, we specialize in creating one-of-a-kind photo collages that capture each athlete's unique story.

Many schools and parents have asked up incorporate the player's jersey number, name, school colors and any other important details into a beautiful and lasting piece of art.

It’s no secret what my favorite volleyball senior night gift is - but the reason why might surprise you!

It’s not just because this is my signature product or that I was the first on Etsy to offer jersey number collages specifically for volleyball senior night.

Senior night gifts are my favorite because they're so personal. It’s also because the very first collages I made for athletes were for my own volleyball players.


volleyball collage - the original collage and wood collages

Senior Players Love Our Custom Collages

Why do senior volleyball players love our collages so much?

For starters, they're completely personalized and customized to each individual player.

We take into account the athlete's jersey number, name, and any other important details to create a collage that is truly special and unique.

Senior Volleyball Players Huddle On Senior Night (Source Unknown)

Additionally, our volleyball collages are made with high-quality materials that are built to last.

We want your volleyball player to be able to enjoy their collage for many years to come!

Celebrating senior year with your volleyball team

Senior night gifts are often given to athletes by their teammates and their parents.

These gifts are meant to show the athlete how much they are appreciated and admired.


volleyball collage for senior night

For many athletes, senior night is a time to reflect on their time as part of the team and everything they have accomplished. It is also a time to look forward to the future and the new opportunities that await them.

Senior night gifts can be anything from a simple card or gift certificate to a more personal and heartfelt gift.

Whatever the form, senior night gifts are always cherished and become lasting memories for those who receive them.

Jersey Number Collages For My Travel Volleyball Team

Celebrating a championship volleyball travel season.

As anyone who has ever been a part of a team knows, the bond between teammates is unlike any other.

You spend countless hours practicing and working towards a common goal, and in the process, you get to know each other in a way that few others do.

That is why this volleyball team was so special.

We supported each other through the good times and the bad, and we made some amazing memories along the way. 

Like the time I told them I was pregnant with Asher, and they were the first to know outside of me and Jon!

Beach volleyball baby Asher

Then there were some tougher times, like when Jon was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and suffered an extreme low at one of our travel tournaments.

He was holding Asher at the time and it was so scary - but all of my team moms sprang into action and saved the day!

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to coach such an amazing group of girls, and I know that our bond will last long after our playing days are over.

Memorable team moments

Champions are not champions because they never fail, champions are champions because they pick themselves up after every fall.

And that's what we did, time and time again. We fell, but we always got back up and tried again.

And finally, our efforts paid off.

Volleyball regional champions

We won the regional championship for our division in volleyball. It was a hard-fought victory, and it was oh so sweet.

And I'll never forget the look on my teammates' faces when we realized that we had done it.

That moment was one of the proudest of my life. I wanted to help the girls remember it, too.

Senior Night Gifts That live on Past Many Seasons

Sports are a big part of many people's lives.

They provide an opportunity to compete, to test oneself, and to build character.

For some, sports are also a way to connect with others and form lasting bonds.

When a child participates in sports, they often develop a strong sense of pride and accomplishment.

These feelings can be even stronger on senior night, when members of a sports team are recognized for their years of hard work and dedication.

We are connected by the memories and I know that a warm glow spreads through all of us when we look at those collages.

If you're looking for a keepsake to help your child remember their senior night, here are some ideas: 

1. Choose the volleyball collage style and size you want: 

We can make a volleyball collage in the shape of numbers or letters. We have several sizes to choose from: 12 inch, 15 inch, 18 inch, 24 inch, 30 inch, and 36 inches.

volleyball senior night gift, 24 inches      volleyball poster     volleyball collage by

2. Upload your images.

It's a time to celebrate all the accomplishments you've made over the past four years.


Submit your favorite photos from any game that you want to remember and I'll create a one-of-a-kind collage that captures all your memories in one place.

Whether it's for your dorm room or family room, this collage will be sure to bring back all the feels for your seniors.

If you're interested, make sure to order for your seniors about three weeks before senior night!

3. Approve the design.

Designing a senior gift is a fantastic way to show your seniors how much you appreciate them.

It's an opportunity to create something unique that they'll cherish long after senior year.

When we design a senior gift, the sky's the limit!

You can include their school colors, team picture, or even inside jokes.

The best part is that once you approve the design, your personalized senior gift will soon be on its way.

You’ll receive the finished product within 3 weeks and the reaction from your seniors will be priceless and something that you will remember forever!

Are you ready to get started? Let me know if you have any more questions!

Looking for football senior night gift ideas? Check out this article!

If you love this article, you should check out our style series for moms on senior night!

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Softball Senior Night Poster Ideas: Make It Unforgettable!
It's time to elevate your sports memorabilia game with our amazing collage and wood posters. 🏆🖼️

Thanks for considering Collage and Wood for your senior night posters!

Show your senior softball players the love they deserve with a custom poster from Collage and Wood.

Our posters are more than just pictures of your athletes– customize it with their names, jersey numbers, and even their school colors!

We take pride in our high-quality materials that make any wall look full and vibrant.

Plus, you can choose to have us design them digitally for easy sharing or print them out ready to hang or frame.

Whatever works best for you!

A special gift created for you special softball player on senior night! Poster for player number 9.

You’ll be able to commemorate this special moment forever when you show off these amazing posters – a great way to thank the seniors for all they’ve done.

Not only will they appreciate such a thoughtful gift but also it will add beauty and life wherever it's placed!

Get started on your personalized softball senior night posters today!

What you need for our senior night poster ideas

Ordering these beauties is as easy as 1-2-3, so let's break it down for you:

1️⃣ Step into our online store and prepare to be amazed by the jaw-dropping selection of custom design options for senior night.

2️⃣ Once you've found the perfect poster that speaks to your athletic soul, it's time to make it truly yours. Add a touch of personalization by choosing your preferred size, format, and frame option (if you want us to print and frame the senior night posters for you).

Senior Night Poster Ideas for before the game and for the big celebration.

Trust us, this extra dash of customization will make your poster stand out like a true champion on any wall. Upload each image file from your computer, phone, Dropbox account or your favorite photo storage site. 🌟

You'll need 10-15 per digit to personalize your collage. Under the first picture, request your customizations: name, number, background color, and text colors.

3️⃣ Ready to seal the deal? Simply hit that glorious "Add to Cart" button and proceed to complete our secure checkout. We've made sure that the ordering process is as smooth as a well-executed grand slam. 😉💪

But wait, there's more! 🙌

To sweeten the deal, we offer lightning-fast shipping, ensuring that your masterpiece arrives at your doorstep in no time.

And if you need any assistance along the way, our friendly customer support team is always ready to lend a helping hand!

So, what are you waiting for? Don't miss out on the chance to showcase your love for the game in style. Order your Collage and Wood senior night poster today and let the world know that you're proud of your senior athlete! 🥳📸

What makes Collage and Wood senior night ideas special

You give us details like player number, text color, and background color and we'll create a custom design for you!

🎉 Get ready to discover the magic of Collage and Wood Senior Night Posters, where every moment is captured with precision and passion.

Let me, your attentive designer, former athlete, and coach, guide you through this extraordinary experience. 📸💫

Here's why our Collage and Wood Senior Night Posters are truly one-of-a-kind:

✨ Personalized Perfection: As an expert in capturing movement and the essence of the moment, I meticulously curate every photo placement to ensure that your athlete's journey shines through. 🏅

Together, we'll co-create a design that perfectly encapsulates their accomplishments and memories, making it a truly unique masterpiece.

✨ Design Approval: Unlike my competitors who ship collages sight unseen, I believe in the power of collaboration.

You'll have the opportunity to review and approve the design before it ever leaves my studio. This way, we can bring your vision to life and guarantee that the poster exceeds your expectations. 🖼️✅
✨ Satisfaction Guaranteed: Your athlete deserves nothing but the best, and I'm committed to making that happen.

With my satisfaction guarantee, I promise to go above and beyond to ensure that your collage arrives on time and is ready to be gifted. Your trust and satisfaction are my top priorities. 💯🎁

Frequently asked questions about Collage and Wood Custom Softball Posters

Frequently Asked questions about senior softball posters

Q: I want to make a homemade softball poster for my next game. Do you have any creative ideas?

A: Absolutely! When creating your homemade softball poster, you can consider incorporating team colors, player names, and numbers, along with catchy slogans or motivational quotes.

Adding action shots or close-ups of players in action can also make the poster more captivating.

Feel free to get creative with markers, glitter, and other decorative materials to make it stand out! Check out Pinterest for more ideas!

Q: Where can I find ready-made softball posters for my games?

A: You're in the perfect place! Collage and Wood specializes in custom posters (and we can even make banners!)

Consider searching for sport specific keywords like "softball posters for games" to see more ideas!

Q: What are some softball poster ideas to give to friends on the team on Senior Night?

A: Giving softball posters to friends on the team is a fantastic idea! Some suggestions include personalized posters featuring photos of the team together or individual pictures of each player.

You could also include fun messages, inside jokes, or memorable moments from the season. It's a thoughtful gesture that your friends will appreciate.


Q: Are there any unique softball poster ideas for Senior Night?

A: Senior night is a special occasion, and you can create unique softball posters to honor the seniors on the team. With a little planning, you can grab 10-15 pictures per number.

Upload them when you order your softball poster and I'll create a unique design that will blow your senior away on senior night!

Q: Can you suggest any funny softball poster ideas?

A: Absolutely! Funny softball posters can add a touch of humor to the game. You can incorporate witty slogans, puns related to softball, or humorous team inside jokes. Adding funny caricatures or illustrations can also bring a lighthearted element to the poster.

Q: Where can I find college softball posters?

A: Right here!! Our specialty is senior night poster ideas for high school and college players!

Ready to create your own unique softball or baseball poster?

Get started today and celebrate your love for the game with a personalized masterpiece that will leave a lasting impression!

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Volleyball Gear You'll Love [10 Pieces To Level Up In 2024]

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, having the proper equipment can help you perform your best.

In this article, we'll provide tips on how to choose the right volleyball shoes and other equipment needed for volleyball and volleyball accessories for your needs.

Let's get you ready for your season opener or preseason workouts!


Volleyball essentials: equipment for volleyball players

When it comes to volleyball, the actual gear necessities are few.

Most players can carry what they need in a volleyball bag or duffle bag - with the exception of a volleyball net! 

But if you are preparing for indoor tryouts or packing for a day away at tournaments, here's a list of volleyball equipment that actually helps (and grab them before opening weekend!):

  1. Sports Bra

  2. Elbow pads or padded sleeves

  3. Knee Pads

  4. Spandex

  5. Volleyball shorts

  6. Ankle braces

  7. Volleyball socks

  8. Volleyball Shoes

  9. Sand volleyball gear

  10. How to battle chafing



Supportive bras are an essential piece of gear for any woman who plays volleyball.

Mom Recommended: Nike Swoosh Sports Bra.

Mom-backed: Nike Women's Swoosh Sports Bra.

They provide support and protection for the breasts, minimizing bouncing and impact.

There are a variety of bras made for activity on the market, so it's important to choose one that fits well and provides the level of support you need.

In general, the best bras for volleyball have wide straps and a band that fits snugly around the rib cage, support the breasts and are moisture wicking.

When trying on a sports bra, be sure to test them out by jumping and moving around to see how they hold up.

If it doesn't provide stability, the bra is a definite no. Look for one that has the padding sewn in.

With a little bit of research, you can find the perfect sports bra to help you perform your best on the court.

Here are some of our best pics, based on research from current volleyball moms:

She fit sports bra. Mom-recommended


  • Puma sports bra (Costco).

  • Shefit (Amazon)

    panache wireless sports bras - so pretty comes in a lot of different colors!
  • Glamorise Women's Double-Layer Custom Control Sport Bra (Amazon)

  • Lulemon: Free To Be Bra, Energy Bra

  • Panache wireless sports bra 👉🏽

  • Best for Large Breasts: Calia by Carrie Underwood, Champion (my favorite high-impact sports bra!), and Shefit
  • Victoria's Secret Knockout Mesh Sports Bra
Victoria's Secret Sport Bra Mesh Front Knockout

If any of these options don't work out, you can always go old school (like I did in the 2000s) and double-up your bras.

More laundry, yes. Maximum support? Definitely!



Tandem Elbow Pads on Amazon

Tandem makes elbow pads for volleyball players (pictured above.) A definite "nice to have" for back row players!

Here's an sports insider tip: consider wearing sleeves created for football players!

nike pro-fit arm sleeves

According to one mom, her daughter likes the Hi-rui sleeves available on Amazon because they are sleek enough to fit under long-sleeve jerseys. (These are easy on the wallet, too!)

hi-rui compression sleeves for underneath long sleeved volleyball jerseys

When it comes to elbow pads or arm sleeves, there are a few things to consider.

What position does your daughter play?

Is she playing primarily on the front row, back row, or both?

Will she be diving on the floor a lot? Will elbow pads impact her ability to hit or set?

When it comes to the fit of padded sleeves, they should be snug but not too tight, and they should stay in place while you're moving.

Here are more top picks from volleyball moms:

  • Tandem brand (do not get in the way of setting)

  • Mizuno elbow sleeves

  • hexpad elbow pads from mcdavid

    McDavid hexpad arm sleeves (made for basketball) 👉🏽

  • Bodyprox elbow protection pads (low-price)


Indoor players rely on their knee pads to protect them from the hard floor when they dive for a ball.

While there are many different knee pad options on the market, not all of them are created equal.

For players who dive a lot, it is essential to find knee pads that offer both comfort and protection.

Most current players prefer thinner knee padding. As long as the protective gear allows lateral movement and has enough extra padding to reduce bruising and floor burns, they will work!

adidas elite knee pads - mom recommended

Here's the volleyball moms' top advice for kneepads:

  • Mizuno SL2

  • Adidas Elite

  • Nike Essentials / Nike Streak (may not be best for heavy users!)

  • Under Armour  (comes in different colors!)

Bonus tip: Do not leave knee pads in a backpack - they will STINK! Wash often!

Mizuno Knee Pads


Volleyball shorts are an important part of the game.

Using inside language for the sport, they are typically referred to as spandex.

However, volleyball shorts can also be a source of frustration for players. The wrong pair of shorts can cause chafing, and public embarrassment.

volleyball spandex leggings

Volleyball spandex come in a variety of colors, styles, and in-seams. There are many different brands that manufacture them.

Some of the top picks for volleyball spandex brands include Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour.

These brands offer high-quality volleyball spandex that are designed to provide a comfortable, snug fit.

They also offer a wide range of colors, styles and lengths to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect pair of volleyball spandex for your needs.

Volleyball mom top recommendations:

  • Teleleo 5-pack, 3 inch from Amazon (about $5+ each, what a STEAL!)

  • Longer spandex (knee-length) and leggings are becoming popular.

  • UA HeatGear Shorty Shorts 

  • Adidas makes a longer spandex (4" and 5") which is better for thicker bottoms and thighs.


Under armour running shorts with built in spandex

When I coached high school volleyball, our team had a "travel" outfit: a team t-shirt and black running shorts.

I felt it was important for them to have something besides spandex to wear on and off of the bus.

Additionally, many Christian schools do not allow their players to wear spandex during volleyball games or practices.

Many debates have been had about "proper volleyball attire" on and off the court.

Here are volleyball mom top suggestions for volleyball shorts that are not spandex:

  • BMJL running shorts (spandex layer underneath, running shorts on top)

  • All Volleyball

  • Hits-Camp.EU (they ship worldwide!)

  • Champion Sports


ankle braces can help with players jumping and landing on other people's feet at the net to prevent ankle sprains.

Volleyball ankle injuries are one of the most common injuries in the game of volleyball.

They are most commonly caused by rolling or twisting of the ankle.

This can occur when landing from a jump, during a sudden change in direction, or when coming into contact with another player.

A lot of front row players, like a middle hitter, will move a lot across the net, which puts them at risk of injury from jumping and landing on someone else's foot.

Wearing the proper gear can help to prevent ankle strains or sprains in volleyball. Some girls prefer an ankle brace that blends in with their socks (therefore less noticeable).

An ankle brace can provide support and stability to the ankle joint, helping to protect against rolling or twisting.

In addition, wearing shoes with good ankle support can help to absorb impact and reduce the risk of injury.

By taking precautions and wearing the proper gear, players can help to prevent ankle injuries while playing volleyball.

Moms pick their top ankle braces for the volleyball court:

  • Ultra Ankle Zoom

  • Med Spec Zoom Ankle Stabilizer

  • Active Ankle braces

Most moms agree that an ankle brace is not necessary for outdoor volleyball, aka beach volleyball.


Sand socks are often recommended on sand because the playing surfaces can be very hot. A popular brand is Vincere sand socks,

Beach volleyball players often wear a special type of socks called sand socks.

Wearing crew socks is the best choice for indoor players who wear ankle braces. Crew socks come up to mid calf.

Being a part of team sport means opportunities to raise money for causes like breast cancer research. Find these at Epic Sports. Players will often wear long pink socks like these.

The other options are ankle socks and long (to the knee) socks.

Occasionally the team will want to purchase trendy socks for special events like Dig Pink.


Volleyball is a sport that requires a lot of swift movement side to side, as well as jumping and landing multiple times during volleyball games.

Therefore, it is important to have a volleyball shoe that provides good lateral support, as well as cushioning to absorb the impact of jumping and landing.

There are a few different brands that make volleyball shoes specifically designed for the sport.

Asics, Mizuno, Under Armour and Nike all make popular volleyball shoes. Some players are now preferring to wear basketball shoes for high-ankle support.

Check our article on the top volleyball shoes for more information!

Kyrie Irving's shoes have been popular with volleyball players.

Top picks by volleyball moms:

  • Kyrie 8s ($150+)

  • Under Armour Women's Highlight Ace 2.0 ($90+)

  • Adidas Crazyflight Mid ($95+)


When playing volleyball on the beach, there are certain items you will need in order to stay cool and comfortable.

First, make sure you have a couple of cooling towels. Microfiber towels are great for wiping sand off between matches.

beach volleyball court

Secondly, you will need a pair of sunglasses and some sand socks for the volleyball match.

Sunscreen and something to provide shade, like a beach tent or an umbrella, are also essential.

Bringing your own outdoor volleyball is important for warming up with your partner.

Many tournaments may provide outdoor volleyballs for you to practice and play with, but it's good to be prepared with your own volleyball.

You will also need a portable charger, as you may need to do scoring on your phone when you ref.

Bring a towel or blanket to sit in when you are referring. Lastly, snacks like fruit or small Hawaiian roll sandwiches will also come in handy.

With these items, you'll be sure to have a fun and enjoyable experience.

Just remember, there's a lot of different rules when it comes to indoor vs. beach. Everyone gets to be a front row setter but the technique is much different! #deepdish

What can you do for chafing under spandex?

Chafing is a common issue for people who wear spandex shorts while playing volleyball.

The fabric can rub against the skin, causing irritation and even pain.

There are a few things you can do to prevent chafing under your spandex shorts.

Make sure that your shorts fit properly and change out of them after each game or practice. You can also apply a chafing cream or gel to the areas that are prone to chafing.

This will create a barrier between the fabric and the skin.

Top Product recommendation from Moms?

  • Monistat Care

  • Boudreaux butt paste

  • Body Glide

  • Chub Rub

Additionally, take breaks from wearing your spandex shorts throughout the tournament.

This will give your skin a chance to recover from any irritation.

Volleyball mom tips


  • Always have extra deodorant in their volleyball bag.

  • Knee pads should be washed weekly and shoes should be washed at least once a month. Disinfect those knee pads, shoes & bag after every practice & tournament day by spraying Lysol in them & letting it all air-dry overnight.

  • Besides having a first aid kit, pain relief & feminine products in your bag at all times, double up on the spandex shorts during that time of the month.

  • Team Volleyball Bag=LIFESAVER, or so I'm told! Extra medium spandex, extra volleyball socks, extra set of knee pads, pain relief including Midol, feminine products, first aid with neosporin, bandaids, blister circles, crack ice pack, biofreeze, 1 heat patch, ace bandage, ponytail holders, Tums, GasX, mints (for after the puking if the tums doesn’t work), extra shoelaces, tweezers, safety pins, nail clippers, we used a plastic soap bar travel case for jewelry, lotion, deck of cards, tide pen, ink pen, marker, and deodorant!

    Team parents all kicked in $8-10 at the beginning of the year and team parent bought the stuff and carried it in a backpack with a TEAM ribbon on it so we could locate it quickly.

  • PONYTAIL HOLDERS! Keeps your hair out of the volleyball net.


What shoes do pro volleyball players wear?

Many professional volleyball athletes wear Mizuno or Asics shoes, as they provide good support and allow for quick movements.

Some players may also prefer to wear Nike or Adidas shoes.

In terms of specific models, many players wear the Mizuno Wave Hurricane 2 or the Asics Gel Rocket 7.

Volleyball is a high-impact sport, so it's important to choose a shoe that provides good cushioning and support.

Are high tops good for volleyball?

There is no definitive answer to this question as every volleyball player has different preferences when it comes to shoes.

However, many pro players tend to wear high-top shoes because they offer greater support. The official shoe brand for the women's USA Volleyball team is Mizuno.

Read more about the best volleyball shoes in this article.

Is Mizuno a volleyball brand?

Yes, Mizuno is definitely a volleyball brand!

In fact, they're one of the most popular brands out there when it comes to this sport.

They make high-quality products that are designed specifically for volleyball, and they have a great reputation among athletes.

If you're looking for a new volleyball brand to explore, Mizuno is definitely worth checking out!

Can you wear Adidas for volleyball?

Of course you can wear Adidas for volleyball!

The Adidas brand is actually quite popular among volleyball players AND they are the current sponsor of the USA National teams.

Many players feel that the company's products are both stylish and comfortable, which is obviously important when you're spending hours on the court.

Additionally, Adidas provides a wide range of volleyball shoes to choose from, so you can find the perfect one to suit your playing style.

Whether you're just starting out or have been playing for years, there's an Adidas volleyball shoe that's right for you.

So go ahead and rock those three stripes - your game will thank you for it!

What do you think of our list? Please drop your questions or comments below!


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Gifts For Coaches 2024: 6 Ideas That Will Make Them Smile

If you're looking for the best gifts to get for coach, look no further!

I've been on the bench as a coach. And honestly, there's never been a part of me that coached a team simple to receive end of the season gifts.

But every time my team got together to simply sign a card, it touched my heart in new ways. So if you are looking for cool coaches gifts, I put together a list of 6 great ideas that are sure to make them smile.

Whether your coach is a football coach, basketball coach, soccer coach, or any other type of coach, we have something for them on this list.

Whether you're buying coach gifts for him, or coach gifts gifts for HER, it's always the thought that counts. And my favorites: food gift cards that I could enjoy with my family.

But the sentimental gifts were right up there, too. My husband's team gave custom football coach gifts that knocked it out of the park two years in a row.

The first: custom Jordans! Yeah, I'm not kidding. The entire baseball team got together, donated money and bought him a beautiful pair of shoes. He was away, and very emotional.

His final year, the special end of season gift was a team picture with an award attached: the coveted Grinder award. As a volunteer for over a decade, my husband personified the ultimate grinder and is still so very proud of that gift.

Coaches appreciate your appreciation. Even if you don't see eye to eye the entire season, taking the time to personalize a gift will touch your coaches heart.

I highly valued any gifts that were given to me by my players or their families.

In my opinion, pictures, more than anything else, capture the essence of a team.

So, now that our stories are told, check out some of the cute options we found for you to give your coach! Custom football coach gifts for men are available in a plenty.

Just make sure that you order with plenty of time so that you can give your coach the present in a meaningful situation!


Coach Gift Idea: Personalized Frame From Etsy. Perfect for highschool football and even flag football coaches!

Find this frame as an extra special coach gift at TheSugaredPlums shop on Etsy!

So read on and find the perfect gift for your favorite coach!

  1. Custom Frame For Coaches

  2. Engraved Whistle For Coach

  3. Sport Flower Bouquet

  4. Custom Water Bottle or Coffee Mug

  5. Coach Folded Book Art

  6. A Custom Photo Collage Featuring Team Members by


Coach Gifts They Will Love

The first gift on our list for a sports coach is a personalized coach whistle.

You can find these on - we found this option at the KorenaLoves shop:

Custom Coach Whistle, Engraved. Great coach gifts for men idea!

This is a great gift for any coach who loves to blow their whistle on the sidelines.

You can have their name or initials engraved on the whistle, and they'll always think of you when they use it.

This is one of those custom gift ideas that we've never made at, but we can confidently recommend it!


Sport Flower Bouquet: Soccer, Baseball, Football, Softball, Basketball and Volleyball Options Available

Sports Flower bouquet, creative gifts for coaches!

Introducing the Sport Rose Arrangement - a thoughtful and unique gift that truly hits it out of the park!

With options for baseball, football, softball, soccer, basketball, and volleyball, this gift is perfect for coaches of all sports.

Each arrangement features beautifully crafted roses made from authentic sports ball materials, capturing the essence of each game in every petal.

Gifting the Sport Rose Arrangement to a coach is more than just a kind gesture; it's a tribute to their dedication, passion, and the countless hours they invest in the sport.

This gift serves as a symbol of their love for the game and an acknowledgment of their efforts.

It's a way for your coaches to feel valued and appreciated, while also showcasing their devotion to their sport.

The Sport Rose Arrangement isn't just a gift, it's a grand slam that sends a message of gratitude and respect. 

Score big with this Sport Rose Arrangement and celebrate your coach in style!


The Custom Water Bottle or Coffee Mug


Another great coach gift idea is a custom water bottle or coffee mug.

Coach Water Bottle, Customized Coaches Gift.

Here's another option we found on for baseball coach gift ideas!

Most coaches are always on the go and need to stay hydrated, so this is a practical and thoughtful gift that they're sure to appreciate.

You can find water bottles with their favorite team's logo or even have one made with their own personal design.

Either way, they'll love using it during practices and games.

For the office: get them just what every coach needs: a custom coffee mug!


You can find custom coffee tumblers for baseball coaches and more at this Etsy shop, Lifetime Spirit Shop.

Perfect for cold mornings, a large tumbler keeps hot beverages hot all of the way to the field!





Solid Gold Charms Always Stay in Style


Solid Gold Sports Charms make a meaningful, simple gift for coaches.

The gift for coaches that truly shines!

These exquisite pieces are more than just jewelry; they're a symbol of appreciation and respect.

Expertly crafted from high-quality gold, each charm is designed to last, mirroring the enduring impact a great coach can have.

Available in a variety of designs, you can choose a charm that best represents the sport your coach loves.

Gifting a Solid Gold Charm isn't just about giving a beautiful piece of jewelry, but about recognizing the time, energy, and passion coaches pour into their sport.

It's a way to make them feel valued and appreciated in a tangible, lasting way. 

Give your coach a gift that's as exceptional as they are with a Solid Gold Charm!


Go beyond the annual team photos with a custom photo collage!

custom photo collages can be personalized for your coaches!

Pictures from the team is the perfect way to commemorate a season, whether your team is winning or losing. offers a unique take on the team photo by creating a custom collage of your team's photos.

Each collage is handmade from high-quality wood and can be customized with your team's colors, logo, and text.

The team photo collages make great gifts for coaches, players, and fans alike.

And because they're made from wood, they're built to last. So if you're looking for a unique and lasting way to show your team spirit, check out today.


Dear Coach, Thank You. Sincerely, Your Team

These are just a few of the great coach gift ideas out there.

Whatever you choose, make sure it's something that your coach will appreciate and use.

They'll definitely be happy to receive any one of these thoughtful gifts!

Do you have a favorite coach that you would like to thank?

What are some of the best gifts that you have given or received?

We would love to hear your stories in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions about coach gift ideas

What should I get my coach as a gift?

It really depends on what kind of coach you have and what their personality is like.

Some coaches prefer heartfelt gifts while others might prefer something more practical. If you're not sure, a gift card to their favorite restaurant or store is always a safe bet.

For a more personal touch, you could put together a mordern scrapbook of memories from the season (How about a custom sports poster?!) or write them a heartfelt letter expressing your gratitude. See the sports keepsakes available at

If your coach is into fitness, a new exercise book or workout gear would be much appreciated. Whatever you choose, make sure it comes from the heart!

What is a good thank you gift for a coach?

It can be tough to know how to say thanks to a great coach, since they often don't want any recognition or special treatment.

However, a small thank you gift can go a long way in showing your appreciation. Here are some ideas for great thank you gifts for coaches:

  • A personalized thank you note: A handwritten note is always a thoughtful and personal way to say thanks. You could even include a photo of you and your team with your coach.

  • A gift card: A gift card to a local coffee shop, restaurant, or bookstore is always appreciated. Or, if your coach is into fitness, consider getting them a gift card to their favorite workout spot.

What should I get my coach for the end of the year?

The end of the year is the perfect time to show your coach how much you appreciate all their hard work.

A great way to say thanks is with a heartfelt, handwritten note.

You could also get your coach a small gift, like a new water bottle or coffee mug. Whatever you do, make sure it comes from the heart!

How much is a coach gift?

This is a great question and one that doesn't have a definitive answer.

When it comes to coach gifts, it really depends on your budget and the relationship you have with the coach.

If you've been coached by this person for years and they've truly made a difference in your life, spending more on a heartfelt gift is probably appropriate.

However, if you're on a tight budget or are new to the coaching relationship, spending less is perfectly acceptable.

Some thoughtful but budget-friendly coach gifts include items like candy or chocolate (who doesn't love sweets?), flowers, or even a small gift card to a local coffee shop or bookstore.

Whatever you choose, be sure to add a handwritten note expressing your appreciation for the time your coach has invested in you.

Find more great senior night ideas on our blog!

Looking for football senior night gift ideas? This article will help!

Do you have a volleyball player? Check out these volleyball gear ideas!

Mon, 24 Jul 2023 14:33:42 -0400
Senior Night Gift Ideas for Senior Sports Athletes 2024

Gift Ideas For Every Sport: Senior Night Gifts for Athletes that they want to keep forever!

You are in the right place!

Basketball gifts, coach gifts, sports team gifts: there are so many stakeholders to shop for on senior night.

It's almost time for Senior Night!

If you are a football mom looking for senior football player gifts or volleyball mom looking for volleyball senior night ideas, your senior will celebrate at the first of the year, so it's good to get started planning early!

You've probably seen our bestsellers on Pinterest! 

Senior Soccer Player With Her Senior Night Set Up
basketball senior night gift idea from Collage and Wood


If you're an underclassman looking for an idea for a "letter to senior athlete from teammate,"

I've got you covered! Just scroll to the bottom of the "Senior Quotes" blog!

welcome to collage and wood from crystalwaddell

Football Player Gift Bag Ideas

You want to get your senior a special gift for their senior football game that they'll love and cherish forever.

Celebrate your marching band and your football seniors with a custom photo gift!

What could be better than a custom photo collage on his jersey numbers?

Our clients love the final product and the thoughtful custom touches we add to complete your senior's gift.

Color Guard Senior Night Gift Collage, cheer banquet gift ideas, 2023 national senior games registration celebration ideas!

Is your senior involved in activities like band, cheerleading, or non-traditional sport?

Celebrate your marching band seniors and color guard with a custom gift on band senior night.

Use the photos from marching band trips, competitions and performances to create a collage they can keep forever!

We can create custom cutouts of megaphones that make awesome cheer banquet gift ideas.

Your underclassman can cover them with thoughtful pictures of the season or you can commission us to do it for you!

These make great gifts for your cheer coach, and from your daughters boyfriend (wink wink).

Senior Night Announcement Ideas

I recently attended a tennis match that happened to fall on the opponent's Senior Night. 

That's when I realized that the level of importance of senior night varies greatly from school to school.

My friend had sat down next to a folding table with store-bought, generic cookies still in their packaging and a single poster above the table.

One of the moms came up to us and said, "We just found out about Senior Night yesterday."

The importance of planning senior night, don't forget the basketball treats!

I nodded sympathetically - and I share the story to remind you to choose your senior night date at the start of the season.

You'll want time to research senior night flower ideas in your school colors. It's common for girls to receive a flower bouquet for senior night (often from their parents.)

For those of us who go big or go home, we need time to plan and make it a special evening for the senior players!

Senior Night is an opportunity to celebrate all that your athlete has contributed to the team and the school.


Special recognition can even start at the middle school level, so make sure you know if you need to come up with 8th grade night basketball ideas!

Shop our custom football posters for cute gift ideas for athletic boyfriend gifts on Senior Night!

Your senior will feel so special when they see their photo on this beautiful poster. They'll be the envy of all their friends and classmates.

Plus, we've got athletic gifts for her - the perfect gifts for athletes to take with them on their journey after competitive sports end.

So, What is Senior Night?

Senior night is a special event that is held to honor the senior athletes on a high school or college sports team.

Shop this number collage at Https:// A trophy carries dust, Memories last forever - Mary Lou Rhetton


Senior Night is usually held near the end of the season, and it is a time for family, friends, and teammates to come together and celebrate the seniors' accomplishments.

During senior night, each senior athlete is recognized individually, and they are given a small gift or token of appreciation.

get the collage and wood senior sports night planning guide!

This is a time to reflect on the seniors' time in high school athletics.

Plus a tome to look forward to their future endeavors.

Many times seniors will share messages of gratitude and meaningful quotes of inspiration.

Senior night is a special tradition.

A special night of recognition that helps to create lasting memories for all those involved.

senior night gift ideas
According to WikipediaSenior day or senior night (depending on the time the game is held) is a term used in high school sports and college sports to describe the team's last regular season home game of the season.

Find the perfect gift for sportsmen (and women) or all sports by using their pictures to create a custom collage.

Track and field gifts for seniors can be difficult to find, but here are a few ideas that are sure to please any senior runner or all other athletes!
Cross Country Gift Photo Collage on XC letters.

What Game Should We Designate For Senior Night?

Senior night is a very special event. It is often the last home game of the season and it is dedicated to the senior class.

So, what game should we designate as senior night?

I believe that it should be the game that means the most to the seniors. The game that they will remember forever.

how to decorate a field for senior night

The game that they will always think back on with fond memories.

That game is their last home game, or conference regular season finale.

Senior night is a time to celebrate their accomplishments and to say goodbye. It should be a night that they will never forget!

When I coached, we held senior night as part of the regular season, usually against a rival.

Those were VERY emotional games! 

(Most teams like to set their senior night up for a game that they will win, though!)

Senior Night Gifts from Collage and Wood

Since my specialty is senior night gifts, I wanted to show you some of the senior night posters and collages that I have made to help get your creative juices flowing for your own senior night gift ideas!

I make collages for all sports but here are a few examples, like our "sports ball of photos" and one of a kind jersey number collages:



Volleyball Senior Night Gift Idea


Senior Night Ideas

Senior Night can look different for different sports, but here are some senior night ideas for you:

  • Senior Night Posters - these can feature your senior athletes solo or as a team, hung up around the gym or field. Signs for the football field are a must-do!
  • Senior Night Speeches - you can give your seniors time to share what is on their heart or create a questionnaire to let them share memories from their playing years.
  • Senior Night Gifts - this was my favorite part of senior night! Parents can bring balloon bouquets, flowers, and/or a gift and present it to their senior. As a coach, I LOVED learning about my players and gifting them something representative of their team and something of individual interest to them. For instance, one of our players was an artist and I included some high-end art supplies in her gift.

Why Sports Recognition Night For Seniors Is Important

One Seniors thoughts about Senior Night and what it meant to her.

For many high school athletes, it's the last time they'll put on their school's jersey and compete in front of their home crowd.

It's a time to reflect on all that they've accomplished over the past four years and to look ahead to the future.

For some, senior night is also a time to say goodbye to the sport that they love.

Whether they're moving on to college or taking a break from competition, senior night marks the end of an era.

And for many athletes, that can be an emotional experience.

Senior sports recognition can be emotional for athletes because it represents the end of their high school career, and possibly their career as an athlete.

It's a time to say goodbye to the sport that they love - as an individual player, as a team, and as a family.

Make sure your players, moms, and dads all have plenty of tissue! And read this article for tips on how to stay calm on senior night - even though you're emotional!

What do parents do for Senior Night?

senior night volleyball gifts, giant photo collage ideas

Planning ahead for senior night in the fall can help you feel prepared as a football mom, volleyball or soccer mom.

The athlete's senior season is different from the other year: it's the final year of firsts.

You may buy senior sports gifts on behalf of a booster club for your football team or just for your senior as a mom of a senior football player. 

In the past, some teams have saved the big gift for the end of year celebration, like a high school football banquet. Sometimes booster clubs foot the bill for gifts for senior night, so you will want to check with your school.

You could approach senior gifts the same way for the end of basketball season for your special senior group.

If this is your first go at Senior Night, you may be wondering, where can I find senior night ideas?

You may be shopping for senior gifts for your son or daughter and wondering: what gifts do parents give their athletes for Senior Night?

Or maybe you are the #bestgirlfriendever looking for the best basketball Senior Night gifts for your boyfriend!

What do parents wear on senior night?

Intro to Senior Night Style For Moms With Stylist Carrie Hagee

If you need some ideas on what to wear on your child's senior night,

make sure you check out this senior night style series for moms with Carrie Hagee, the Storyteller Stylist!


Why is the best place for Senior Night Gifts:

 As a former athlete, coach, and a maker of custom Senior Night gifts, I have a few senior night ideas for you!

Softball Senior Night Poster

Read on to learn about what to say to a senior on senior night, what you can do for your senior on senior day, and what exactly a Senior Night is!

Beyond gifts for senior night, I want to show you that you can celebrate your senior athlete in the off-season, like Christmas!

For my spring sports moms, you will typically have a little more time to plan before baseball season and softball season.

You can find diy homemade softball poster ideas on Pinterest - or you could utilize our wooden numbers to make your own number collage.

Great senior track gift ideas include:

  • A personalized water bottle with their name and event(s) is a great way to show how proud you are of their accomplishments.
  • A new pair of running shoes or spikes is always appreciated, and will help them keep up their training during the off-season.
  • If you really want to go all out, you could get them a GPS watch so they can keep track of their progress and distance.
  • We have custom wooden cutouts of the "flying shoe" to cover with a collage of your speedster's top moments.
  • Create a custom collage blanket for them to use for years to come!
Whatever you choose, because it comes from the heart - your senior runner is sure to appreciate any track and field senior gift ideas that celebrates their hard work and dedication!

Baseball Senior Night Ideas

If you are the ultimate baseball mom, you'll have a few things on your checklist: field decor, walkout music (maybe!), and the actual baseball gifts for senior night.

Senior Night Decorations

I hope you enjoyed this quick walk-through of senior sports night!

Senior night is a big deal for any senior athlete.

It's the last time they'll get to play in front of their home crowd, and it's a chance to say goodbye to the sport they love.

If you're looking for ideas on how to decorate the gym or field for senior night, here are a few things to keep in mind.

First, you'll want to make sure that the space is festive and inviting. This can be done with banners, balloons, and streamers.

You'll also want to make sure that there's plenty of food and drinks available for everyone. 

Lastly, don't forget the gifts for coaches and players!

Get more ideas on these blogs: 

How To Decorate a Field For Senior Night

Winter Senior Night Decorating Ideas

Handmade wooden letter or number collages on Senior Night are always a hit!

For you crafty ladies, I also sell the wooden numbers unfinished with a step-by-step guide for you to make your own collage! 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're shopping for corporate gifts for sportspeople, we've got you covered. We've created gifts for, Phillips 66 and more!

I would love to see how you celebrate!

I'm curious - do you have special nights for other classes? Are sophomore poster ideas a thing?



Mon, 22 May 2023 20:48:34 -0400
Swim Posters for Senior Night: Ideas to Inspire Your Swimmers

Swim poster ideas for senior night can come in many different designs and forms.

Whether you choose handmade signs from teammates or go all out with full size banners, custom signs set the tone at your senior night meet.

Your posters will inspire the swim team as they head into their final meet, or simply serve as a way to commemorate the seniors on the team.

Whatever your purpose, it's important to choose designs that will be both meaningful and inspiring for your swimmers.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best swim posters for your last home meet.

Inspirational swim posters

best things in life are free swim poster inspirational
Go Fight Swim Senior Poster Ideas

One swim poster that is sure to inspire is one that features the team's motto or theme for the season.

This can be a powerful way to motivate and encourage your swimmers as they head into their final meet.

For example, if your swim team's motto is "never give up," you could create a poster with this phrase prominently displayed.

You could also include other motivating phrases or quotes to help your team swim their best.

Another great option for swim posters is to feature a photo of the seniors on the team.

This can be a great way to show your swimmers that they are supported and appreciated. You could also include a special message from the seniors to their teammates.

This can be a great way to build team morale and inspire your swimmers to swim their best.

swim team photo in the pool


With a little creativity, you can create swim posters that are both meaningful AND inspirational.

What is a senior swim night like?

Swim team cake made from cupcakes

A senior night is a time for seniors to compete and have fun with their friends at a final, regular-season home meet.

It is also a time to remember the good times they have had in the past.

Swim posters are a way to show off your personality and make a statement.

Here are some designs that will inspire you to create your own swim poster.

Designs that will swim you to the top!

swim and dive poster idea

When it comes to Senior Night, seniors want to make a splash!

And what better way to do that than with an amazing swim poster?

Swim posters are a great way to show off your personality and make a statement.

Here are some designs that will inspire you to create your own swim poster.



Senior Night Poster Just keep swimming poster for swimming senior night


Let's talk senior night gifts for your swim team

What's more personal than a swimming poster with your own photo on it?

You can find these online or make them yourselves. Typically you'll want to do the gifts before the meet started.

If you're looking for something that will really stand out, try making a collage poster.

This is a volleyball example but could be easily modified for your high school or college seniors:

Volleyball Senior Poster Ideas

Use photos from throughout the year and add inspirational quotes about swimming.

Your teammates will love it!

Whatever you decide to do for senior night, make sure it's something your team will enjoy.

This is one of the final opportunities of the swim season for this team to make memories with your teammates so make them count!

Senior night gifts for swim teammates

live laugh love swim tshirt

Here are a few creative gift ideas to give to your team's senior swimmers on senior night.

  1. A towel with their name and school colors embroidered on it.

  2. A water bottle with their name and graduation year on it.

  3. Swim jewelry.

  4. Senior night collage posters!

See more ideas on our Swimming Senior night article!

How do you get swim teammates involved in senior night?

Fun swim senior night decorations

Swim night is one of the most memorable nights for any swimmer.

It's a time for each senior swimmer to be celebrated for their years of success in the pool and acknowledge the commitment of parents and family.

But it's also a time for the entire squad to come together and show their support.

One way to get everyone involved is to create swim posters.

Each swimmer can design their own poster, featuring their favorite swimmer or swim moment.

The posters can be hung up around the pool, or even displayed at the swim meet itself.

Senior Coach gift from University of Georgia Swim and Dive, 2015

This way, everyone on the team can take part in the celebration and show their support for the seniors.

Another idea is to have a team dinner after the meet.

This gives everyone a chance to relax and enjoy each other's company after the competition.

And of course, don't forget to cheer loud and proud for all the seniors during the swim meet!

They've worked hard all season long, and they deserve our support.

What's next after swim team?

win if you can, lose if you must, but never quit. inspirational swim poster

Graduation and new adventures. Maybe a new way to remain active as a swimmer.

After Senior Night, it's time to start thinking about what's next.

If your child is interested in continuing their swimming career, there are many options available, including club programs.

If they're ready to move on to something new, there are plenty of other great activities to choose from.

Whatever they decide, you can be sure that they'll always have fond memories of their time as a competitive swimmer.

Frequently asked Questions about swim season

what makes a great leader on a swim team?

What makes a good swim team captain?

A captain is someone who genuinely cares about their teammates and wants to see them succeed.

Additionally, the best captain is someone who is always willing to lend a helping hand, whether it's giving advice on technique or just being a shoulder to cry on after a tough loss.

A strong captain is also someone who is a good role model both in and out of the pool.

They set the tone for the team, and their positive attitude is contagious.

Being a captain is a huge responsibility, but it's also an incredible opportunity to make a difference in the lives of your teammates.

What a team captain should do?

Captains play an important role in leading and motivating their teammates.

They should be positive role models who set the example for hard work and dedication.

Most importantly, your team's captains should be passionate about the sport and committed to helping their teammates improve.

By embodying these qualities, team captains can help their teams reach their full potential.

What is expected of a team captain?

Captains should also be good communicators, organized and have good time management skills.

Often team leaders are held to a higher standard than their swim teammates, so they must handle extra pressure.

Lastly, a team captain must be willing to confront a teammate who isn't working hard or breaking team rules.

It's a tough role and not for the faint of heart or for a person with a "people-pleasing" personality.

How do you motivate a swim team on Senior Night?

One of the most challenging aspects of coaching a swim team is finding ways to keep your athletes motivated.

There are a few key things that you can do to help ensure that your team is continually motivated throughout the season.

First, it is important to set realistic goals for your athletes and provide them with regular feedback on their progress.

Second, you should create a positive and supportive team environment where every swimmer feels like they are part of a family. (And not a dysfunctional family!)

Finally, you should make sure that your athletes are aware of the larger context of their swimming by teaching them about the history and tradition of the sport.

By following these simple guidelines, you can help ensure that your swim team remains motivated and focused throughout the season - and have an amazing Senior Night.

Are you ready for the end of swim season and Senior Night?

Senior Night is a time for seniors to swim and have fun with their friends. Don't forget to take a group picture and if possible, have a photographer take pictures at your Senior Night event.

It is also a time to remember the good times they have had representing their school

Swim posters are a way to show off the personality of your teammates and make Senior Night fun for your senior swimmers!

Thanks for reading this article!

Do you have any tips for making posters for a senior night?

Please share in the comments below!


Sat, 09 Jul 2022 22:14:10 -0400
Name, Image Likeness: The $917 MILLION Dollar Pie

The NCAA rules change in 2021 has made it possible for student athletes to get sponsored and paid for use of their name, image or likeness.

It was a groundbreaking day for student-athletes all across the country!

The Division 1 Board of Directors approved an interim name, image, and likeness policy, which went into effect immediately.

The NIL policy change meant that, as of July 1st, 2021, all NCAA D1, D2, and D3 student-athletes could be compensated for their name, image, and likeness - regardless of whether their state has a NIL law in place or not.

This was a huge victory for the student-athletes who have been fighting for years to get fair compensation for their name, image, and likeness.

While this is a major step forward for athlete rights, it's important to note that the NCAA NIL rules do not override state, college/university or conference specific NIL rules.

This means that some athletes will still be unable to profit from their NIL due to more restrictive rules at their school or in their conference.

Nevertheless, the NCAA NIL rules are a positive step towards providing greater freedom and opportunities for athlete

Here's an updated NIL Rules list that can help you research rules for current student athletes.


The NCAA allows high school players to participate in NIL activities - but it could jeopardize local eligibility.

As the debate over student-athletes' NIL rights continues, one question that has arisen is whether high school athletes should be able to monetize their NIL.

While the NCAA rules say that they can, some state and local rules say that doing so puts their eligibility in question for their particular leagues.

On one hand, some argue that high school athletes should be able to capitalize on their NIL since they are the ones who are generating the value.

On the other hand, others contend that allowing high school athletes to monetize their NIL would create an uneven playing field and give those with wealthy backers an unfair advantage.

Athletes at independent schools receive more leeway when it comes to these rules.

It's not a stretch to think talented public school athletes may lose out to the independent high schools that can offer NIL opportunities to their athletes.

The truth is, there is no easy answer.

What is clear, however, is that the conversation about NIL rights is far from over.


All three divisions of NCAA players can maximize the new policy for NIL.

Maybe you have been living under a rock and didn't hear that college athletes can finally get paid. As the historic ruling turns one year old, I wanted to reflect on what this rule change has meant to student athletes across the country.

The board's decision was based on the belief that all student-athletes should have the opportunity to benefit from their name, image and likeness.

However, some critics argue that this policy could create an uneven playing field in college sports between schools in different states.

Others worry that it could lead to corruption and scandal within college athletics.

So who was right?


One of the major pros: the athlete benefits from the millions of dollars he or she generates for the university.

The biggest pro for current student athletes governed by name image and likeness rules:

the people bringing in the most revenue to the university (student athletes) are finally getting a cut.

As a North Carolina resident, I can tell you who has won big: University of North Carolina Tarheel basketball fans!

College athletes now have a financial incentive to stay in school and continue their career as a student athlete versus a professional one.

UNC even "launched" a new program aimed at helping student athletes navigate NIL activities - before the likeness rules even went into effect!

(Pun intended, as the program is called LAUNCH.)


Universities like UNC have launched initiatives onsite to help their students navigate the world of NIL endorsements and financial management.


Nijel Pack signed an $800,000 NIL brand deal with Life Wallet. Screenshot credit: Yahoo! finance YouTube channel.

Brand deals have been all the rage recently, as college athletes look to cash in on their name, image, and likeness.

One of the most notable NIL deals was when Life Wallet signed Miami transfer Nijel Pack to an $800,000 NIL deal.

Oh yes, and he also received a new car!

This deal caused quite a stir, as many believed that it set a precedent for future NIL deals.

Texas Longhorns Football Helmet. Photo from Bleacher Report, no copyright infringement is intended.

Another notable NIL deal was when a collective supporting the University of Texas paid their O-line $50,000 each.

The funding for the offensive line came from a Texas non profit called "Horns With Heart."

Another collective, the Clark Field collective, has pledged $10 million in NIL support for the university athletes.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, there is no doubt that NIL deals are here to stay.

We will just have to wait and see how high the payments will go in the future.


Will all colleges benefit equally? Many give the NIL policy a thumbs down as their school doesn't have the booster support of other big colleges..

College sports have always been a big business, but the NCAA NIL interim policy giving student athletes to profit from their own likenesses has created two school of thought.

On one hand, college athletes can now sign endorsement deals and receive payment for speaking engagements and other appearances.

On the other hand, combined with the NCAA transfer portal, NIL opportunities toe the line for pay for play violations.

There's no real regulation to NIL rules, and it has turned the NCAA into an athletic Wild Wild West.

Is name image and likeness causing the 21st century wild wild west in the NCAA?

Currently, the NCAA does not set an NIL cap for endorsement deals. They've kicked enforcement of the rules back to the individual states - with no regulation at the national level.

NIL rules give athletes the leverage they need to earn greater compensation at rival universities on a year to year basis.

However - it could end up limiting scholarships for lesser-known athletes.


Some member schools of the NCAA probably feel like winning IS everything in sports.

To maintain competitive teams in the three divisions of the NCAA, in the era of name image likeness college athletics, coaches have work to do.

Collegiate coaches will need to balance the name image and likeness opportunities that are high enough to:

  1. Attract high-level athletes AND

  2. Keep current student athletes happy and away from the transfer portal AND

  3. Stay aware of transfers within the portal that can impact their team's ability to win.

The paradigm shift of the name image and likeness era of college sports is that the real value of NIL laws go beyond a free education.

Regardless of a new policy, don't forget to celebrate your athlete on Senior Night! We've got you covered with custom collages for your sport!


NCAA President Mark Emmert testified before Congress. He started as NCAA president in 2010 and will resign in 2023.

What will it mean to be a student athlete as college athletics move forward?

Will state laws emerge to combat the inevitable pay for play schemes that will emerge?

Time will tell how NIL activities will impact the spirit of college sports.

However, one thing is certain: the debate over how best to allow student athletes to profit from their talents is likely to continue for many years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions about the NCAA rules regarding NIL law

The Supreme Court voted 9-0 that the NCAA could not restrict education-related benefits.

How did the Supreme Court impact the NIL rules?

In 2021, the highest U.S. Court ruled 9-0 that NCAA restrictions on “education-related benefits” for college athletes violated antitrust law.

“Nowhere else in America can businesses get away with agreeing not to pay their workers a fair market rate on the theory that their product is defined by not paying their workers a fair market rate. … The NCAA is not above the law.”

  • Justice Brett Kavanaugh, 2021

What is name and image and likeness?

What is name, image and likeness?

Name, image, and likeness are all terms that refer to a person's identity. It is often shortened to NIL.

Name refers to the actual name of the person, image refers to how the person is seen by others, and likeness refers to the physical appearance of the person.

These three things together form a person's identity.

In the United States, the right to publicity is a state law right that protects a person's name and likeness from being used without their permission for commercial purposes.

This means that companies cannot use someone's name or image in an advertisement without their permission.

California is one of the states that has a right to publicity law.

Can college athletes use their likeness?

Companies like Opendorse provide a framework for NIL solutions. No copyright infrigement intended, screenshot of

College athletes are allowed to use their likeness for commercial purposes as long as they are not being endorsed by the institution.

For example, a college athlete could appear in an ad for a Nike product, but not for the university's bookstore.

Additionally, college athletes cannot be paid salaries by their institutions beyond what is required to cover the cost of attendance.

Companies like Opendorse are trying to bridge the gap between athletes and endorsement deals.

What is a name image and likeness deal?

Opendorse projects NIL payments will reach into the billions next year and beyond.

Name, image, and likeness deals are agreements between college athletes and a school or organization in which the athlete agrees to allow their name, image, and likeness to be used for promotional purposes.

These deals can be for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to, endorsements, sponsorships, merchandising, and broadcasting rights.

The NCAA has been under pressure in recent years to allow college athletes to profit off of their name, image, and likeness.

A Supreme Court ruling in 2021 forced the NCAA to restructure its rules about payments to athletes for NIL endorsement deals.

When did the NCAA allow nil?

June 2021.

College sports are a big business, and the athletes who compete in them are increasingly being seen as commodities.

The NCAA has recently removed the restriction on student-athletes receiving compensation for NIL, but it has not enacted any uniform policies or rules governing NIL.


A study from the Sport Industry Research Center found that it's not just superstar athletes that can benefit from the NIL changes.

“Some of the top-tier athletes skew higher, but we found there was potential monetary value for just about every athlete on social media,” Kunkel says.

The study shows that the annual social media account value of athletes with just 10,000 followers could be worth more than $5,000. For athletes with 100,000 followers, that number balloons to more than $50,000.

Excerpt from Steve's Orbanek's article from the Sport Industry Research Center, 2021.

Congrats to all the student-athletes out there - you deserve it!

What's your thoughts on the Name, Image, Likeness rules?

Drop them in the comments below!

Sun, 03 Jul 2022 12:53:30 -0400
7 Fun Ideas On Senior Night For Track [and Cross Country!]
Fun ideas for Track and Cross Country Senior Night

As the school year comes to a close, many track and field programs are gearing up for their annual Senior Night meet.

This is a special event where the seniors on the team are recognized and honored for all their hard work and dedication over the years.

If you're looking for some fun ideas to make your Senior Night extra special, we've got you covered!

Senior Night Ideas to celebrate your Varsity team seniors.

In this blog post, we will share 7+ fun and creative ideas that will help make your Senior Night celebration memorable.



This is a great way to get everyone involved in the festivities.

Gather all the supplies you'll need and have a sign-making party before the big event.

Recruit the underclassman to help create the signs for their senior teammates.

Then you have a team-building event PLUS awesome decorations for your senior runners on Senior Night! 


create custom posters

Get creative and decorate the track or football field with senior night track posters!

You can also use banners, balloons, and other fun decorations to make it look amazing. 

Writing the seniors names out using solo cups in the fence is always an appreciated touch! 


Senior Night Table Decorations For Track and Field

Another great way to get everyone involved is to have a themed dinner after the meet.

This can be anything from a potluck to ordering pizza.

Or you can celebrate with simple dessert options as refreshments, like cupcakes or clever cookies with running sayings.



This is a fun and easy way to show your seniors some love.

You can either design them yourself or order senior t-shirts online.

Senior Night T-shirts for seniors and parents make the night even more for seniors.

Senior Night Team Photo With Seniors

We used to do this with my team as a preseason activity, but you could do something similar on senior night.

Gather your seniors together and have a fun photoshoot before the meet (or after if you don't mind being sweaty from the race!)

Make sure you get close ups with your team's medals and trophies!

track and field senior night ideas

Senior Night Slideshow make a great addition to senior Night festivities!

Another great way to capture memories is to make a video or slideshow.

You can either do this yourself or hire someone to do it for you.


You can give out gifts like senior night collageskeychainstrack leis, and more!

This is a great way to show your seniors how much you appreciate them, and my favorite part of Senior Night!

Here's an example of a cross country collage that we created for an outstanding cross country and track runner:


Shop for your personalized collage now!
Senior Night Collage GIft For Cross Country and Track Runners




We've compiled a list of the best cross country gifts for your cross country team or Varsity teammates!

Shop our Senior Night Collages and order your "XC" collage. Simply order the letters XC like you would a double digit jersey number.


You can also customize gifts from shops on Etsy, like this cute cap from DistinctHeadwear.

cross country hat


Of course, simple jewelry is always appreciated by cross country runners. 

simple cross  country necklace


Here's a cute idea for running shoe tags and keychains with inspirational messages from the shop HoneyVerse on Etsy:

shoe tags for cross country runners

senior cross country keychain


Last but not least, don't forget a gift for your coach!

Common gift ideas for coaches include coffee mugs, water bottles, clipboards, etc.

But you can make the gift even more special with a little customization.

We hope you enjoyed these ideas and that they help make your Senior Night extra special.

Track and field and cross country are such a great sports and we want to do everything we can to support our seniors!

What to wear for parents on Senior Night


What do you do for senior night?

Senior night at track meets is a special time to honor the seniors on the track team.

Parents often give gifts to their children as a way of thanking them for their years of hard work and dedication.

What do parents give on senior night?

If you are looking for some ideas for track senior night gifts, here are a few suggestions:

  • T-shirts are always a popular choice for gifts. You can have the senior's name and graduation year printed on the shirt.

  • Customized water bottles are a practical and useful gift for seniors on the track team. You can have them printed with the senior's name and graduation year.

  • A track blanket is a great way to show your appreciation for the senior's years of dedication to the sport. Use all of the t-shirts you've gathered to make a custom quilt!

Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments how you celebrated your track team's senior night!

Looking for decor for your graduation party? Check out this article!

Graduation party decor ideas


This article may contain affiliate links for the products I recommend. If you purchase after learning about these ideas on my site, I may make a small commission. Thank you for your support!

Wed, 29 Jun 2022 12:43:00 -0400
15+ Baseball Senior Gifts [Last Time Under the Lights]

It's that time of year again: time for the seniors on the team to be recognized and celebrated.

Baseball Senior Night.

Customize this poster with your team colors, team name, and school name and of course, your baseball player's jersey number and pictures!

This is usually their last home game under the lights, so it's a special night for them and your family members.

If you're looking for some ideas on senior baseball gifts, you've come to the right place.

As a handmade seller, I love sharing Senior Night gift ideas available from other Etsy shops - and of course, handmade sports gifts!

In this article, we have everything from baseball-themed room decor to unique gift ideas that will make this night even more memorable.

Don't forget the posters to promote the big game!

Keep reading for more information, and don't forget to check out our Senior Night FAQ section below!

Senior Night can be as simple or in-depth as you'd like it to be. But it's a chance to


It varies depending on the school, but typically there is a Senior Night ceremony where each player is honored and given a gift.

The gifts can be anything from a plaque or trophy to a simple gift certificate.

After the Senior Night ceremony, the seniors traditionally play one last home game for their school.


Celebrate all of the baseball wisdom your coach shared with one of these thoughtful baseball gift ideas.

I found this end of baseball gifts idea for your coach on Etsy: a custom home plate with the player names.

Senior Night is also a great time to show appreciation for your coach with a baseball gift like this keepsake from WorkbenchCustoms from Etsy.


Here are some great ideas that are sure to score a home run!


We've been making senior year collages since 2013. Like this #5 collage.Our custom photo collage gifts are a show stopper and a conversation starter that you will enjoy for years! Shop now at #8 collage.
We can make a #gift -13 #senior - 7 #Baseball - 19 and all jersey number combinations!  We make every number and letter and arrange your photos in a fun way that your baseball player will love.



Gift cards and practical items are sure to be a hit.

Whatever your budget, there are plenty of great gift ideas for the baseball lover in your life.

So get creative and show your love for America's pastime with a thoughtful and unique gift.

The perfect gifts for the baseball fan in your life

Custom gifts your best friend will love: hand painted or hand carved personalized bats. Find these at JCSDesigns shop on Etsy.

A room that's decorated with baseball decorations is the perfect place to spend time when he's in need of some relaxation.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

First, consider hanging posters of your favorite players or teams. You can also frame jerseys or autographed balls.

If you want to get really creative, paint murals of stadiums or players on your walls.

Another fun idea is to gather up photos about his favorite moments in baseball and turn it into a collage.

Whatever you do, make sure the room reflects your player's passion for the game!

Frequently Asked Questions About Baseball Gifts

Senior Night is the perfect time to give baseball themed team gifts. Find this glove lamp at MirrorMagicGifts on Etsy.


What a tough question! A lot will depend on the senior’s personality and interests, as well as the budget you have to work with.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Depending on your budget, there are many different options for senior night gifts.


If the senior is a big baseball fan, consider getting them tickets to a professional baseball game.

If they’re not able to attend in person, you could always get them a jersey or ball from their favorite team.

This creative baseball lamp lights up and can be personalized with your player's name and number!

Another option for baseball lovers is to get them a customized jersey number collage covered with pictures of their best memories.

What do you get someone who plays baseball?

customized baseball gifts on Etsy

There are a lot of great gift ideas for baseball players, regardless of their age or level of experience.

For Senior Night in high school or college, consider getting them something to help them with their future career after baseball.

A special, custom keepsake like an engraved baseball make great baseball gifts.

What do you get players for senior night?

A photo collage for your Senior Night player who loves baseball is something he will treasure forever and proudly display at home or in his dorm room.


Senior night is a special event for high school baseball players near the end of their senior year.

It's a time when they can celebrate their time playing together as a team and honor their departing seniors.

One tradition is for the players to give personalized gifts to their seniors.

This can be something simple, like a plaque or an engraved bat, or something more elaborate, like a custom-made jersey or trip away from home.

Whatever the gift, it's a token of appreciation for all the players have done together over the years.

What to get a guy who likes baseball?

A photo collage for your Senior Night player who loves baseball is something he will treasure forever and proudly display at home or in his dorm room.

If your guy likes baseball, then a great way to show him how much you care is by turned one of your shared living spaces into a baseball-themed room (or transform his dorm room!)

If you don't have an extra room to dedicate, don't worry—a small nook or even just a wall can be transformed with the right décor.

Start by hanging up a few vintage baseball posters or photographs. See this Senior Night idea at BlackAndWhiteBonanza on Etsy.

Baseball gifts that celebrate the history of baseball are a great idea for a Father's day gift, coaches gift, or Senior Night gift for your baseball lover.

If you're feeling especially crafty, frame some old baseball cards or create a art piece using old stadium seats.

Then, add in some fun details like team memorabilia, hooks to display his favorite hat and glove, and comfortable seating so he can relax and enjoy his space.

Check out these unique, giant baseball wall murals from

A baseball wall mural is a fun way to show your pride and love for the sport of baseball.

If you're looking for a unique Senior Night gift that your player can use everyday, consider giving him a personalized keychain. Find this at BlackWolfDesigns21 on Etsy.

Bonus: My top 3 Senior Night Gifts For Baseball Players 

Gift 1: Senior Night Photo Collages 

Of course, I have to start with senior night collages! These are my favorite because they use your pictures to create a scrapbook of your athlete’s career on their jersey number. Talk about a personalized keepsake! Your child will love it on senior night AND love it on her dorm room wall! Make it yourself with one of my giant numbers or start your project today by choosing your collage type and size here!

Collage and Wood 36 inch Senior Night Collage

Best Senior Night Gifts 2: Custom T-Shirt Blankets

A close second would be custom t-shirt blankets made from your athlete’s sports t-shirts. These are such a fun way to keep those memories close - and another wonderful addition to a dorm room. There are several vendors available for these, and the most well known is Project Repat. They often have coupon codes for discounted blankets, so plan in advance and avoid paying full price!

Project Repat Blanket

Senior Gift 3:  Make-a-Ball

Rounding out my top 3 is Make-A-Ball. They use athlete photos to create custom baseballs, basketballs, footballs and more! These make great end-of-season gifts as well.  The website says that you can use unlimited photos or texts on your ball!

For the rare three-sport athlete, you could give one of these amazing gifts at the end of each season! But all three make wonderful graduation gifts.

Knock your baseball Senior Night out of the park with these thoughtful gift ideas

Senior Night baseball gifts are a great way to show your favorite baseball player how much you care.

From engraved baseball bat decor to tickets to a game, these gifts will definitely score a home run with any baseball fan.

So get creative and show your favorite baseball fan how much you care on Senior Night.

Is there anything you would add to this list of gifts for baseball fans?


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How to Make Your Tennis Senior Night Unforgettable

Senior Night is a memorable and important tradition for senior tennis athletes and families.

This award celebrates years of hard work as a testament to their dedication, celebrates their athletic achievement, and recognizes the support of their parents and friends.

Senior Night typically happens during the final match of the season.

Players are typically announced individually and are invited to the center of the court.

The size and scope of Senior Night vary depending on the size and budget.

Gifts for tennis players: Win-win ideas they will love-love

Good quality materials can make even the smallest gift special.

This brief guide contains what I believe are the most creative ideas for your tennis senior night that you can get right now.

If you want gifts for Christmas, birthday or just to say thanks, you'll find the ideal item for you.

It's easy for you and your family to choose a gift that suits your personality for upcoming your upcoming Senior night.

Tennis activities for Senior Night

Here's our list of activities to consider for a wonderful Tennis senior night:

1. Have a tennis-themed party

2. Give out custom gifts to the senior players

3. Choose a rival tennis match for your Senior Night

4. Set up tennis themed activities

5. Serve a tennis-themed dessert buffet

6. Rent a photo booth for the night

7. Set up a tennis exhibition match for all seniors

Create a special night for your seniors

Handmade gift ideas from your team members or an Etsy shop are sure to score with your Seniors

1. Have a tennis-themed party

This means: tennis-themed table decorations, tennis ball centerpieces, and fence decor are all key in setting the tone for a fun and memorable tennis banquet.

Use this giant tennis ball pallet sign as inspiration for outdoor decorations!

Welcome fans to the court with huge tennis decor. Source: Posters that feature a photo of each of your players make a special keepsake. Source: Pinterest.Before the game begins, decorate the site fence with tennis ball "letters". Source: Pinterest.

Seniors and parents will be impressed by your attention to detail, and they'll appreciate the effort you put into making the event special.

2. Give out custom gifts to the senior tennis players custom sports posters can be made for all athletes and is a great choice for senior night gifts.

There are many gifts available for tennis players, but finding the right one can be a challenge.

For the advanced player, a custom gift may be the best option.

There are Etsy Shop makers that will create personalized gifts, such as a custom water bottle.

Custom water bottleYour seniors will love and use this gorgeous tennis Keychain.

These gifts show that you have put thought into what the player likes and how they play. They also provide a useful item like a handstamped, custom keychain.

If you are looking for a unique gift for an advanced tennis player, consider a custom gift from an Etsy shop or handmade seller.

It will be appreciated and enjoyed for many years to come.

3. Choose a rival tennis match for your Senior Night

A sports rivalry game will add intensity to your senior night and could make it more memorable.

For your seniors, tennis has been a huge part of their lives for as long as they can remember.

It's a sport that requires not only skill and technique, but also strategy and mental toughness.

When your players think back on senior night, it should be a match that stands out in their memories.

A match against your team's biggest rival is something the team will remember forever.

In the end, you hope that you will walk away as the victor in the match.

But you will create one of the most exhilarating and intense matches your seniors have ever played with a rival match up.

4. Set up tennis themed activities.

Set the tone with tennis ball fence decor More Genie Bouchard US Open tennis ball image created on tennis court fence - Fence Art - from

To make sure your tennis banquet is truly unforgettable, be sure to include plenty of tennis-themed activities.

Your event will be even more engaging with tennis trivia. Find ideas at

A tennis ball toss, a tennis racket relay race, and a game of tennis trivia over the PAare all great ways to get your attendees interacting and having fun.

5. Serve a tennis-themed dessert buffet

The following items make great additions to your dessert buffet: tennis themed cookies, cakes, cupcakes and macarons. Picture source: Pinterest.

A tennis-themed dessert buffet is a fun and unique way to celebrate a tennis match or tournament.

Tennis cake toppers are available to purchase online and through Etsy.

There are a variety of tennis-themed desserts that can be served, such as a tennis cake decorated with tennis balls or tennis racket-shaped cookies.

Even Wal-Mart offers a tennis themed option if you're in a hurry!

For a more creative twist, tennis-shaped chocolates can be used to decorate cupcakes or cakes. Alternatively, tennis ball cakes pops make a tasty and eye-catching treat.

Delicious tennis-themed cupcakes? Yes please! Pic by Creative Cakes by Julie.

If you are looking for something a bit lighter, fruit skewers with tennis ball ends are a refreshing option.

Whatever desserts you choose to serve, your guests are sure to appreciate your creative take on this classic sport.

Find these tennis ball cake pops and more cake pop inspiration at Cakes on Sticks!

Tennis ball cake tops: available from the site

6. Rent a photo booth for the night

Seniors will love the chance to take pictures with their friends. Find these photo props and more on Etsy.

Senior night is a time to celebrate your senior tennis players' accomplishments and look forward to the future.

And what better way to commemorate this milestone than by renting a photo booth?

A photo booth is the perfect way to capture all the memories of senior night.

Plus, it's a great way to get everyone in on the fun. Especially when you add in some photo props.

So whether you're looking for a unique way to commemorate your own senior night or you're just looking for a fun way to engage with fans, a photo booth is the perfect solution.

7. Set up a tennis exhibition match for all seniors

Consider setting up an exhibition match for all senior tennis players so that they get a chance to play and compete on senior night.

This would give the seniors a chance to showcase their skills one last time in front of their peers, parents, and mentors.

This match would bring everyone together and create a sense of community within the tennis team.

Senior night is a special tradition that should be celebrated and any exhibition match to include all senior players is the perfect way to do it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tennis Senior Night

What do you get players for a tennis senior night?

There's no better place than Etsy to find personalized gifts for your seniors!

Gifts for a tennis senior night vary, but often include a plaque or trophy with the player's name and years of participation.

Some players may also receive a monetary gift or gift certificate.

A nice gesture might be to have local businesses provide discounts to the players and their families on the night of the celebration.

What do you get a tennis fanatic?

Shopping for a tennis fanatic is easy. All tennis, all the time. And you can't go wrong with tennis balls.

If you're looking for a gift for a tennis fanatic, there are plenty of options to choose from. tennis balls are always a popular choice, or you could go for something more unique like a tennis ball machine.

Whatever you choose, make sure it's something that will score points with your favorite tennis player!

What do you get as a tennis senior night gift?

A tennis senior night gift is a great way to show your appreciation for your favorite tennis player.

It can be something small and personal, like a picture frame or keychain, or something larger and more costly, like a fancy new racket.

Whatever you choose, make sure it comes from the heart and shows how much you care.

Check out this article on Graduation Party Ideas!

What did you get for Senior Night? Share in the comments! 


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10 Field Hockey Senior Night Ideas that Will Knock Your Socks off

When it comes to senior night, there's no such thing as too much fanfare.

If you want to show your seniors how much you appreciate them, then you need to go all out.

That's why we've compiled a list of ten field hockey senior night ideas that will knock your socks off.

From awards presentations to fun activities, we've got you covered.

So read on and start planning an unforgettable Senior Night for your field hockey seniors.

A picture of our MU Field Hockey Seniors during Senior Day. Source: Pinterest. Use this list to jumpstart your field hockey senior night planning!
  1. Senior Night Introductions

A quick questionnaire will help you personalize the ceremony for the senior players!

Having some information to read also makes it less awkward for the player and her parents to walk out onto the field.

Give each senior player a chance to introduce themselves and their family.

You can do this via live Senior Night speeches or pre-filled out questionnaires.

This is a great way to get everyone involved and to let the seniors share a little bit about themselves and their future plans.

  1. Senior Night Banner and Posters

Handmade posters show love and care for your field hockey players!

This will be a great way to decorate the field and show everyone who the seniors are.

Consider using solo cups to decorate the fence in creative ways for your team.

  1. Celebrate Senior Night With Custom T-Shirts

T-Shirts make awesome keepsakes for senior year. Help your senior players stand out with special t-shirts for Senior Night.

Give out special Senior Night T-shirts like these cute options from DolcezzaVenice on Etsy.

This is a great way to show your support for the seniors and to let them know how much you appreciate their dedication to the team.

  1. Make a Senior Night playlist

Search Spotify for open playlists to find something appropriate for your seniors - or create your own!

Play a great selection of music throughout the night. Search Spotify for something fast and appropriate for school!

You can start by playing music in the locker room to set the tone!

This will add to the overall atmosphere and get everyone into the spirit of the night.

  1. Get a professional photographer to take Senior Night Photos

Each family with a field hockey senior will appreciate a professional photo that they can frame after the big night.

Take photos of the seniors and their parents on the field. Ideally you'd want a pro photographer but someone with a nice camera and a tripod is perfect, too!

This is a great way to capture the memories of the night and to have a keepsake for the seniors.

  1. Serve Senior Night Snacks and Treats

Pinterest is a great place to find creative dessert displays!

Serve a dessert buffet or themed food items.

This is a great way to get the underclassman on the team involved.

It gives the team a chance to show appreciation for the seniors and to make sure they have a delicious night.

  1. Present a Field Hockey gift to the seniors.

Field hockey senior night ideas your team is guaranteed to love!

This is a great way to show your recognition of their achievements and to thank them for their hard work.

If your school or booster club has an account for gifting, custom gifts are an excellent choice.

Otherwise parents can chip in the money for these special keepsakes.

8. Have "Senior Tables" to display pictures and Field Hockey memories.

It's time to show off all of the stuff that your field hockey senior has accumulated through years of playing!

This could also be a team project.

Creating a field hockey senior table is a great way to look back on all the memories you've shared with the seniors and show them how much they mean to you.

9. Plan fun activities for the seniors.

Big head cutouts are a hit with all athletes!

This is a great way to let the seniors enjoy themselves and to have some laughs on their special night.

You could create "big head" baby picture cutouts of each senior and let the crowd guess which baby picture belongs to which senior.

Invite family of each senior field hockey player to join you on site for a brief ceremony afterwards with snacks and remarks.

10. Make sure to thank the seniors for their dedication and hard work!

Doing a promotion that the principal approves to allow students in free is a great way to draw a crowd to cheer your team on!

This is the most important part of the night, so make sure you let them know how much you appreciate everything they've done for the team.

Frequently Asked Questions for Field Hockey

The difference between a good field hockey player and a great field hockey player. Quote origin unknown.

Is there an age limit for hockey?

There doesn't seem to be an age limit for field hockey per se, although most competitive leagues have age divisions (under 10, under 12, etc.).

For example, USA Field Hockey has Youth Development Leagues for players Under-14, Under-16, and Under-19. According to the International Hockey Federation (FIH), the sport's governing body, the minimum age for international competition is 16.

So if you're interested in playing field hockey at a competitive level, there are likely options available to you no matter your age.

What is senior hockey Letterkenny?

Senior field hockey in Letterkenny is a competitive sport that requires athleticism, teamwork and dedication.

Players must be able to work together as a team to advance the ball up the field and score goals.

There is a strong sense of camaraderie among players, as they pushed each other to improve their skills and compete at a high level.

The bonds that are formed through competition last long after the season has ended.

How many levels of hockey are there?

There are three levels of field hockey: international, professional, and amateur.

International level field hockey is the highest level and is competed at the Olympic Games.

The second level is professional field hockey, which is played in various leagues around the world.

The third and final level is amateur field hockey, which is played by people for leisure or competition purposes. Amateur levels include classifications A-D.

What is D level hockey?

D level hockey is a classification of hockey that is typically lower in terms of skill and competition than the higher levels (A, B, etc.).

It is usually residential hockey leagues or community-based clubs that make up the D level.

In some cases, D level teams can move up to C level if they prove themselves to be competent. The D level is also where a lot of developmental programs take place for young athletes.

What do you get players for senior night?

what to wear on Senior Night

A common gift for field hockey seniors is a plaque or trophy with the player's name and year engraved on it.

Other popular gifts include flowers, hats, and school shirts.

Many teams also hold a special ceremony to honor their seniors and thank them for their contributions to the team.

shop here for the best personalized senior gifts on the internet

What to get someone who loves hockey?

There are a few great gift ideas for someone who loves field hockey.

One option is to get them a new stick or some other type of equipment that they can use to improve their game.

Another option is to get them tickets to a field hockey event, such as a tournament or professional match.

Finally, you could also consider getting them something related to field hockey fandom, such as a shirt with their favorite team's logo or a book about the history of the sport.

What do you do for senior night?

For senior night teams often like to honor field hockey seniors with a pre-game ceremony.

This is a time for family, friends, and teammates to celebrate the seniors and all they have accomplished.

We also give the seniors a chance to thank everyone who has supported them throughout their careers.

It's always a special evening filled with lots of emotions!

Do parents give flowers on Senior Night?

Typically, parents will give their children flowers on Senior Night as a way of celebrating their accomplishment and wishing them well in the future.

It is seen as a gesture of love and support, and is often coupled with a personal message from the parent to their child.

This is a special occasion for both the student and their family, so giving flowers is a nice way to show how proud the parents are of their child.

(This post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase by using one of the affiliate links provided in this article, then I will get a small commission at no extra expense to you.)

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Tips for Writing a Winning Speech For Sports Senior Night

Senior Night is one of the most exciting games of the season.

Senior evenings are an important memory for the athletes in high school and the families they attend.

It commemorates the culmination of four years of hard work and dedication and celebrates the contribution of each senior on the team.

Senior Night typically takes place at the last home match of the season.

Senior Night Players Introductions

  1. The introduction of Senior players could include a simple introduction with a brief comment of their time at the school.
  2. Choose a format in the introduction and be consistent with it with all players.
  3. Among others the names, positions, and unique fact about each teammate.
  4. Then acknowledge and announce the parent or escorts name as they walk out.

Senior Night Speech Examples: A Simple Outline

Wondering what should be in a senior night speech?

Memories from your favorite games and moments can become a part of your speech.

Here's an outline example of a senior night speech:

  1. Thank your classmates, teachers, and parents for their support during your high school years

  2. Share your plans for the future and how you're excited to start this new chapter

  3. Look back on the highs and lows of your high school years, and what you've learned from them

  4. Give advice to your younger classmates

  5. Encourage your classmates to stay positive and to never give up on their dreams

Many times a senior player will choose a favorite quote to share. We've compiled a list of options for you below!

Here is a senior speech example based on the outline above:

No matter how many games you've won or lost, you can take the love of the sport with you.

Thank you all for being here today. I'm so grateful to have had such amazing support during my high school years. It's been a privilege to attend this school and to grow up with all of you.

I'm not sure what the future holds, but I'm excited to find out. I'm looking forward to starting this new chapter in my life and to seeing what the world has in store for me.

There have been highs and lows during my time in high school, but I've learned from all of them. I've grown as a person and I'm ready to take on whatever comes my way.

To the younger players, I would say never give up on your dreams.

It might seem like high school (or college) is tough, but it's worth it in the end.

Stay positive and always believe in yourself. You can do anything you set your mind to.

Thank you all again for everything. You're my best friends.

I'll never forget the times we've shared together.

Congrats to my fellow seniors and thank you for the memories!

What is a good senior quote?

There is no one answer to this question, as it depends on the individual.

Senior quotes are a fun thing to share with your team and community and can sum up your time spent with your sports team or your outlook on the future.

However, some things that make a good senior quote include being memorable, representative of your personality, and funny or poignant.

Here's a few options to get you started:

"Success is Getting What You Want; Happiness is Wanting What You Get." - David B. Bohl.

Enjoy this quote from David B. Bohl.

"It's not about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward." - Rocky Balboa

Rocky quotes continue to be a source of hope for competitive athletes!

"Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the best." - John D. Rockefeller

Wise words from John D. Rockefeller to stand out from the rest.

"Nobody who ever gave their best regretted it." - George Halas

Giving your best is having pride for your work and your effort.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

If you've won, it's not forever - and if you've lost, it's not fatal.

"We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated." - Maya Angelou

There is not doubt that sport teach you how to persevere.

"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation." - Herman Melville

Sports show us that everybody has a role to play.

"Aim at the sun. You may never reach it but you'll fly higher than if you never aimed at all." - Adapted from J. Hawes

My favorite quote as an athlete.

"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination." -

The man that adjust is the guy that perseveres.

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do." - Steve Jobs

Graduation is the step towards great work.

"If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things." - Albert Einstein

Playing for a crowd is fun, but setting your own goals is key.

"Don't let yesterday take up too much of today." - Will Rogers

Your lives will be full of ups and downs, just like competition.

"Today's accomplishments were yesterday's impossibilities." - Robert Schuller

Let your tears propel you forward to more accomplishments!

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." - John Quincy Adams

Live lives of purpose.

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost

Neither path is wrong. But you get to choose.

"I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took any excuse." - Florence Nightingale

No excuses, even when there are tears.

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters." - Colossians 3:23

Speak life over your lives.

"Believe you can and you're halfway there." - Theodore Roosevelt

Here's a sign to believe in yourself!

"To be a champion, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will." - Sugar Ray Robinson

Champions believe they can win.

"I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that's why I've been successful." - Michael Jordan (Find this print at the WriteWithoutFear Etsy Shop.)

Your time spent pushing yourself is never time wasted.

"Don't limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve." - Mary Kay Ash

This line from Mary Kay Ash rings true even today.

"The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them." - Ernest Hemingway

Sports teach us to trust others.

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou

Great coaches and teammates are remembered for how they make teammates feel.

"There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing." - Simon Sinek

An Open Letter To Every Athlete On Their Senior Night

A senior night speech gives you a chance to show your team how much they matter to you.

What do you write to a senior on senior night?

Here's an idea of a coaches letter to senior athletes:

Dear Senior,

Congratulations on making it to senior night! This is a night to celebrate all that you've accomplished in your high school career.

Enjoy every moment and savor this time with your friends and family.

We'll never forget the first time you stepped onto the field/court/track, ready to take on our opponents.

It'll be hard to say goodbye to the teammates you bonded with over the years, but we are all so grateful for the memories we've made.

Best of luck to you!

Here's another example of a team letter to the seniors:

Dear Senior,

Tonight is a very special night. It's the night we celebrate all your accomplishments and all that you've achieved during your time at our school.

It's been an honor to watch you grow over the years, and I know that you have so much more greatness ahead of you.

You are an inspiration to all of us, and I know that you will continue to make a difference in the world.

Thank you for being such a role model to us, and I can't wait to see what great things you will achieve in the future.

Congratulations, Senior! You deserve all the applause tonight!


Your Teacher/Coach/etc.

Frequently Asked Questions About Senior Night Speeches:

What do you announce on senior night?

The typical format for a senior night ceremony is as follows:

  1. The athletes are introduced and run onto the court or field.

  2. Each senior is introduced, one by one, and they run out to join their teammates.

  3. The seniors play a game for the final time at home.

  4. A couple of optional items:

    1. A banner with the player's name and photograph is unveiled.

    2. A short highlight video of the player's career is played.

  5. The player delivers a speech thanking teammates, coaches, family, and friends.

What do athletes say on senior nights?

Athletes typically express gratitude for the opportunity to play for their school and thanks to the fans for their support.

They may also share memories or reflect on what the sport has taught them.

Some athletes use their senior night as an opportunity to announce their intentions to continue competing at the collegiate or professional level.

How do you honor seniors on Senior Night?

There are a few different ways to celebrate players on senior night.

Visit our articles about Senior Night for ideas about making the event special for your team!

One way is to have a special ceremony where the seniors are recognized and given a token of appreciation.

Another way is to have a party for the seniors after the game.

This can be a catered event or just pizza and cake in the locker room. Some teams even take their seniors out to dinner after the game.

Whatever you do, make sure it's special for the seniors and they'll remember it forever!

What do you say to your coach on senior night?

Coach, thank you for pushing us to be our best selves both on and off the playing field. We couldn't have done it without you.

To all of our seniors, congratulations and best of luck in whatever ventures lie ahead!

Team wins: Senior Posters and Banners

Your posters and banners can include a game schedule or a custom photo collage for your seniors.

Banner and senior posters add a special touch to this one night celebrating your seniors!

Choices include DIY posters made by a best friend or family member o professionally printed banners for senior athletes.

(We've got 200+ basketball poster ideas for you in this blog article!)

And don't miss out on GIANT head cutouts and fanfaces popular at senior nights, particular at baseball games.

Senior Night: The final home game

On this day years from now you will not remember the wins and losses of each season but the people who took this journey with you ... this final speech idea may help you articulate your thoughts:

It’s hard to put into words what the past four years have meant.

I could talk about all the things our team accomplished, but that would only begin to scratch the surface.

We’ve become a family – we’ve laughed together, cried together and fought for each other.

Win or lose, good game or bad game, we are always there for one another.

That locker room is my second home and I will miss it dearly next year.

But before I leave, I want to say thank you.

Thank you to my coaches who have pushed me beyond my limits; thank you to my teammates who have been by my side through thick and thin; thank you to our fans who have cheered us on.

This team is full of my best friends. Life won't be the same but the memories of this team will stay with me always.

Thank you for being a part of my life.


{Your Name}

Do you have any tips for senior night speeches? Please drop them in the comment section below!

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Swimming Senior Night: Best Ideas [To Celebrate Poolside!] Senior night is a big deal for competitive swimmers.

It's the last home meet of their senior swim season, and it might be their final season on a team.

It can be a little nerve-wracking to know that this will be the final time they wear the school colors for a regular-season home game. 

Having someone who likes swimming can make you a little confused about the perfect gift.

Here are a few ideas to make the night special for your favorite swimmer:

  1. Write a heartfelt message.

    A simple card or note expressing your appreciation for everything they've done is a great way to show your support.

  2. Organize a group gift.

    At we know a lot about senior night gift ideas. Check out some of the Senior Night Gifts we've made for athletes over the year and pick your favorite for your senior swimmers.

    Getting everyone in the swim team to chip in for a nice gift is a fun way to show your appreciation.

  3. Make a memory book or collage.

    Gather up pictures and memories from your time on the team and put them together in a special album.

  1. Give a gift certificate.

    If you're not sure what to get, giving a gift certificate to their favorite store is always a great option.

    5. Say it with flowers.

    A beautiful bouquet is always a welcome gift, and it's a great way to show your support on their big day.

In this blog post, we'll share our tips - including some awesome swimming senior night poster ideas that will have everyone talking about how great your senior night was long after it's over.


Senior Night is the time to give the best gifts for your seniors to continue life outside the pool.

It's a time to celebrate the accomplishments of the class, and it's also a chance for athletes to say goodbye to their home pool and remember the highlights of each high school career. Most schools have a special ceremony before or after the game to honor the seniors with gifts.

Think of it like a party for the team and the seniors are the guests of honor.

It's a great idea to hire a professional photographer to take pictures of the senior basketball players and their families.

Making senior year the best swim season ever!

Saying good-bye to the pool won't be easy for your seniors. Teaching lessons helps them stay close to the pool and competition.

There is no standard format for senior night ceremonies.

In most cases, your athletes will be recognized by their teammates, coaches, and parents and given a chance to say goodbye to the home crowd.

Your school could create a slideshow or video montage of the seniors' time at school.

Often, there is also a special presentation or program for the parents of the seniors after the competition.


A photo collage captures memories from when your seniors were young swimmers.

A personalized number or letter collage from is always well-received by the competitive swimmer themselves.

It's a modern alternative to a scrapbook and an original take on a traditional poster.

Collect all of your pictures from swim meets over the years and choose your favorite.

Your favorite swimmer will love these gifts because she can hang it up in her dorm room and always remember the great times they had with their team.

Include pictures from swim meets and tough resistance training sessions.

The best part is that we can incorporate any number of photos into the design, so you can choose your favorite shots from any season.

Upload your photos to our website and we'll take care of the rest!


Decorate the pool for your senior swimmers or make a creative cupcake display to celebrate your seniors!

Getting sponsors interested in marketing on Senior Night can give you the money you need to do something super special for your senior swimmers.

And don't forget about those oversized headpieces or smiling fan faces which attract so many fans to a senior night.

You can make your own by enlarging a photo of your swimmer's face to the size of a poster print, cutting out your favorite competitive swimmer and gluing it to foam board.

Voila! Your very own, personalized big head cutout for senior night!

Fun gifts for swimmers include big head cutouts - you can purchase or make your own!

Also, a lot of players love having their locker room decorated.

This is a simple way to show your school spirit and affection for the seniors on the team.

There are tons of fun ways you can celebrate the senior night occasion, just remember that the most important thing about it all is having fun together!


One of the best ways to really capture the emotions of senior night is by bringing along photos.

You can either bring a photo album or have them printed on large posters.

Upgrade the standard basketball posters by making your own sports collage poster!

Display all of the awards and career highlights of your swimmer on a senior table. Image from

 This is a perfect gift to share your memories with everyone in attendance and to let your classmates and teachers know just how much they've meant to you over the years.

Of course, my favorite is one of the jersey number collages from Collage and Wood.


Goggles make a great gift for even non-competitive swimmers.

First, they help keep swimmer's eyes safe from chlorine and other chemicals in the pool water.

Second, they protect swimmer's eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays when swimming outside.

Swim goggles make the list of practical gifts for swimmers.


Third, they help swimmer see clearly underwater.

Fourth, goggles with a super durable goggle strap make the best gifts because they are comfortable to wear and don't leak.

Fifth, they're an affordable gift.

Sixth, they come in a variety of colors and styles.

Seventh, they're easy to care for.

Eighth, they last for a long time.

And ninth, swim goggles make a great gift for anyone who loves to swim!


A new swim cap is a great gifts for graduating swimmers for a number of reasons.

First, swim caps help to keep hair out of the swimmer's face, which can be a distraction when trying to swim laps.

Second, swim caps help to keep the swimmer's head warm, which is especially important in cooler climates.

No swimmer can have too many swim caps! This pretty yellow cap is from FineSaratoga on Etsy.Third, swim caps can help to reduce drag while swimming, making the swimmer more efficient in the water.

And fourth, swim caps can help to protect the swimmer's hair from chlorine and other chemicals that may be present in pool water.

For all of these reasons, swim caps make great gifts, even if your swimmer is simply swimming for fun.


Swimmers are a unique breed of athlete.

They spend hours training in the pool, perfecting their strokes and working towards their goals.

Swimming is not only a physically demanding sport, requiring an incredible amount of upper body strength, but it is also mentally challenging.

Swimmers need to be able to focus on their technique and push through the pain barrier in order to succeed.

Understated jewelry is a sweet way for your swimmer to remember her time in the pool.

 As a result, swim themed jewelry make a great gift idea for swimmers.

They are a reminder of the dedication and hard work that goes into swimming, and they can be a source of motivation when things get tough.


Swimmers need to be especially conscientious of the products they put into their bodies, as chlorine can be extremely harsh.

Much of your life has been by the pool, and eating healthy and living healthy became a part of each long day.

Healthy gifts make great gifts for swimmers.

Choosing all-natural ingredients is a great way to show your support and appreciation for their hard work.

Natural Lip Balms like these from Pickles Potions on Etsy are easy, thoughtful gifts.

Some of our favorite healthy gifts for swimmers include:

  • energy bars made with nutritious ingredients like dates, nuts, and seeds;

  • lip balms made with natural oils and beeswax;

  • body washes made with detoxifying tea tree oil or refreshing citrus extracts; and

  • sugar scrubs made with invigorating peppermint oil or healing lavender oil.


Swimmers need a way to release tension and knots in their muscles, and a foam roller is an ideal option.

Take it up a notch and give an added bonus with a stand made to hold foam rollers.

Training and recovery gift ideas make the best gifts for swimmers to continue to stay active.


There are a few reasons why a water bottle makes a great gift for a swimmer.

First, it's practical. They can use it to stay hydrated during their workouts and meets.

Second, it's personal. You can find water bottles in all sorts of designs and colors, so you can pick one that matches the person's personality perfectly.

Third, it's affordable. 

A foam roller that doubles as a water bottle? Yes, please!


Swim themed water bottle for Senior swimmers.

Water bottles are generally not very expensive, making them an affordable option for most people.

Finally, it's thoughtful.

Giving someone a water bottle shows that you're thinking about their health and well-being - and that's always an excellent way to show you care.

Don't forget Coach on your Senior Swim Night! This Water bottle from taking personally is a fun choice.


Your swimmer may continue a swimming career in the open water.

What to buy someone who likes to swim?

Swimming gifts for graduating seniors are a great way to show your support and congratulations for a job well done.

A new swimming watch or swim cap can be just the thing to show your appreciation and help them stay on track in their swimming routine.

Or, if you're looking for something more personal, consider a gift certificate to their favorite swimming pool or spa.

No matter what you choose, make sure it shows how proud you are of their accomplishments and that you're excited to see all the amazing things they'll do next!

What do you get a sea swimmer?

Life in the open water is much more challenging than the pool.

There are a few things that any sea swimmer would appreciate, like this cute sign from GrandandLovelyPrints on Etsy.

First, a good pair of goggles. Sea water is salty and can irritate the eyes, so having a good pair of goggles to protect them is crucial. Second, a good bathing suit.

A sea swimmer will want a suit that won't absorb too much water and become heavy, and that will dry quickly.

Third, a good towel.

A quick-drying towel is essential for getting rid of the salt water and drying off after a swim. Fourth, some sunscreen.

The sun can be very strong out at sea, and it's important to protect your skin from its harmful rays.

What do you get as a senior night gift?

A keepsake your swimmer can look at often will make a great senior night gift. See MirrorMagicGifts on Etsy for this cute swim gift idea.

There are a lot of different options when it comes to senior night gifting. A creative light up gift is easy to display at home.

It really depends on what the team is looking for and what budget they have.

Some common gifts include flowers, candy, a special team t-shirt, or other related searches.

Another popular option is to get each senior their own individualized keepsake, like a collage with their initial.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that the seniors will appreciate and cherish.

What do you give a swimming coach for Christmas?

Swim coaches spend much of their life by the pool teaching young swimmers.

Swim coach gifts vary depending on the coach's personality and preferences, but some popular gift ideas include:

  • gift certificates to a local restaurant or gym, tickets to a sporting event,

  • a basket of fruit or healthy snacks,

  • novelties such as water bottles or hats with the coach's favorite team logo, or clothing items such as sweatshirts or T-shirts with the team's name and/or logo.

Some coaches may prefer more personal gifts such as gift cards for a favorite store or homemade cookies or treats.

It is always best to check with the coach before purchasing a gift to be sure that they will not already have something they need for their pool locker room.

What do you do for senior night?A swim team Senior Night can be a bittersweet event, as you will say goodbye to some of your teammates who are moving on to college.

But it was also great to celebrate the accomplishments of our seniors and reflect on all the amazing memories we've shared together over the past four years.

In honor of our seniors, each of them receive special award.

It's also a good idea to take a fun group photo.

Give your team a chance to say goodbye and thank you to each other.

What should I do the night before a swim meet?

Make sure to rest before your swimming competition.

The night before a swim meet, you should get plenty of rest.

Make sure to avoid eating foods that are hard to digest, like dairy products and fatty foods.

Instead, eat light, easily digestible foods like fruits and vegetables.

Drink plenty of water and avoid drinking caffeinated beverages.

Finally, make sure to relax and get some sleep!

What do Swim Parents Do For Senior Night?

Swimmers AND their parents will have to adjust to life after swimming.

Swim parents typically organize a gift for the senior swimmer, and plan a special evening to celebrate their accomplishments.

The celebration might involve dinner or cake following the swim meet, and may also include photos and speeches from parents, coaches, and teammates.

It's a memorable event for both the swimmers and their families, and provides a chance to reflect on all they've achieved over the years.

What do Parents Wear On Senior Night?

Find ideas for what to wear on Senior Night on our blog feature with Storyteller Stylist Carrie Hagee.

Senior Night is a high school tradition in which the seniors of the school are recognized and honored. 

Usually parents accompany their child to the center (but outer-edge!) of the pool and the school honors their family commitment to the team.

The evening might also include a recognition ceremony or presentation, as well as time for photos with classmates and faculty.

Senior night can be emotional for both students and parents. For students, it's often the last time they'll be together as a class. And for parents, it's often a bittersweet moment; they're proud of their children but also sad to see them leave high school behind. 

For ideas on what to wear, please see our Special Feature with the Storyteller Stylist, Carrie Hagee: What to Wear on Senior Night (for Moms!)

Welcome to life after sports - here's a resource to help you and your competitive swimmer think about life after swimming.

Also, check out our senior posters, photo numbers, or even a photo collage in the shape of a basketball!

The players always love these and parents cherish them, too.

Let us know what you think in the comments below and don't forget to share this blog post on Facebook or Twitter!

This article may contain affiliate links for the products I recommend. If you purchase after learning about these ideas on my site, I may make a small commission. Thank you for your support!

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Senior Day [3 Brilliant Ways] to Thank Your Student Athlete

I can’t believe senior nights are ALREADY upon us. 

Is senior year flying by for you, too?

This is a very special time and it's important to capture these memories for a lifetime.

That's why so many parents are choosing to commemorate this milestone with a beautiful custom-made photo collage!

Our photo collages are made with love and care, ensuring that your memories will be preserved for years to come.

Read on for more senior night gift ideas for your football team or other high school sports Senior Nights and College Senior Days.


What does Senior Night mean in high school?

Senior Night is the perfect place to say "Thank You" to your senior athletes.

Many schools have a "Senior Day" where the athletes who are seniors are honored.

This can be a special ceremony with speeches and presentation of awards, or it might simply be a recognition at the beginning of the game or meet.

Senior day (usually in college) and Senior Night (usually in high school) are ceremonies at the end of the sports season during which the seniors hard work is recognized.

It usually involves speeches by coaches and players, and often culminates in a presentation of gifts for the senior players.

Celebrate your player's Senior Day in a big way with a giant photo collage!

How to choose a regular season home game for Senior Day

A great Senior Night ends with a win over a rival.

It's always a special moment when a student-athlete gets to play in front of their home crowd on Senior Day.

For many, it's a day that they'll remember for the rest of their lives.

So how do you choose which regular season game to designate as Senior Day?

Here are two things to keep in mind:

  1. Pick a game that will create the best atmosphere for your athletes. This could be a rivalry game or a big conference matchup. You want your team to have an amazing experience, so choose a game that will get everyone excited.

  2. Make sure you have enough time to honor all of your seniors before the game. You don't want anyone to miss out. Don't forget to do something small for your opponent's senior players as well.

Ways to honor your Senior athlete

Why not have custom senior night posters made?

It's the perfect way to celebrate their final game of high school and the end to their college or high school careers.

Giving your senior athlete a custom sports poster at the final regular season home game is the perfect way to end the season.

High school athletes Senior Day

As an athlete's mother, you're always looking for ways to spend time with your kids and create lasting memories.

For their senior season you want it to be extra special. It's their senior year and the last game of their athletic careers.

We have the perfect solution!

Use's giant letters to decorate inside and outside at your Senior Night. Pictured is a 36 inch letter "M."

Our giant letters and numbers are a great way to celebrate your player's hard work.

Use them to decorate the locker room or the field!

Many parents feel led to give the sports team's senior athletes a special gift for their last home game.

Giant Wooden Number from to create your own collage keepsake for sports Senior Night.


Celebrate Senior Night with creative ideas that preserve your sports memories and helps you make new ones.


Use our wooden numbers for a team mom DIY activity that lets you bond with your fellow sports moms over this creative keepsake project.

In the end, you also have beautiful wooden letters or numbers to hang on your wall as keepsakes to remember the final season.

There's no better way to honor your child at the final home game of the regular season.

One gift that will not disappoint at your son's senior night: A custom photo collage in the shape of his number. Picture by actual client.

Frequently Asked Questions about Senior Day

What happens at basketball senior night?

Read our blog about honoring your basketball team on Senior Night.

Senior night is a bittersweet event for all involved.

It's a time to celebrate the accomplishments of the seniors on the team, while also acknowledging that their time with the team is coming to an end.

The evening usually begins with a pre-game ceremony, during which each senior is introduced and given flowers or other gifts from their teammates and coaches.

This is followed by the actual game, after which there may be another ceremony to honor the seniors once again.

For many people, senior night is an emotional event, as it marks both an ending and a beginning.

The seniors are moving on to the next stage of their lives, while also leaving behind the familiar comforts of home and friends.

What means Senior Night?

Senior Night means a chance to honor your senior athletes on the team.

Senior night is not exclusive to a particular sport.

It is a tradition in American high school and college sports where the many athletes who are seniors on the team are recognized and honored during a game.

Often, seniors will be given commemorative items such as posters or other gifts, and they may also be introduced one-by-one to the audience.

The tradition of senior night began in the early 1900s, when universities started having "alumni days" to celebrate the graduates who had matriculated years earlier.

Eventually, these celebrations were broken down into smaller events for different groups of alumni, such as football games for graduating seniors.

By the 1930s, it was common for schools to have a special evening designated for senior athletes.

What is Senior Night football game?

Many times fall sports teams are honored at the senior night football game for their hard work.

Senior night is a cherished tradition for many football programs, and is a great way to show appreciation for the players who have dedicated themselves to the team.

Do parents give flowers on senior night?

A coach or parent will often give team members flowers to commemorate the finality of the season.

Yes, many parents give flowers to their children on senior night.

It's a sweet way to show their appreciation for all their children have done over the years.

Flowers can also be a symbol of new beginnings, as the child embarks on a new chapter in their life.

Is senior night emotional?

Senior Night is the end of a sports career for many athletes and their family.

Senior night can be emotional for a variety of reasons.

For some people, it marks the end of their time in high school and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

For others, it may be a reminder of how far they've come and all that they've accomplished.

Regardless of the reason, senior night is often an emotional time for many students and their families.

There are typically a lot of events surrounding senior night, including pre-game festivities, speeches from both current and former students, and post-game celebrations.

These events can all contribute to the emotionality of the evening. Additionally, seeing all of your friends and classmates gathered together in one place can be bittersweet as you realize that this is the end.

What is the purpose of senior night?

Senior Night is a fun way to support players at their last game on their home field.

For most seniors, senior night is the last regular season home game of their high school career.

It's a chance for family, friends, and classmates to come together and celebrate everything that the seniors have accomplished over the past four years.

For those who don't know, senior night is usually a pre-game ceremony where each senior is recognized with their parents on the field or court.

Sometimes there are speeches from coaches or other important people in the seniors' lives, and often there is a special presentation for the parents as well.

Get style tips for Senior Moms on Senior Night! 👇🏽

Tips on what to wear on senior night for parents

Sat, 25 Jun 2022 00:00:00 -0400
Softball Gifts For Senior Players [That They Will Love]

Girls Softball Gifts For Senior Softball Players

The end of the softball season is a time for celebration.

For the softball player who have dedicated years of their lives to the sport, it can be an especially emotional time.

make a collage blanket for your athlete!


As they prepare to move on to the next chapter in their lives, find the perfect special gift, like a custom collage wall hanging or a personalized softball blanket (like the football blanket above!).

If you're looking for gift bag ideas for softball players, (even men's softball players!) we've got you covered!

In this blog post, we will discuss some great softball gifts for senior players.

Gifts for softball lovers: Your softball player will love a gift that focuses on memories

Senior Softball Gift for your Softball Team, like this 18 inch #4 for girl softball player walking out in pregame ceremony.

As a softball player, senior year is an important time.

It can be tough to know what to give as a gift to commemorate your daughter's time playing softball.

You don't want something too cheesy or too impersonal or just like all of their other softball trinkets. 

You need a true keepsake that they will take to college and beyond!

Collage and Wood has the perfect solution for you - custom softball senior gifts!

Softball Gift For Softball Player #9. Wooden numbers covered with images.

We offer a wide variety of personalized gifts that are perfect for any softball player, including photo collages, senior softball posters, and more.

With our easy-to-use process, you can upload photos to create a one-of-a-kind gift that will show how much you care.

Softball Gift For Softball Player #9. Poster number made with images.

Senior night softball gifts from will also be customized with player name and jersey number.

Once you approve the design, we will print it on the softball design of your choice.

Each softball gift comes with a free keepsake box that's fantastic way to protect your softball gift.

These senior softball gifts are typically presented to the senior softball players at the last home game (i.e. - senior night) or at the end of season softball get together.

The perfect softball gift will include your player's best memories of the softball team.

Where do you find a custom softball bat?

GJG Sports on Etsy offers engraving and customization options for softball and baseball bats. Like this Orange and blue bat.

We looked through ideas on Etsy to bring you even more softball senior day gift ideas!

One great gift idea is a personalized softball bat.

This is a thoughtful way to commemorate your the years of hard work and dedication by your softball player.

You can have the bat engraved with their name, jersey number, or a special message.

Another option is to get a custom-made softball glove, and have their teammates sign it.

This gift will be sure to help them remember all the great memories they've made while playing the sport.

Make Senior Night special with Senior Softball gifts

Senior Softball gifts for the whole team: Custom photo collages like this #2.

If you're looking for something a little more personal for your softball player, consider getting them a gift that celebrates her favorite sport.

For example, you could get your softball player a custom-made softball necklace or bracelet.

The options below are from Etsy shops.

Softball fans everywhere will have an appreciation for a dainty gold softball necklace. Plus they make cheap softball gifts for team

Necklace: StellaPosh. Bracelet: AJsCustomJewelry.

Another inexpensive gift for a softball player is a softball bracelet customized with their number, like this red bracelet for #24.


You could also get them a water bottle or t-shirt with a softball-themed design.

The water below is perfect gift for all of your senior players. Find these bottle at the ALGThings shop on Etsy.

Your softball player will appreciate your thoughtful AND practical reminder of her favorite sport. Yellow water bottles with black lids and text. Perfect to add to your senior softball gift baskets.

Find the fun Senior t-shirts from the BucketList shop on Etsy as well.

Every softball player will feel special on Senior night with custom t-shirts. Find yours online on or make your own!


The best gifts for the softball player who will play in college

Senior Night is a way to end a softball career on your own terms. However, some players may continue to play and here are some gift ideas for the player who loves softball and will play in college.

Here is a list of gifts for your softball player that will help her take their game to the next level:

A new softball batters tee and Nike Softball Socks.

Softball socks make a good gift because they are both practical and can be personalized with the player's name and number.

Basketball gifts for boys and girls! For your dual or tri-sport athlete!

Here are some self-care gift ideas for your softball player to enjoy off the field.

The perfect gift for your softball player doesn't have to be softball-playing related to be awesome! Help her relax with some of the best softball gifts: bath bombs!

Softball bath bombs make a perfect gift for female athletes who enjoy down time after games. Find these adorable bath bombs at BipityBlipSkinCare on Etsy.

Help her rest those aching muscles after the game!

Additionally, gift certificates to a local sports store or online retailer specializing in girls softball gear is a perfect gift because it allows your player to choose what she needs the most.

If you are buying hitting gloves (aka batting gloves), it can be tough to know exactly what size to buy.

A gift card to a local sporting goods store is always appreciated by softball players.

Gifts your softball player will love

Looking for softball gift ideas on Senior night for softball players? Welcome to! Best gifts for softball players like this pitcher.

These are just a few ideas to get you started.

The important thing is to find something that your softball player will appreciate and use.

Could you get her a velopro softball training harness? Yes, but the perfect gift for senior players don't have to be expensive.

With a little bit of effort, you can find the perfect gift that will help your favorite player take her game to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions About Softball Gift Ideas:

If you need a softball gift for your best friend, the perfect gifts are personalized.

What to get someone who likes softball?

There are numerous gift ideas for someone who likes softball.

For active players who plan to continue playing in college, a few examples include

  • Louisville softball bats,

  • Wilson softballs, and

  • Rawlings gloves.

Each of these gifts will help the player to enjoy the game even more.

What do you get players for senior night?

There are a lot of different ways to celebrate senior night for a softball player.

At Collage and Wood, we create custom number collages and softball blankets!

It is a time to honor their achievements and contributions to the team over the years.

A coach may give a speech, or the team may present a gift to the seniors.

Here are some ideas for your senior softball players:

  • A personalized softball bat with their name and jersey number engraved on it

  • A gift certificate to their favorite restaurant or sports store

  • A framed photograph of the team or an individual photo with each teammates

  • A heartfelt letter from the coach expressing their thanks for everything they've done for the team

  • A collage of pictures from throughout their career.

What do parents do on senior night?

Parents often attend Senior Night to support and acknowledge their child's accomplishments.

This event is usually held near the end of the season to commemorate a student's transition from high school to college.

It is common for parents to give their child a gift, write a letter, or take photos during this time with friends and family members.

Senior night is also an opportunity for families to connect with other parents and guardians who are experiencing similar changes.

What do you do for senior night?

Senior Night ideas include a special walkout ceremony for your seniors about 15 minutes before game time. That's a great time to give softball gifts and honor those softball players in their senior year.

Here's an idea from someone who has been there:

"Tonight is Senior Night for our high school softball team.

We will be honoring our seniors with a pre-game ceremony and then we'll be cheering them on as they take the field for their final home game.

It's always bittersweet to see our seniors move on, but we know they'll do great things in the next phase of their lives." - Anonymous

What do you get as a senior night gift?

As a team, you can make or purchase personalized softball gifts for senior night like this custom letter "C".

There are a variety of gifts that can be given to a senior athlete on their senior night.

Often, the gift will be something to commemorate their time spent playing on the team. common gifts include things like a plaque or a photo album.

Other popular gifts include jewellery, such as a charm bracelet or necklace, or clothing items with the school logo.

If you want to stand out with a softball gift that is custom and personalized, check out's custom photo collages.

You can even make it a team-building activity and diy softball team gifts with our wooden numbers!

Whatever the gift, it should be something that the graduating seniors can look back on fondly and remember their time on the team.

Love these senior night ideas?

Find your next great idea for Senior Night: make sure that you check out our Senior Night blog and the 200+ basketball poster ideas we have curated for you on our Pinterest account!

Need football senior night gift ideas? Find them here!

Fri, 24 Jun 2022 14:30:04 -0400
Lacrosse Gifts Ideas For Seniors [5+ Easy Ways to Celebrate]

It's that time of year again where lacrosse players are celebrating their last season as a senior.

Whether they're moving on to college or starting their professional career, it's important to show your appreciation for all they've done.

One of the best ways to do this is by giving them a lacrosse-themed gift.

Here at, we have put together a list of the best lacrosse senior gifts ideas so you can find the perfect present for your favorite player.

Your player will love a high quality lacrosse jacket from one of the best lacrosse brands will

Gift Ideas For lacrosse Players

1. A custom photo collage in the shape of your jersey number.

Small businesses like create custom sports keepsakes for your athlete.

2. Lacrosse-themed jewelry, such as a necklace or bracelet.

Create something semi-custom by personalizing a necklace or bracelet. Pictured: Handmade Women’s Lacrosse Stick Bracelet in Premium Sterling Silver from StrokeSide Designs.

3. A lacrosse ball keychain

Every time she picks up her keys she will remember all of the awesome moments with the team.

4. Lacrosse-themed picture frame

Include a picture of your family or a collection of pictures of the team! Also makes a great idea for coaches.

5. Custom Phone Cases

Custom phone cases are among some of the easiest ways to customize a gift your lacrosse player will use.


Etsy or Amazon Handmade Account Login? Shop There First

Start your search for the best gifts for lacrosse players on Pinterest, Etsy, or Amazon Handmade

When it comes to finding the perfect lacrosse senior gift, handmade items have a lot of advantages.

For one, they're unique and personal.

You can be sure that your lacrosse player won't receive the same exact gift as someone else.

Handmade gifts also show that you took the time to pick out something special, rather than just grabbing something off the shelf.

Take a look at our lacrosse senior gifts ideas to find the perfect present for your favorite player!

Create a personalized sign for the field

Show your support from the side of the field with a personalized lacrosse sign for your favorite player! Like this one from!

There are a few different ways to do this.

One option is to create a collage of photos from throughout the player's lacrosse career.

Custom posters and banners make the senior night games even more festive. Choose pictures with close friends and teammates like these guys.

Another option is to design a poster with an inspirational lacrosse quote.

Celebrate your lax player's commitment to the game with a customized quote  poster.

Or, you could simply create a poster with the player's name and jersey number to show your support.

However you choose to design it, a custom poster is sure to be a hit with any lacrosse player!

Decorate for Senior Night with led lights

Create a memorable environment with creative lighting in the locker room.

Remember the season forever with special touches at the celebration, like LED lights.

If you're looking for a way to decorate a lacrosse locker room, LED lights are a great option.

They come in a variety of colors and can be used to create all sorts of designs.

Plus, they're relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

LED lights can be used to spell out the team's name, highlight the lacrosse schedule, or simply add some extra light to the room.

No matter how you choose to use them, LED lights are sure to make any lacrosse locker room look great!

Game, set, match: win or lose, your senior will always remember what it felt like to be a part of the team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Searching for gifts for your favorite lacrosse players has never been easier. Lacrosse Flower Bouquet from Madeline Sanchez via

What do you get a lacrosse lover?

Start your online search early when shopping for custom sports gifts. Picture courtesy of Instagram.

For the lacrosse enthusiast in your life, finding the perfect gift can be a real challenge.

However, there are a few lacrosse-themed gifts that are sure to please even the most passionate player.

For starters, consider a lacrosse themed decal.

A lacrosse stick decal can be enjoyed every day by your lax player. Order yours at this Etsy shop: StickersanddecalsArt.

These come in a variety of colors and styles, and can be customized with the player's name or favorite team logo.

Another great option is a lacrosse ball, like this one from the PhotoBallStore on Etsy.

You can't go wrong with a custom lacrosse ball.

Finally, lacrosse jackets make a great gift for any lacrosse lover.

These jackets are typically made from high-quality materials and feature the player's favorite team logo.

Find this jacket and more at!

Your player will love a high quality lacrosse jacket from one of the top lacrosse brands.

Whether you're looking for a small token of appreciation or a more substantial gift, these lacrosse-themed items are sure to please any fan of the sport.

What do you get players for senior night?

Every season each Lacrosse team will host a senior night for players - don't forget the opposing team! Image of lacrosse team from instagram.

Senior night is a lacrosse tradition where the team celebrates the seniors on the team.

This is usually the last home game of the season, and it is a time to give thanks to the seniors for their hard work and dedication to the team.

One way to show your appreciation is to give lacrosse gifts.

Seniors can be difficult to shop for because they usually have everything they need, but lacrosse gifts are always appreciated.

Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that the seniors will appreciate and use.

Most importantly, senior night is a time to show your appreciation for all that the seniors have done for the team.

Thank them for their dedication and hard work, and wish them luck in their future endeavors.

What kind of socks do lacrosse players wear?

Nothing says practical gift like great socks.

There are a variety of socks lacrosse players can wear, but the most popular type is the lacrosse gift sock.

This sock is designed to protect the player's feet from the elements and provide extra support during lacrosse games.

The sock is made of a lightweight material that allows the player to move quickly and easily.

The lacrosse gift sock also has a padded footbed that helps to absorb impact and prevent injuries.

In addition, the sock includes a moisture-wicking technology that helps to keep the feet dry and comfortable.

The lacrosse gift sock is an essential piece of equipment for any lacrosse player, and it can make a great gift for the lacrosse player in your life.

What is a senior basket?

A senior basket can hold a variety of small gifts that you can purchase or make.

A lacrosse senior basket is a tradition in which senior lacrosse players are given gifts by their teammates.

These baskets typically include items such as lacrosse sticks, balls, gloves, and other lacrosse-related gear.

For many lacrosse players, receiving a senior basket is a great honor and a lasting memories of their time on the team.

What is senior night in high school?

If you are interested in team gifts, please reach out to us at

For high school lacrosse players, senior night is a special occasion.

It's a chance to celebrate their hard work and dedication to the sport, and to thank their parents, coaches, and teammates for their support.

Senior night usually takes place during the last home game of the season, and it's a tradition for the seniors to give gifts to their lacrosse coach and teammates.

The gifts are usually lacrosse-related, such as lacrosse sticks or balls, but they can also be more personal, like a handwritten note or a photo album.

Senior night is a time to reflect on the past four years, and to look forward to the next phase of their lacrosse career.

What's the definition of senioritis?

Are your seniors still having fun? Senior night gives your team an opportunity to refocus before the post-season.

Senioritis is a colloquial term used to describe the apathy or laziness that is often exhibited by seniors in their final year of high school or college.

The term is usually used in a negative way to describe how seniors start to coast through their final year, without putting any effort into their studies or extracurricular activities.

However, some people do use the term senioritis in a more positive light, to describe how seniors finally start to relax and enjoy their last year of school.

Regardless of how it is used, senioritis is a well-known phenomenon among students and educators alike.

Looking for the perfect lacrosse senior gift?

Look no further than!

We have a wide selection of lacrosse-themed gifts that are sure to please any player.

Plus, our items are all handmade and can be customized to create a truly unique present.

So what are you waiting for?

Browse our lacrosse senior gifts ideas today and find the perfect present for your favorite player!

Searching for a senior gift for a football player? Check out this article for more ideas!

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How to Decorate a Field For Senior Night | Collage and Wood

 The countdown has begun for senior night! 

Whether you have been planning since freshman year or you just found out Senior Night is a “thing” I wanted to share some of the best field decoration ideas I have found on Pinterest.

There are lots of creative ways to decorate the field with thoughtful details for senior night.

how to decorate a field for senior night

One idea is to spell out the graduate's name with large letters made from construction paper or fabric.

Another option is to create a banner with photos of the graduate from throughout their high school career.

If you want something more festive, you could string up streamers and balloons in the school colors and create a colorful display on the fence with solo cups!

Here are some ideas to help you create a senior night experience on the field that your athletes will never forget!

Fence Decor Your Kids Will Absolutely Love: 

One way to show your school spirit is to decorate your chain link fence for senior night.

All you need are some solo cups and a little bit of creativity - and some room on the fence.

First, choose a color scheme for your cups. You can match your school colors or go for a more festive look.

Once you have your cups, it's time to start decorating. Arrange the cups in any pattern you like - you could even spell out your school's name.

Be sure to leave enough space between the cups so that they can be easily seen from the stands. Once you're finished, stand back and admire your handiwork.

Your chain link fence will be sure to stand out on senior night.

Senior Night Fence Decor, Curated by Picture Source: Pinterest

If you're looking for a creative way to show off your school spirit, fence cups are a great option.

These cups easily clip onto fence posts or other vertical surfaces, and can spell out any message you want.

They're also a fun way to decorate your graduation party or open house.

And best of all, they're easy to do yourself.

Your Search Senior Night Field Decor - Decorations with cups, curated by Source: Pinterest

If you're looking for a fun and creative way to decorate your fence, why not write out your player's number using solo cups?

It's a great way to add a personal touch to the field. Plus, it's a relatively inexpensive project that can be completed in just a few hours.

Here's what you'll need to get started: solo cups, scissors, duct tape, and a good quality paint (or multicolored cups!)

First, cut the solo cups in half lengthwise. Then paint them, if you'd like.

Next, use duct tape to attach the solo cups to the fence, spelling out whatever word or phrase you'd like.

I like how this school mixed up the letters for numbers:

Senior Night Fence Decor With Cups, Curated By Photo source: Pinterest

Good quality "Big heads": Buy or DIY

For those who don't know, big heads are a popular decoration for senior night.

They usually consist of a large head with the face of a senior, and they are often seen at sporting events or other school functions.

While some people may think that big heads are tacky, I think they are actually quite funny.

After all, what's not to love about a big head?

You can create them from individual sports pictures or baby pictures. It's fun to match up the senior with their baby or toddler self.

They are often very exaggerated, and they always seem to bring a smile to my face. Plus, they are a great way to show support for your favorite seniors.

So if you're ever feeling down, just remember that there are always big heads around to make you feel better.

Senior Night Big Heads. Source: Pinterest

 Or DIY them!!!

DIY Senior Decor: Big Head Cutouts, curated by

Photo Source: Confessions of a Sports Mama

Decorate With Yard Signs in Bright Colors

Senior night is a memorable event for high school students.

It's a time to celebrate their achievements and look forward to the future.

A custom sign can help make senior night even more special.

A personalized yard sign is a great way to show school spirit and support for the graduating class.

They can be used to decorate the venue, line the route of the procession, or spell out messages of congratulations.

Senior night is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so make it extra special with a custom sign or signs from your local print shop.

Senior Yard Signs, Ideas curated by From Shindigz (currently closed).

Create A Special Message On The Field With White Paint

Senior night is a special time to honor the accomplishments of senior athletes.

One fun way to celebrate senior night is to painting the field. Bright colors outlined in white look good on any sports field.

This can be done by your underclassman or you can hire a professional field striping company that specializes in painting services.

Senior night is a time to come together and support senior athletes. By painting the field, senior athletes will feel appreciated and supported.

These ideas will make for a memorable senior night for all involved.

Field Painted for Baseball Senior Night, Image curated by

The Search For Senior Night Ideas

Senior night is a special evening to honor senior athletes who have dedicated themselves to their sport.

There are many ways to make senior night extra special, from decorating the field to organizing special events. Here are a few relevant ideas to get you started:

  • Decorate the field with banners and streamers honoring the seniors.

  • -Have each senior athlete walk out onto the field with their parents or guardians.

  • Organize a pre-game ceremony to honor the seniors and their accomplishments. (Don't forget the senior night gifts!)

  • During halftime, create things like a senior night photo collage or videos montage to share with the crowd.

  • Have a post-game celebration with food and drinks for the seniors and their families.

With a little planning and creativity, senior night can be an evening to remember. These senior night ideas are just a starting point - use your imagination and make it a night that the seniors will never forget.

How about you? What ideas do you have to decorate your senior night field?

Continue your search for more ideas for Senior Night, Graduation Party Decor, and Senior Year on our blog!

Mon, 23 May 2022 16:17:54 -0400
200+ Basketball Poster Ideas From Pinterest | Custom Posters


Basketball art can go from bedroom decor to gym decor and make the season extra special. make sure you check out all of our basketball banner ideas. Custom posters examples and custom poster inspiration awaits you in this article!

As any coach or player knows, posters can be a powerful motivational tool.

See our 200+ Custom Posters Examples for Men's Basketball Banner and Basketball Posters Ideas From Pinterest!

Purchased this personalized sports poster photo's own child, a ball collage that is the perfect alternative to a traditional sports poster.

If you find a basketball poster design or banner that you like on Pinterest, contact us for a quote!

Well-designed sports posters can capture the essence of a team or athletes and provide a visual reminder of what it takes to be successful.

Personalized team posters can feature inspirational quotes, images of famous athletes, or simply provide a list of goals to strive for.

A banner can be hung in locker rooms, gymnasiums, or even at home to help athletes stay focused and motivated.

While sports posters are often used to promote specific events or teams, they can also be used to encourage participation in general.

A custom sports poster that features healthy lifestyles and positive role models can help encourage young people to get involved in physical activity.

In addition, posters that focus on the importance of teamwork and fair play can help instill these values in athletes of all ages.

Whether they feature inspirational quotes or images of famous athletes, a sports poster can be a valuable tool for motivating athletes and encouraging participation in physical activity.

A sports poster made from photo's is the perfect way to keep all of the positive memories close!


Get your custom posters printed fast. Your own custom poster can feature your important information and your mascot. sports poster creation ideas: announce game night on your school fencing or in the hallways of the school.


If you're looking for some custom sports poster ideas, then you've come to the right place.

At Collage and Wood, we specialize in creating custom posters that are perfect for any occasion. We partner with online printers who specialize in custom poster printing! 

That means you can benefit from working with a designer for your own custom posters (me) and a reputable, high quality print service to deliver your very own poster to you!

Whether you're looking for a gift for a sports fan or you're looking to promote your own team or event, we can help you create a custom poster or banner that is sure to get noticed.

A thank you poster is a great way to show your appreciation to someone. There are many different ways to create a thank you poster. You can customize a sports poster, or come up with a creative idea of your own. Whatever method you choose, be sure to express your gratitude in a heartfelt way. Customer service posters can also be a great way to show your appreciation. Thank you for everything!


Some of our most popular custom sports poster ideas include collages of photos in the shape of your player's jersey number.

A popular product size is our 15 inch jersey numbers or basketball collages.

No matter what your style, we can help you create a custom poster that is sure to be a hit and hold every special memory your athlete has made.

So if you're ready to take your sports promotion to the next level, then check out our custom sports posters today.


A custom sports poster can take on new life in the form of an easily portable picnic blanket.


A unique sports poster can be a wonderful addition to any home.

Whether it's a gift for a loved one or a special treat for yourself, a unique sports poster can add personality and flair to any room.

When choosing a unique sports poster, there are many things to consider. First, decide what sport you would like to feature.

There are posters available for all sorts of sports, from basketball to football to hockey.

Don't forget Graduation Party Ideas! Check out this article for more information!👇🏽

Graduation Party Ideas

Once you've decided on the sport, narrow your search down to posters that feature your favorite team or player.

You might also want to consider posters that have unique designs or are limited editions.

Whatever you choose, make sure it's something you'll enjoy looking at everyday, like a sports poster gift of your child!

A unique sports poster is a great way to show your love of the game and add some personality to your home.



We've been creating personalized sports posters in a variety of styles since 2013. Consider a giant number collage poster for your senior basketball player! A sports poster gift own child will love!


Custom framed posters are a popular way to decorate a dorm room or bedroom wall.

They can be made to match any décor and can be hung on any type of wall.

Framing also protects your poster from damage, so it will last for years to come.

If you're looking for framed custom poster ideas, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, decide what size poster you want. then, choose a frame that complement the style of your poster.

Finally, consider adding matting or glass to further protect your poster and give it a finished look.

You can find framed custom posters at most art supply stores or online retailers.

Prices will vary depending on the size and quality of the frame you choose.

With a little bit of planning, you can create a beautiful framed custom poster that will brighten any room in your home or office.


Staples is a great option for printing a sports poster.

They offer high-quality prints at an affordable price, and their turnaround time is typically quite fast.

In addition, Staples has a wide range of papers and finishing options to choose from, so you can find the perfect option to suit your needs.

If you're looking for a quick, easy, and affordable option for printing a sports poster, Staples is definitely worth considering.


Senior Picture Props for guys, ideas for your senior basketball player


It is also a time to look ahead to the future and to inspire young athletes to work hard and achieve their dreams.

A poster can be a great way to capture the spirit of senior night and to motivate young athletes. Check out our options for custom senior night posters at

And don't forget the gifts for your coach! See more ideas in this senior night blog!


Mon, 16 May 2022 07:06:51 -0400
Senior Night Quotes For Sports - From Senior Athletes

For up to four years, your kiddo has taken the field and watched the senior night events. Now it's your turn to be the senior mom ... and support them as they end their sports career. 

Your athlete is crossing the finish line of their sports career. What are they thinking on this big night? What do they say to their teammates and family? Here are some senior quote ideas.

Senior night is a time to celebrate the achievements of our senior athletes.

It is also a time to reflect on the lessons they have taught us and the memories we have shared.

You are used to your child taking the field.

But this year is different: It's senior year and your kid is the senior.

As you're developing a senior message from parents perspective, get some ideas below from the athletes and families that have gone before you!

Here are some senior night quotes that capture the spirit of a high school career or the end of college sports:

Inspirational sports quotes to celebrate your senior athlete. This article is about embracing the end of senior year and hopefully will give you ideas about senior quote ideas. Use a picture with plenty of background like this one to create christian athletes quotes!


Football Quotes For Seniors

Senior night is a time for players to reflect on their time playing football and the skills they have developed.

One of the best quotes about playing football comes from Vince Lombardi, who said,

“Football is like life. It requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication, and respect for authority.”

Playing football teaches teamwork, discipline, and perseverance.

These are all skills that will help players in their future careers.

What are you getting your senior on Senior Night? We have some ideas for you!

For many high school football players, their senior year is the most important.

It’s their last chance to play with their friends and make a run at a state championship.

These players often have to deal with a lot of pressure, but they always have one thing to fall back on: their love for the game. 

Encouraging words for football players can mean far more than you may ever know.

One of the best high school football senior night quotes for football players comes from NFL Veteran Tom Brady:

“You have to believe in your process. You have to believe in the things that you are doing to help the team win. I think you have to take the good with the bad.”

Basketball game quotes for senior night

When you take the court to play basketball for your final basketball season, your first instinct isn't usually to come up with basketball captions for senior night.

That's why we want to help you concentrate on playing basketball while we share inspiration from the basketball courts.

Directly from the players who came before you!

Perhaps the best video ever made on saying goodbye to basketball is Kobe Bryant's short film, "Dear Basketball."

You can watch it here: 

On Senior Night, Seniors have a chance to impart knowledge and advice to teammates and young athletes who aren't graduating:

"Underclassmen on the sports team should savor every moment of their season because it goes by quickly." - unknown

"These are the years that you will learn the most and grow the most as a player." - unknown

It's also good to prepare quotes for farewell to seniors. It's common to write senior night card messages for each senior.

Leaving a legacy for the next class of teammates

Here are a few senior basketball quotes for underclassmen sports team members and the exiting seniors: 

"Work hard and enjoy your teammates because you will never have a better group of friends." - unknown

Even professional athletes usually share a few words when they are finished with their sport:

"The opportunity to play sports has helped me develop valuable skills that I will use for the rest of my life." - Michael Jordan

Shop Senior Night Gifts. A trophy carries dust but memories last forever!

Quotes for the end of baseball...

"No matter how hard you try, eventually the season will end. Cherish every moment on the field and off it." - Derek Jeter

"No matter how many victories you win or how many records you break, the season will eventually come to an end. Take pride in what you achieved and strive for success in your future." - Babe Ruth 

 "Success isn’t defined by the final score, but the effort you put forth." - Hank Aaron 

"You'll never forget the moments spent on the field; make them memorable." - Jackie Robinson 

For the student athlete who is playing in his final baseball game, league baseball may be over but the best years of your life are still ahead, whether you play baseball or not!

As seniors move on to the next chapter in life,  the skills they have developed through playing baseball and the relationships they have built will always be with them.

If you're wondering what to write in a senior night card

Sports are more than just a game, they shape our lives in positive ways. 

Good luck to all of the players and coaches for this season!

Let's make it one to remember!

Quotes for senior season captions

How about one of these:

"You're going to miss me when I'm gone. And I'm going to miss you, too.
It's the final countdown."
"Thank you for the memories."
"These are not just my teammates, or my friends. They are my family."


"Every game is an opportunity to measure yourself against your own potential." - Billie Jean King

Looking for game day quotes?


So just what is going across her mind?

It depends - single sport athletes will probably respond a little differently than multi sport athletes.

Of course, if it's your child's FINAL senior night, they may be more emotional.

Here are a few senior night quotes for sports from senior athletes describing their feeling on this special night:

quotes for senior night - what she is thinking

Senior Night is a very special night.

Tonight, seniors from across the nation will take to the field one last time in their high school careers.

It’s a night of mixed emotions - a time to reflect on all that has been accomplished, reflecting on years as a youth athlete that seemed to have just blow past time - but also look ahead to what the future may hold.

For many of these athletes, it’s the culmination of years of hard work and dedication.

They’ve put in countless hours at practice, fought through injuries, and overcome adversity.

This is their moment to shine!

“Playing as a senior is special because you know it’s your last chance to perform, so you want to do your best.”

Why senior night is special in her words

This season, you will honor your seniors for all their hard work and dedication over the years.

Looking for motivational quotes for injured athletes?

It’s been an amazing journey and many seniors are so grateful to have had the opportunity to play with their best friends on this team.

It's a time to reflect on the game winning shot, and watching your athlete push past their own limits to what they never knew was possible!

As Mary Lou Rhetton said: "A trophy carries dust, but memories last forever!"

“It’s also special to be able to represent your school with classmates that you don’t ever play with again.” 

This is a night they'll never forget, and you get to be part of it!

Invite your friends, family and former coaches to celebrate your athlete on senior night.

Make some of your favorite inspirational sports quotes into posters for field or gym decor and surround your seniors with encouragement.

Senior Night is the best event of our season

The lessons that your athlete learned on the field will benefit them far into their life:

"One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than a hundred teaching it."

Knute Rockne

“It is definitely the best event of our season.”

quotes from seniors on senior night

Seniors, this is your night!

Senior night is always bittersweet.

On one hand, it's a celebration of everything you and your teammates have accomplished over the past four years.

But on the other hand, it's a reminder that your time together is coming to an end.

So how do you say goodbye to your best friends on the team?

First, take a moment to reflect on all of the great memories you've shared together.

Then, focus on the future and what you'll accomplish in the next phase of your life.

Finally, tell them how much they mean to you and how grateful you are for their friendship.

Remember, senior night is just the beginning - you'll always be friends.

“It is so bittersweet to say goodbye to your most beloved teammates, and it gets harder every year.”

As you celebrate senior night, you are recognizing that your time together as a team is ending.

You have been through a lot together, and you have accomplished a lot.

Making the transition to "just a normal student" or person after sports can be hard. Read about what it can be like for athletes to lose their "athlete" identity and how you can help.

But now it is time for some to go their separate ways.

But you never have to forget the contributions of your teammates - or the memories you have shared.

Always cherish the bonds we have formed.

“I think Senior Night made me step back from the go-go-go of the season and showed me that I really only have another week with these girls."

senior moms: what your child is thinking on senior night

Many times teams will choose a rivalry game for senior night.

The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning.” - Pele

However, sometimes teams will choose the final game of the season. That can mean that there will only be one more week left with teammates, and then it's all over.

For most athletes and their parents, it's hard to believe that four years have gone by so quickly.

It often feels like just yesterday the seniors were all fresh-faced rookies, unsure of what to expect from the season ahead.

Now, their senior leaders, and this is their last chance to leave a mark on the program.

Make it a good one. Give your all on the court, and cherish every moment you have left together.

It might be the end of your time as teammates, but it's only the beginning of your friendships.

“I am done with softball, a sport which I have been playing since I was 6."

senior night appreciation from a senior athlete

If you have been playing since you were six years old, and now, 12 years later, finally hanging up your cleats, your child (and you!) will most likely feel a mix of emotions as she takes the field for the last time.

This includes:

  • Sadness, at the thought of saying goodbye to a sport that you have grown to love.

  • Pride, in knowing that you have given it my all for so many years.

  • And most of all, excitement for what the future may hold.

Who knows what opportunities lie ahead now that the sport is no longer front and center in your lives?

Whatever the opportunities may be, trust that your athlete is armed with the confidence and determination she has learned from playing this great game.

 Share your senior night words of wisdom in basketball yearbook captions, quotes and sayings to show off just how big of an impact the sport has made on you. 

At Collage and Wood, we are dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind custom products that allow you to capture your memories in beautiful, lasting ways.
From number collages of all sizes featuring your athlete’s best moves and quotes to custom photo books featuring your favorite moments from the season, we have something for everyone looking to make their special moment last a lifetime. 
Let us help you capture these memories as you close out this chapter of your life and get excited for what is to come! 

“Senior Night, and all the appreciation that my teammates showed, meant the world to me.”

Don't forget to bring some funny advice to underclassmen from seniors sports experiences! There might be some tears but there could also be lots of laughter.


Athletes quotes adapted from: Senior Nights recognize graduating athletes, The Camponile (2019)

Senior night is an evening to celebrate amazing teammates.

To show how much a program appreciates its seniors.

It will be a special evening that your seniors will treasure forever.

Good luck keeping those eyes dry, mama.

Shop Senior Night Gifts Now

By the way, has your senior given you any insight to how they feel about their upcoming senior night?

Thu, 12 May 2022 13:00:04 -0400
Where to buy the best volleyball shoes for your daughter

FInd our picks for the best volleyball shoes for girls.As the parent of a female volleyball player, you want nothing but the best for your daughter.

When it comes to finding the perfect volleyball shoe, however, the task can seem daunting.

There are so many different brands and styles to choose from, and it can be difficult to know where to start.

Don't worry, we're here to help.

In this blog post, we'll share where to find the best volleyball shoes for your daughter. Whether she prefers basketball shoes or Kyrie Irving's latest release, we've got you covered.

Shopping for volleyball shoes online

The first place to start is Amazon.

Amazon offers a wide range of volleyball shoes at different price points.

You can also filter by size, brand, and style.

If you're looking for white Nike vball shoes in size 11.5, Amazon is a great option.

Other moms have said they've had luck finding affordable shoes like the Adidas Women's Ligra 7 Track.

Prices ranged from $35 (HELLO PRIME DAY!) and $80.

Another great option is Eastbay.

Eastbay is a sporting goods store that specializes in athletic footwear.

They offer a wide range of volleyball shoes for both boys and girls.

If you're looking for a specific size or style, Eastbay is a great place to start your search.

Basketball shoes vs. volleyball shoes for indoor volleyball?

If you're looking for basketball shoes for your daughter, sporting goods stores like Academy Sports or Dick's Sporting Goods are great options.

You can also check online retailers like Goat or Stock X.

These websites specialize in selling sports apparel and footwear.

Our Top Picks For Volleyball Shoes for Girls

It's that time of year again, when your daughter comes home from school and asks if she can start playing volleyball.

You may be wondering what kind of shoes she needs to play the game.

Well, look no further!

We've narrowed down the best volleyball shoes for girls so you can choose the perfect pair for your daughter.


Volleyball shoes for high performing volleyball players.


Volleyball Shoe Shopping

Keep reading for our top 6 picks for shoes on the court and off. You'll be surprised by our number one choice!

We've also got some great options for budget-minded shoppers.

Happy shopping!

Volleyball Shoes for playing volleyball on the court, and off!

Before and after the volleyball game:

  1. Adilette Shower Slides

  2. Crocs

Best volleyball shoes for the game:

  1. Crazyflight Volleyball Shoes

  2. ASICS Gel-Rocket 10

  3. Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6

  4. Nike Zoom HyperAce 2

Looking for a rubber outsole and shock absorption in your volleyball shoes? Find all that and more in this article!


Best Volleyball shoes before the volleyball game and for the ride home

 1. Adidas Originals Women's Adilette Shower Slides

Your volleyball shoe choice before the game is almost as important as your volleyball shoes during the game.

At the end of a long day of practice, the last thing you want is to have to worry about changing into a separate pair of shoes.

With these Adilette Shower Slides, you can just hop out of the shower and into them without missing a beat.

Plus they keep your volleyball shoes nice and clean for the volleyball court.

The Upside of these slides for volleyball players?

Volleyball shoes are sold by most major manufacturers.

The slides are quick-drying and comfortable, so you can focus on your post-practice recovery and not on your feet.

Plus, the bold graphic design by Japanese artist Takahashi Hiroko will add a touch of style to your post-practice look.

Don't forget to check out our article on the top 10 volleyball gear for 2023-2024!

Top Gear for volleyball in 2022-2023

2. Crocs for before and after the game

Put your volleyball shoes in your bag and grab a pair of comfy Crocs!

After a long and grueling volleyball match, it can be difficult to slip back into your everyday shoes and resume your daily routine.

You need something that is functional, comfortable, and stylish, all at the same time. For many volleyball players, the perfect solution is a pair of volleyball crocs.

Plus, you can personalize them with volleyball pins!

Why do you need these off-the court volleyball shoes?

The best volleyball shoes aren't always for the court. Keep your feet comfortable before and after the games.

These specialized shoes for time off the volleyball court feature sturdy synthetic uppers that are reinforced at all the key pressure points, so they won't give out no matter how hard you spike or block.

Plus, the breathable design makes them incredibly comfortable to wear even after you've played in intense conditions.

Whether you're training for your next big volleyball tournament or just hanging out with friends after a game, these versatile shoes will keep volleyball players looking great between games.

1. Adidas Women's Volleyball Shoes

Volleyball shoes that are made for the MVP.

When it comes to finding the best volleyball shoe on the market, Adidas always delivers.

Their Crazyflight Volleyball Shoes are sleek, stylish, and incredibly comfortable, making them the perfect choice for anyone looking to take their game to the next level.

Technology, Style, and Durability: Features we love in this volleyball shoe

Featuring the innovative Boost midsole technology, these shoes provide unbeatable cushioning that keeps you comfortable through even your most rigorous training sessions or intense gameplay.

The Adidas Crazyflight Volleyball Shoes will keep you feeling confident and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

Get yourself a pair of these awesome volleyball shoes and elevate your volleyball skills to new heights!

2. ASICS Volleyball Shoes

Volleyball shoes that fit your style of play.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the best volleyball shoe for your daughter.

You want something that's comfortable, lightweight, and will provide good grip on the court.

3. The ASICS Gel-Rocket 10 checks all those boxes and more.

Asics volleyball shoes are popular across the globe.

They're packed with ASICS' famous GEL cushioning technology, which absorbs shock and provides responsive feedback to help increase your vertical jump.

So whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned pro, these Asics volleyball shoes will help you take your game to the next level.

4. Mizuno Volleyball shoes

Bring your best game to life with a Mizuno Volleyball Shoe - find it on!

Mizuno has always been a trusted name in sports gear, and their Women's Wave Lightning Z6 volleyball shoes are no exception.

These shoes provide the comfort and power you need to help you best your opponents on the court.

The lightweight upper offers breathability, while the rounded heel allows for quick and smooth movements.

What put this volleyball shoe on our list of top volleyball shoes?

The comfortable midsole cushioning will keep you going all game long.

Plus, for added durability and grip, these volleyball shoes feature Dynamotion Grooves for forefoot flexibility.

So don't hold back - reach beyond your limits in this Mizuno Volleyball shoe.

5. Nike Volleyball Shoes

The Nike Zoom HyperAce 2 Women's Volleyball Shoes are considered by some to be the best volleyball shoe on hardcourt surfaces.

It features a Zoom Air unit for lightweight cushioning and a TPU cage that conforms to your foot for a supportive fit and feel.

Nike is famous for shoes, and their volleyball shoes do not disappoint in design or capability.

Why do these volleyball shoes get rave reviews?

Shock absorption is an important quality to look for in volleyball shoes.

The rubber outsole provides traction on hardcourt surfaces, and the pull tab on the heel allows for ease of entry.

This volleyball shoe is durable and stylish, and it will help you perform your best on the court.

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, you'll love the Nike HyperAce 2 as your volleyball shoe this year.

Choosing the best volleyball shoes for your daughter

Capture ALL of the memories in these volleyball shoes with a custom collage on Senior Night.

Whether your daughter is just starting out in the sport of volleyball or she's been playing for years, it's important to choose the right volleyball shoes.

Not only will a well fitting volleyball shoe help her play better, but they'll also keep her feet safe and comfortable.

We hope our list of the best volleyball shoes for girls has helped you make a decision about what pair to buy.

Make sure to check the volleyball shoe reviews when you're shopping for the most updated feedback from current wearers!

FAQ about finding the best volleyball shoes

Finding the best volleyball shoes

When it comes to finding the best volleyball shoes for before and after the game, there is no better option than a comfortable pair of slides.

Volleyball is an exciting and fast-paced sport, and a good pair of shoes will help you to keep up with its high energy levels.

With sturdy soles, shock absorption technology, and thick grips on the bottoms, a pair of volleyball shoes is perfectly designed for taking on the volleyball court.

Find a volleyball shoe that matches your style!

The best volleyball shoes doesn't have to be boring! Express yourself with bright colors!

And if you are purchasing these volleyball shoes for your daughter, you can't go wrong with some stylish options that she will love.

Whether she prefers prints or brightly colored accents, there is sure to be a pair of volleyball shoes in her size that will make her feel confident and comfortable on the court.

Check out our top 6 best volleyball shoes that will have you covered before, during, and after the game!

What shoe brand is best for volleyball?

Answer: There is no definitive answer to this question as different volleyball players have different preferences and needs.

That being said, some of the more popular brands for volleyball shoes include Nike, Asics, and Adidas.

When choosing a shoe for volleyball, it's important to consider factors such as the level of ankle support needed, the type of surface you'll be playing on, and your own individual foot shape.

It's also a good idea to try on several different brands and styles before making a purchase in order to find the best shoe for your specific needs.

What shoes do pro volleyball players use?

The best volleyball shoes are ones that will provide good ankle support, cushioning, and stability. They should also be lightweight in order to help you move quickly on the court. Some popular brands of volleyball shoes include Asics, Nike, and Adidas.

How do I choose volleyball shoes?

There is a lot to consider when choosing volleyball shoes. You want to make sure you select a shoe that provides the right amount of support and cushioning, while also allowing you to move freely on the court. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right volleyball shoes:

  1. Consider your playing style. Do you spend a lot of time jumping and blocking? Do you play mostly on concrete or indoor courts? These factors will affect the type of shoe you need.

  2. Make sure the shoe fits properly. Your footwear should be snug but not too tight, with enough room in the toe box to avoid cramping or pinching.

  3. Review size charts and read user feedback from different brands before making your decision.

What shoes do USA volleyball players wear?

Volleyball players in the USA typically wear shoes specifically designed for volleyball.

These shoes have a tread that is designed to help with grip on the court, and they also have a heightened ankle support to help protect players from injuries.

Currently Team USA is in a multi-year contract with Mizuno.

When it comes to finding the perfect volleyball shoe for your daughter, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, consider her preferences.

Does she prefer basketball shoes or Kyrie Irving's latest release?

Second, consider your budget. There are a wide range of volleyball shoes available at different price points.

Third, think about her size. There are many different sizes and styles of volleyball shoes available, so it's important to find one that will fit her properly.

Lastly, think about her playing style.

Some players prefer volleyball shoes with more support while others prefer lighterweight options.

Once you've considered all of these factors, you'll be well on your way to finding the perfect volleyball shoe for your daughter!

Do you think there are other volleyball shoes that belong on this list?

Tell us which volleyball shoe you chose in the comments below, and be sure to share this post with your friends who have daughters who love to play volleyball!

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Life After Sports For Athletes: Resources For Families

Life after sports. Is that a thing?

life after sports: navigating injuries, interruptions and the end of competition.

It's no secret that life after sports can be tough for athletes.

This includes athletes from all levels: professional athletes, college athletes, and anyone who considers their athletic identity the biggest part of who they are.

The transition from a life of intense competition and regimented schedules to one of relative normalcy is often difficult.

For many athletes, life after sports can be a major adjustment - both mentally and emotionally.

In this blog post, we will explore the challenges that athletes face when making the transition to life after sports, and we will offer some tips on how to cope with these challenges.

One of the biggest challenges that athletes face after retiring from sports is adjusting to life without competition.

Mental Health Resources For Athletes

If you or someone you love needs help managing your mental health, please see your family physician immediately or consider these online resources:

For many elite athletes, competition is a major motivator and source of satisfaction.

When competitive sports end, elite athletes lose this key motivator and can feel lost and directionless.

This can lead to feelings of boredom, loneliness, and depression.

how to help your athlete navigate time away from sports
“There’s no better time than now to work on your mental game. What makes you “you” whether a ball bounces or a game is played?"

In addition to adjusting to life without competition, athletes must also adjust to a new routine.

Former athletes often have a hard time transitioning from a life of regimented schedules and strict rules to one of freedom and flexibility.

This can lead to feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. It is important for athletes to take the time to figure out what works best for them and to establish a new routine that is both meaningful and fulfilling.

Making the transition from the title of College athletes and Professional athletes to "just regular people" is tough.

Additionally, athletes must also deal with the emotional aftermath of life after competition. Many athletes experience a range of emotions after retiring, including sadness, anger, frustration, and disappointment. It is important to give yourself time to grieve the end of your athletic career and to accept the fact that life has changed. It is also important to find new outlets for your energy and passion.


Life After Sports, Female Track Athlete

If you are struggling to adjust to life after sports, here are a few tips that may help:


  • Seek out support from friends and family members. They can be a valuable source of support during this difficult time.

  • Find new activities and hobbies to occupy your time. This can help you adjust to life without sports.

  • Talk to a therapist or counselor. They can help you deal with the emotional aftermath of the end of a sporting career.

  • Take care of yourself both physically and emotionally. Exercise, eat healthy, and get enough sleep. These things will help you feel better emotionally and physically.

  • Connect with other athletes making the transition. Michigan State University has a great athlete mental health resource here for retired athletes and student athletes who are leaving sport. 

Making the transition to life after sports can be difficult, but it is possible to overcome the challenges.

With patience and perseverance, you can find a new sense of purpose and fulfillment in life.

The end of organized sports competition

life after a sports injury.

First, regarding the response of athlete performance after having a long break:  

“As we see some athletes step away, some athletes may go wild from a performance perspective.”   - Unknown

Many times, when athletes come back to play after an unforeseen break or injury, a greater passion returns as well!

They may have had time to rest and reflect on the things that were important to them outside of their sport.

“Do the most you can with what you have.”

Coach Brant Minor

When you lose access to facilities to work out, teammates, and competition, it can be tough to adjust and stay motivated.

Suddenly all of the free time athletes have is now occupied with finding a new way to occupy their time. 

Many professional and competitive student athletes struggle with this concept because their identity was so closely aligned with being an athlete. They aren't sure who they are without their sport.

“My hope for [this time lost] is that athletes become much better students of the game. We need more students of the game.”

 Jerron Rhodes

Become a student of the game when you can't play it! Watch old games, documentaries, or anything to continue learning about the sport.

Stay connected with your teammates and former coaches.

They can be a great support system as you transition away from sports - or into a new role as a coach or mentor for younger athletes.

life after sports: how to handle playing interruptions and breaks.

As a participant in competitive sports, you have a unique set of life skills.

“I do some mentorship - great leaders see something in someone and pull that out. Being able to see that gift and identify it."  - Unknown

“Not taking anything for granted. Take our gratitude up a level. So many great people in this room, [in this world].”

Jerron Rhodes

Don't be afraid to start over.

Many athletes feel like they have to go into coaching or working in the sports industry when they retire.

That's not always the case!

You can use your skills and experience from playing a sport to pursue other passions. You can lead in many ways outside of sports.

Rediscovering your identity outside of sports

Life after sports: the end of competition

“Help them differentiate their talent from their gift. The gift will be there for life. That’s what they will give to the world.”  

“The gift will take them places that the talent never could. Your gift is as special as your fingerprint.”


 - Josh Young


Hitting the ground running after a career in sports is often not easy.

Athletes often have to adjust to life outside of the game, which can be difficult.

Making a successful transition from athlete to "normal person" includes the struggle with finding a new identity after their playing days are over.

Helping athletes understand that these feelings are normal is important and they come to terms with their athletic identity vs. their true identity.

They spent so much time focusing on their sport that they may not know what to do with themselves when it's taken away.

This can lead to a lot of frustration and disappointment.

Help your athlete to remember that they have other talents and gifts outside of their sport.

They can focus on these other aspects of their lives and find new ways to contribute to the world.

There are many opportunities out there for them, they just need to be open to exploring them, and give themselves grace and time to adjust to their new life outside of their sport.

With the right attitude and outlook, athletes can thrive in their new lives.

how to help your athlete navigate time away from sports
What if sports was just one way to express our purpose? It’s not about the external validation. Get the focus away from results by focusing on the talents and gifts."
Saana Koljonen


How can parents support their kids when their sports career is over?

how can parents help their kids navigate away from sports?

It's important for athletes to have a solid support system in place as they make the transition from sports to the real world.

Friends and family can help them adjust to their new life and provide a listening ear when they need it.

“One of the best things my parents did after every season:
are you still enjoying this?
Do you still want to play?
It allowed me to make my own decisions.
As I make my life as a parent, I hope to give my kids the same.”
- Unknown



Every kid and athlete needs to be reassured that their parents will still love them even if they aren't a star athlete.

Tips for parents with senior athletes

It's hard enough to make the transition from childhood to adulthood, but it can be even more challenging for athletes who are used to being in the spotlight.

“What if things aren’t going well? Will you still be there when I’m not winning? When I’m not playing?” 

Some face an identity crisis after their playing days are over.

They struggle to find a new purpose in life and can feel lost without the camaraderie of teammates and the thrill of competition.

Some athletes struggle with depression and anxiety after their sports careers are over. They may feel like they have no control over their lives now that they're no longer playing ball.

Why sports matter so much 

Many people ask this question. Why do sports matter so much to us?

"Sports are unifying. They can bring us together."

Coach Brant Minor

Some say it is because sports are a way to escape the real world. Others claim that sports are a way to build character and teach teamwork.

Sports provide us with an opportunity to cheer for our favorite team or player. They give us a sense of community and allow us to connect with others who share our passion.

Sports can also be a way to relieve stress and forget about our problems for a while.

We all need something to cheer for, and that is why sports matter so much.

“Stay curious to what could be.”

 - Saana Koljonen

Many athletes face a tough transition after their sports careers are over.

This is normal.

They may have difficulty finding a new identity, coping with injuries, and adjusting to a life without the structure of sports.

It can be especially challenging for athletes who have been in the spotlight for most of their lives.

If you are an athlete who is facing a tough transition, there are many resources available to help you. The best thing you can do is stay positive and keep moving forward.

Making the transition from competition: understanding the stages of griefThere is life after sports, and you can create a successful future for yourself.
The future may be uncertain but who I want to be is not." - Obinna Agomo

FAQs about life after sports:

How do you adjust to life after sports?

There's no one answer to that question, as the transition varies depending on the athlete and what level of sport they competed at.

But for many, the adjustment can be tough.

Some former athletes struggle with finding a new identity now that their life revolves around sports is gone.

They miss the camaraderie of being part of a team, and the competition and adrenaline rush that came with playing their sport.

Others find it difficult to deal with the sudden lack of structure in their lives, or dealing with injuries sustained during their playing days.

Many also have difficulty coping with not being able to earn a living through sports anymore.

It's important for athletes to start planning for life after sports while they're still playing. That way, they can have a better idea of what to expect and how to adjust.

There are plenty of resources available to help athletes make the transition, such as transition programs offered by universities and sport organizations.

Athletes can also speak to their coaches or trainers about what they should do once their playing days are over.

The most important thing is for athletes to be proactive and take the time to plan for their future.

There's no one right way to make the transition, but with some planning and effort, it can be a smooth process.

What do I do after sports?

Making the transition from sports to life can be difficult, but it is not impossible. Here are a few tips to help you make the transition:

  • Set new goals. Once your sport is over, it is important to set new goals for yourself. This can help keep you motivated and focused on what you want to achieve.

  • Find a new passion. Chances are, you have developed some other interests while you were playing your sport. Now is the time to explore those interests and find something that you are passionate about.

  • Stay active. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle even after your sports career ends. This means staying active and eating healthy foods.

  • Join a support group. There are many groups available for athletes who are transitioning out of sports. These groups can provide support and advice during this difficult time.

Making the transition from sports to life can be challenging, but it is definitely possible. With a little effort, you can find success in whatever you choose to do next. 

Do athletes get depressed after retiring?

This article is meant to be a resource for you but should not be considered medical advice.

If you or someone you love needs help managing your mental health, please see your family physician immediately or consider these online resources:

Yes, some athletes struggle with the transition from sports to "normal" life.

Often, they have difficulty finding a new identity and purpose in their lives outside of athletics.

This can lead to feelings of depression and isolation, like they've lost their sense of purpose and meaning in life.

They no longer have the daily routine of training and competition, and they struggle to find new ways to fill their time.

This can lead to a sense of emptiness and loneliness.

Some athletes also experience a decline in their physical abilities after retiring.

They may no longer be able to participate in the activities they enjoy, or they may feel like they are aging faster than their peers.

This can be discouraging and frustrating.

It's important for athletes to remember that the transition from sports to "normal" life is not easy for everyone.

It takes time to find new hobbies, interests, and relationships.

It's also important to accept that your physical abilities may change after retiring and that this is okay. Be patient with yourself and give yourself time to adjust.

There is no right or wrong way to live your life after sports.

Just find what works best for you and go for it!

How does sport affect your life?

Some athletes find it helpful to talk to someone about their feelings and struggles.

Others find that writing down their thoughts and feelings can help them process everything that is happening.

It is important for athletes to remember that it is ok to feel sad or frustrated after their sport. It is a natural reaction to all that has happened.

However, it is important to also focus on the positives and what you can do moving forward.

There are many different paths an athlete can take after their sport.

It is important to find something that you are passionate about and that makes you happy. Don't be afraid to try new things and explore different options.

The journey after sport can be challenging, but it can also be rewarding. It is up to you to make the most of it. Remember to stay positive and focus on the future.

There is life after sport, and it can be great!

If you found this information helpful or inspiring, please share with a friend. Also share with coaches and athletes who may benefit from these words of encouragement regarding life after sports! Make sure you check out some of these thought leaders by clicking their name and viewing more about them on Instagram.

I hope this article blesses you as it continues to bless me. Until next time,


Shop Senior Night Gifts

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One Shining Moment: Celebrate the Career Highlights

One Shining Moment: it doesn't get better than this in sports!

One Shining Moment Keepsake GIfts for Athletes

Have I ever told you my absolute favorite part of March Madness?

It’s the part where I cry the ugly tears again.

The tears of joy and loss and hope and all of those amazing emotions in between that come with competition.

I revel in the pure joy of victory and the devastation of defeat.

I celebrate the roller coaster of March Madness that we all choose and love to ride every spring.

It’s One Shining Moment, when Luther Vandross narrates via song the highlights of the tournament.

One Shining Moment gets me. Every. Single. Time.

If I could describe our senior night gift collages to anyone who is familiar with the NCAA Basketball Tournament, I would call it a One Shining Moment keepsake, customized for your athlete.

What gifts do you give for senior night?

A jersey number collage can encompass every highlight and joyous moment from your kiddo’s career.

It can include the hard stuff too: injuries, losses, and masked-up events.

But it will keep every single shining moment of the time you invested in the game your kid loves, front and center, forever.

So, are you ready?

Choose to create a letter, a number, or a silhouette.

You can create a framed poster. Or create a ‘ball of pictures” in the shape of a soccer ball, basketball, volleyball or tennis ball.

A growing number of ways to say “I love you”, “I’m proud of you” and “I’ll miss watching you play.”

So many ways to celebrate YOUR athlete's moments that made up a shining career.

What do you do for senior night?

Senior night is a senior's last official sports event of the season before they graduate. It can be both celebratory and emotional, but one thing that senior will always need to take with them are gifts. What senior night gift should you give? There are many great options for senior night gifts, such as:

- A personalized blanket or pillowcase (a perfect keepsake)

- A picture frame to commemorate the occasion

- A digital photo album so your senior will have a physical copy of their memories

Of course, I am partial to our senior night gifts and collages, which encompass elements of each of the above. And if you're wondering what to wear on senior night, check out the special series that I created with the help of Carrie Hagee, the Storyteller Stylist.

I'm wishing you ALL the best on your senior night!

Shop Senior Gifts Now

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5 Calming Exercises to Help You Enjoy Your Kid’s Senior Night  

Senior Night is coming, and there’s a lot to think about.

trophy for senior sports night

There are decorations, gifts, performance anxiety (for you, it may be your first time in front of a big crowd). There will also be a bit of bittersweet joy as you begin to close the chapter on one part of your child’s life and begin to turn towards the inevitable: high school will end soon.

As you start to prepare, I wanted to share some ideas with you to help you maintain your poise and enjoy the night to your fullest ability. You may not be able to use all of these ideas, but I hope one will resonate with you and allow you to give yourself grace to show up as the best possible you on your child’s senior night!

  • Know what to expect. Ask other moms who have been there, touch base with the coach and/or booster club as appropriate. Find out what night senior night will be held and what expectations are of the parents. Also find out how much time you will have - packaged gifts will definitely have to wait until after the game. Make a plan for what your senior will do with any flowers, balloons, etc. Ultimately, knowing what to expect will ease your nerves. Just know that even the best plans might be flexible. So try to go with the flow if there are any surprises!

  • Distract yourself with happy thoughts. Every adversity in life gives us options: we can bend to the adversity or we can find a way to overcome it. Senior Night is the same. You can allow yourself to be overwhelmed with what you are losing (your baby is growing up and it’s almost official!) or you can focus on the amazing memories sports have given your family and make the night as special as you can. Even if you are participating in a virtual or socially-distanced senior nights, there are still lots of fun ways you can personalize the evening for your senior. Check out this blog for more ideas on socially distanced senior night activities!

  • Get Inspired. Before the game, it’s time to play your own hype music. Maybe you can visualize yourself running through your own tunnel or to the top of the steps like Rocky. But find some music that pumps you up and puts you in a great mood. Put together a playlist that makes you feel confident and strong. Again, this is a night that you should enjoy to the full!

  • Practice mindful breathing. Deep breaths have a great track record for calming nerves. After my heart attack, we practiced a variety of stress-relieving methods, including deep breaths. It takes some practice, so I suggest trying it out BEFORE senior night. Anytime you feel stressed out, take a moment to take five deep breaths. Inhale through your nose slowly for five counts, hold your breath from 2-3 counts, and then release your breath through your mouth for five counts. Again, it takes some practive and you might be as surprised as I was when it comes to breathing out for five seconds. IT SEEMED LIKE FOREVER! But with practice it becomes more normal, and, thankfully, an effective practice to decrease stress.

  • Visualize the evening. Again, if you do some research before Senior Night, you will have an idea of the planned flow of the evening. Make your plan, and once you have all of the pieces in place, visualize all aspects of the evening. Make sure you think about walking out onto the field or gym floor. Think about a flattering yet comfortable outfit you want to wear. Imagine yourself looking and feeling fabulous and proud of the accomplishments of your senior. This is a night that your senior and YOU will be honored for your commitment to helping your athlete compete to the best of his ability. Visualize that pat on the back, momma.

I hope you are able to relax and have fun on your child’s senior night. Like so many moments before it, senior night passes in a blink and will become another beautiful memory for you and your family. Keep your self-talk and attitude positive and it will be a perfect evening - whether everything goes perfectly or not!

Do you have any tips to add? I’d love to hear!

Sun, 06 Mar 2022 18:30:00 -0500
Basketball Senior Night Ideas: The Ultimate Guide Mon, 14 Feb 2022 10:32:36 -0500 Gift Ideas For Him | DIY Collage Gifts For Boyfriend

What are the best birthday gifts for him?

There are many different ones to choose from, but one of my personal favorite gift ideas for men is a photo collage.
This fun gift can be personalized by adding photos that he will love and it also includes all of his favorite memories!

The best part about this gift is that it's made specifically with him in mind - no guessing required!

I want to share 5 great gift ideas that beat out the hot sauce and other generic gift ideas! Here's a list of reasons why you should get your guy a photo collage for his next birthday...

Collages Make Unique Gifts For Men

If you found this article after searching "birthday gifts for him" I am so happy you are here. I have a variety of gift ideas that have won big with sons, boyfriends, dads and friends.

Based on the five-star feedback I've received over the last seven years - a customized collage gift is a great gift idea that he'll love!

Giving birthday gifts to a guy who has everything is tough.

Do you love to give gifts that are personalized and show the person how much you appreciate them?

The perfect gift for guys who have everything is a photo collage!

So what makes a photo collage such a great gift? Because you are creating the best gift: combining everything he loves into one custom piece of art he'll love.

He will display it proudly in his man cave.

Collages-Make-Unique-Gifts-For-Him Collage and Wood

A Fun Way to Say "I Love You" and Keep Things Fresh

Photo collages are the perfect birthday gift idea for guys who love sports. It is an easy way to show him how much he means to you and it includes all of his favorite memories!

Photo collages are a great way to celebrate his birthday and they can be personalized for any special occasion.

They make the perfect anniversary, Valentine’s Day or Father's Day gifts, too.So much more personalized than a gift card. A gift card says, I kind of forgot about this special day. A custom photo collage falls into the great gifts for men category because it says: you are important to me and I was planning the entire time!

If you want your guy to feel extra loved on his big day, crispy crust pizza, a fun party game plus his own custom photo collage will do the trick!

There are so many reasons why I love these custom collage creations as gifts for men:

  • It includes all of his favorite memories from different times in life (and who knows the best times better than you?!)
  • Help him remember the fashion moments he may want to forget were once all the rage!
  • They allow both of you to relive your best moments together through photos we've taken over time
  • They can be made for any special occasion (graduation, Father's Day, best sports moments, or even an anniversary)
  • It is a gift that he will enjoy and appreciate every time he looks at it.

Great Ideas Make Great Surprise Gifts

I love using custom photo collages as birthday gift ideas for men because they make a perfect surprise! He won't expect such a thoughtful and creative gift idea from you - which makes this one of my favorite ways to give presents!

You can customize your photos with his hobbies; whether you include action shots together or all of his best friends since childhood – there are no limits to what memories you want to show off in the best way possible.

In the past, I've created custom photo collages for 50th birthdays, 60th birthdays, and even bar mitzvahs!

They are a great way to commemorate any milestone in someone's life.

When it comes time to pick the best birthday gift for your guy, don't forget about photo collages!

They make an excellent choice for any sports lover and can be personalized with photos that will remind him of all of your best memories together.

I guarantee he won't have anything like this - so it's sure to be a hit!

The Perfect Gift For His Milestone Birthday


The Perfect Gift For His Milestone Birthday

If you're looking for a birthday gift that will commemorate his milestone birthday, look no further than a photo collage. These custom-made creations are perfect for any special occasion and they can be personalized with photos of him and his best memories.

A photo collage is a perfect way to show your guy how much you love him and celebrate his big day. He's sure to appreciate this thoughtful and unique gift!

If you would like a few ideas, here are some examples of collages I've created in the past as gifts for men:

  • 50th birthdays
  • 60th birthdays
  • Bar Mitzvah milestone celebrations (Jewish coming of age)
  • Graduation gifts for best friends or brothers.

You can use photos from when he was in school together with best friends, his favorite childhood memories with family, and the memories you've created since then!

Make a Gift Basket With All of His (Traditional) Favorite Things

If you are the curating type of gift-giver, consider creating a gift set of thoughtfully selected items your guy loves. If he loves hot sauce, this is could be part of a group of small gifts that you give in addition to your unique gift ideas.

You can toss in stocking stuffers type items like a bottle opener or other small items. If your man is one of those classy gents who is also a watch guy, that's another practical gift idea to include.

You can even get creative with the basket itself by giving him a basket that helps him stay organized year-round on camping trips. For your sports lover or gym rat, you could personalize a duffel bag. Or a great pair of wireless headphones. And if he loves hot sauce, don't forget the hot sauce!

One last thing: for your watch guy that loves tech: consider a temperature control smart mug. The flip side of getting these fun gifts that your guy likes: helping him get a clean shave or a beard-care subscription box also show that you care deeply for him.

It's true that not all great gifts for men must fall under the handmade category! But the ultimate: combining all of these gift ideas for men would make the ULTIMATE gift basket.

Get The Whole Family (Or Team!) Involved


Personalized Gifts for Guys, Custom Photo Collage Numbers

Collage gifts make great birthday presents for college students too. And guessed it - many guys also like sports so these are perfect for his best days on the field as well! 

If you're looking to commemorate your guy's next big day, I highly recommend a custom photo collage!

It is an excellent choice because he will never see this gift idea coming from you which means that it is sure to be one of his most memorable presents ever!

Photo collages are the best gifts for guys who have everything. They are a unique and thoughtful way to show him how much you care and include all of his favorite memories in one place.

So if you're looking for an unforgettable gift idea, go with a photo collage!

He's sure to love it!

Personalized Birthday Gifts For The Win

Whether you need a romantic gift or birta hday gift for a good friend, we've got you covered!

You can customize your photos with his hobbies; whether you include action shots together or all of his best friends since childhood – there are no limits to what memories you want to show off in the best way possible.

The possibilities truly seem endless.

A collage is one of the best gift ideas you can give someone for their birthday. It's personal and unique, and it means that you took the time to find something special just for them.

There are all sorts of different ways to make a collage, so you can tailor it to the person you're giving it to.

If he loves music, for example, you could put together a collage of his favorite songs. Or if he's into art, you could include some of his favorite pieces in the mix.

No matter what you choose, a collage is sure to be appreciated. It's the perfect way to show someone that you care about them and want to commemorate their special day.

In the past, I've helped women create custom collages in a variety of shapes: a giant heart, a hockey player silhouette, jersey number, and even a number 60 with a shamrock for the center of the zero!

Your creativity and my artistic eye help make us the perfect blend for a team to create the best personalized birthday gift for you or your loved one.

Surprise Him With Unique Gift Ideas

Great Gift Ideas Make Great Surprises - Photo Number Collage Anniversary Gift

Guys are notoriously tough to shop for, but we've got you covered. Collages make great gifts because they are so personal and customizable. You can put together any type of collage depending on the person's interests.

If your dad loves to travel, for example, you could create a collage with images of all his favorite places. If he's a sports fan, you could put together a collage of photos from his favorite games or coaching moments. He will be blown away by your thoughtful gift ideas!

The possibilities are endless, so get creative!

You can hire me to design and create your collage, or you can use one of our wooden numbers to make your own!

All you need to complete your project is about 10-15 of your favorite photos (more if you get a giant letter that's 2 feet or larger!).

It's the best way to show your dad, brother, boyfriend or husband how much you appreciate him on his birthday!

No matter what type of collage you decide to make, it will be one-of-a-kind and thoughtful.

Make that special man smile this year with an unforgettable gift that makes him feel special and loved.

Start A New Tradition With Creative Birthday Gifts For Him

Photo Collage Gifts For Him

It can be hard to come up with new and exciting ideas for birthday gifts. If you're stuck on what to get your husband or boyfriend for his birthday, why not start a new tradition?

A handmade collage will make him feel special and loved, and it's a gift that will last for years.

You can put together photos of the two of you, inside jokes, or memories from past birthdays.

If you have children, include their milestone moments. If this is for your boyfriend, including your favorite social media photos brings those digital moments back to life!

The best part about starting a new tradition is that you can keep it going for as long as you want! So get creative and have some fun with your birthday gift giving this year.

Your husband, boyfriend or son will love you for it.

In a world where it seems like we have every material gadget that we could possibly want, sometimes the best gifts are the ones that remind us of our happiest memories.

If you're looking for a way to make your guy's birthday extra special this year, consider creating a custom photo collage as his present.

heart collage gift

You can compile photos spanning all of his favorite moments - from childhood adventures to recent family gatherings - into one beautiful piece of art.

Not only will it be something he'll be able to cherish and enjoy for years to come, but it will also bring tears of joy to his eyes every time he looks at it.

So if you're searching for the perfect sentimental gift, a custom photo collage is definitely the way to go!

You could start a new tradition with unique birthday gifts for him. Surprise your spouse, dad, brother or friend with personalized gift ideas that are sure to make them smile.

From the thoughtful and sentimental to the humorous and funny, there is something perfect out there just waiting for you!

Just take a look at our favorite customized presents below.

Order your collage today so you can give an unforgettable present this year!






Wed, 15 Dec 2021 21:12:43 -0500
Best Gifts For Boyfriends | Creative Photo Gift Ideas

Let's talk about the best gifts for your athlete boyfriend! Particularly photo gift ideas!

I'm not just talking about good gifts, I'm talking about fun gift ideas that are original and thoughtful - the best gifts ever that make YOU the BEST GIRLFRIEND EVER!

Whether you are shopping for senior night or Christmas, I've got the absolute best holiday presents and senior night gifts that guys actually love to receive!


Best Gift For Your Boyfriend, Handmade Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend, How make a Collage Gift for Your Boyfriend on His Number

So how do you create a super cute gift for your boyfriend? Here's an idea that will top any "best gifts for boyfriend" list!

Well, there's a couple of options - you can choose to DIY your gift with one of my giant numbers or you can have me do it.

Here's the main con of doing it yourself: it takes a good chunk of time!

But it's still a cute gift whether I make it or you make it, and I know he will love your thoughtfulness.

So the first step is gathering the photos.

If your boyfriend has a good sense of humor, include photos that are from funny or embarrassing moments.

This isn't one of those funny gag gifts but at the same time, we want to bring back memories that will keep him laughing for years.

Making a jersey number collage goes beyond classic gifts like a traditional scrapbook - it's a modern take on memories that everybody will love!

Best Gift For Your Boyfriend

Some people might think it's a bold claim, but I've seen the number of Google search results page go up over the last eight years for these type of handmade gifts.

And even though I started out making primarily senior night gifts, these collages make an amazing birthday gift for your boyfriend as well! But I digress!

So you want to personalize gift - or rather, personalize your collage gift for your boyfriend.

If he's a practical man, he probably doesn't have a bunch of photos laying around.

BUT, in the age of smartphones, all you need is the digital images from your phone or his to make his list of the best gifts ever.

My best practices:

  • include pictures of his best friends (and his mom, because mom's love that!)
  • If your boyfriend is kind of a complex guy, you don't have to limit the collage to just sports pictures.
  • Other useful picks include activities he participates in, like clubs, and FFA.

If you ask your boyfriend for pictures, you might raise the alarm that you are planning something special. But this is where you can turn to his mom or sister for some great help!

I'm sure they would love to be apart of such a cute gift project! So speaking of family, if your boyfriend has any siblings, it would be great to include a picture of each of them.

Maybe they are eating at one of the best BBQ joints! Or making one of those late night grocery runs! Anything that is a fun memory and appeals to your boyfriend's sense of humor is a safe bet.

Because the last few years of school have been so crazy, you might want to include some pictures of him at online "school" - one idea could be with a new Zoom pal.

And of course, i can't believe I haven't even mentioned this - you need a picture of YOU with your boyfriend! And by picture with your boyfriend I mean MANY pictures with you and your boyfriend!

Because you never want him to forget who made him this amazingly cute gift! He will look at it and think of his Honey Boo Boo - or whatever he calls you!

Anyway! Back to the collage.

So after you pick out sports pictures of your boyfriend, activity pictures, family pictures and pictures of your boyfriend and yourself, you are ready to get started.

And before I forget, you can also include a cute boyfriend quote if you want!

Once you have all of the pictures together, it's time to create an unforgettable gift like you've seen in all of those Etsy ads!

Handmade Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend, How make a Collage Gift for Your Boyfriend on His Number

So, you have a decision to make: do you want to make this collage for your boyfriend or do you want me to make it?

If you're going to make the collage, you'll want to order a giant wooden letter or number - whatever makes sense for your boyfriend.

If your boyfriend is into one sport in particular and you want a silhouette of an athlete playing that sport, Collage and Wood can do that, too!

It would actually be kind of cool to make a silhouette from a photo of your boyfriend!

That would be something new and something to add to the fun gift ideas list!

If you decide you would like me to make the collage for your boyfriend, I'll need you to upload your photos on my website,

You definitely want to order as early as you can but three weeks before your need by date is my typical recommendation.

And your need by date is a few days before you boyfriend's senior night. If we are creating a birthday gift for your boyfriend, then it would be a few days before his birthday.

This gives us a little bit of wiggle room if the delivery service is delayed!

Okay, so for the umpteenth time, let's get back to how this works!

Your boyfriend shouldn't really know if you are collaborating with his mom or sister for his senior night or birthday gift.

Even if points out one of those Etsy ads, try to be as nonchalant as possible while you hide the mod podge (if you are making the collage yourself for your boyfriend!) For the DIY project, you are going to need a foam brush, printed pictures and the aforementioned mod podge.

And maybe some Mountain Dew and custom face socks! Just kidding! That's something else entirely!

But in all seriousness, Mountain Dew or coffee might be necessary if you are taking this birthday gift project on by yourself.

Making a photo collage is a bit of a tedious process - but so worth it in the end.

If you like, you can paint your wooden letter or number a meaningful color, but I always paint the sides of my collages black.

Then you can put a thin mod podge onto the pictures and then let everything dry before you start cutting anything out and gluing it onto the letter!

If you find yourself short of pictures of your boyfriend, that might be a good time to take a break and head to one of the best live music venues and make some new memories with your boyfriend - and don't forget to take pictures!

Once you are back, or once the mod podge has dried, you can start cutting out the pictures of your boyfriend.

Remember, you should definitely include the following pictures in your handmade collage:

  • 2-3 of you and your boyfriend
  • at least one picture of your boyfriend with his best friends
  • 2-3 action shots of your boyfriend playing his favorite sport
  • your boyfriend with his mom
  • your boyfriend with your dad
  • your boyfriend with any siblings
  • any milestone event that your boyfriend has told you about
  • at least one picture of your boyfriend with his first car
  • a funny picture of your boyfriend
  • and an "insider joke" picture that you and your boyfriend will understand, but no one else will.

After you've gotten all of these pictures on your letter, it's time to seal this adorable gift for your boyfriend with a few final layers of mod podge.

This birthday gift or senior night gift is going to blow your boyfriend AND his family away. There's a lot of love that goes into a handmade birthday gift like this, and I know it will give your boyfriend all of the feels!

So, I think that about sums it up!

I wish you the best as you create the best gift ever for your boyfriend. And remember, I'm always here if you have questions!

And if you want to order one so you don't have to stress, you can find all of the wooden letters and numbers you need on my website,

Searching for gift ideas for your coach? Get inspired today!



Tue, 12 Oct 2021 07:10:05 -0400
Photo Collage Letters: Make A DIY Wooden Letter Collage

It brings me so much joy when you tell me you would like to make a collage for your athlete.

I want you to know I’m always here for a chat or questions!

If there are any points that have been unclear, please feel free and ask me about them. And of course if you need help with anything else - don't hesitate to contact me as well. My FREE downloadable Photo Collage DIY-guide can be found here. I also recommend my favorite tips like these: glossy mod podge, 1 inch foam brushes and black acrylic paint. You've got this!

Photo Collage DIY Ideas

One of the first questions people ask me is: can I use actual photos? The first collages I made were black and white - printed from my at-home printer!  You can print high quality color prints at home now as well!  When choosing your photos, try to find a mix of action shots and photos that “tell the story” of your athlete.

So yes, you can use actual photos but you don't have to.

Either way is great; regardless, you might want to include pictures of close family and friends - and consider including a high school girlfriend or boyfriend.

I have had the awkward scenario of a break up post collage, so that is never fun.

Definitely something you may want to consider on the front side of your project.

Handmade Collage Making Ideas

Anyway, the easiest project would probably be a collage using 12 inch wooden letters.

If you’re feeling extra crafty, I make wooden letters and numbers up to 36 inches tall.

For all sizes, the process is rinse and repeat.

The key to a great collage is patience and light applications of mod podge.

I’ve got a several more recommendations in my DIY photo collage making guide.

Ordering an unfinished wooden number typically means you’ll receive it back in about a week.

Make sure you contact me at if you need it faster!

Are you ready to get started? Please let me know if you have additional questions!

Fri, 02 Jul 2021 14:30:00 -0400
What You Should Know About Social Distancing on Senior Night: 5 secrets you can use in 2021 It might not be the senior night you envisioned. 

Limited Fans, Social Distancing, Masks. But we both know that Senior Night is not about everybody else. It’s about celebrating YOUR athlete, YOUR family, and YOUR team. Nothing can break the bonds that years of competition have forged, and that's what makes being a part of this team so special.

So no matter how much the outside forces try to limit your senior night, you can still go all out for your players! If the weather permits, you may be able to celebrate with more people by moving the festivities outside!

Here are some fun ideas that I found online. 

1. Outdoor Decorations for Senior Night

These outdoor jersey number signs are so cute! As a fan of repurposing, I predict that you can reuse these for graduation parties AND possibly even wall decor when your senior is ready to decorate their dorm!

Senior Night Jersey Signs, curated by

2. Drive by Celebration

This next idea comes from my friends over at Triangle Senior Year! If your school isn't allowing the crowds attend the games, they can still drive by and celebrate senior athletes in a senior night parade. Click here to read more about it!

Drive By Social Distance Parade for Senior Night, curated by


3.  Mask Up on Senior Night

When masks are required, they can actually be another way to show team spirit. There are tons of shops on Etsy that offer customizable masks and you can personalize yours with your school name, mascot, or child's name.

If required, maybe the seniors could have their own special masks for the evening as well!

Customizable face masks for sports fans, curated by



4. Social Distance Your Walk-Out In a Fun Way

The terms "social distance" and the measurements of 6 feet have become part of our common venacular. But, that's also the way that you can keep the festivities on track - utilizing both and keeping everyone at safe distances from one another.

Hockey Senior Night Social Distanced, curated by

5. Move the Celebration Outside for Indoor Sports.

The final idea is a great option if your school has nixed indoor gatherings or limited spectators at games. More space means that you'll have room to social distance. A football field or stadium at the warmest, most convenient time for your teams could become part of a new tradition!

 Student Social Distancing in Stands at University of Georgia, curated by

How has your school adjusted senior nights in 2020-2021? I would love to hear!

Wed, 30 Dec 2020 19:20:22 -0500
Five Pictures To Take on Winter Sports Senior Night  

Remember his first school picture? Or her first day of preschool?

Yeah, senior night is kind of like that. And capturing the memories during the evening can slip away through all of the celebration and the tears.

To help keep you focused but also give you an easy goal to record the moments AND enjoy the moment, here are the five  pictures you need of your kid on senior night.

Plus a few fun ways to set them up. Here we go!

Picture 1: Athlete with Parents 

Hopefully your school will provide you with this picture on senior night, but just in case, hand your phone off to a trusted friend. The other bonus of this is that you can all three look at the camera instead looking in three different directions!

Basketball Senior Night Pictures, Curated by


Mom escorting her daughter on senior night, curated by

Picture 2: All Senior Athletes.

This is a picture that player will immediately need to post to Instagram (or Snapchat or Tik Tok or whatever is cool when you read this!) Bonus points for you if you take a "beautiful one" and a "silly one". They may be big kids but they still love getting silly!

senior night basketball friends curated by

senior basketball teammates curated by

Picture 3: Athlete with Coach(es). 

No senior scrapbook could be complete without a picture of your player and his coach. Coaches are some of the most influential adults your child will have in her life, and good or bad, you'll want to document this moment. 

Hockey Player and Coach, curated senior night photos by


Senior basketball players with coach, curated by

Picture 4: All Athletes with Coaches. 

Then it would be great to get everyone together! All of the seniors with their coach(es) is the perfect way to round out the group photos on senior night.


Senior Night Wrestling Photo With Coach, curated by

Picture 5: Athlete Picture with Family/Significant Other.

These pictures are so important because any senior parent knows, it's not just the athlete who has sacrificed to get the player to senior year. There have been years of sacrifice by the family, and you'll want to document everyone, not just your player - but his/her brothers and sisters, too.
Additionally, any player with a significant other will appreciate a sweet picture of herself with her first love. Plus they need to put it on their social media, ASAP. :)

Family Senior Night Photo, curated by

Basketball girlfriend senior night picture, curated by


Now, it's your turn!

I’d love to see photos from your senior night! Just hit reply to share them!

Wed, 30 Dec 2020 19:20:22 -0500
Winter Senior Night Preparations: 3 Decor Ideas to Jumpstart Your Creativity Have you ever been the parent that didn’t get your kid a mouthguard for indoor soccer (and your kiddo couldn’t play?)

Or miss the memo about which hole your son would start at during his first golf tournament (and he missed teeing off his first hole?)

Yeah, me neither. 👀😅

I know that you have got it all together - seriously. You are the mom that covers for moms like me, and I’m so grateful for you. For all of the moms that forgot snacks, sunscreen, mosquito repellant and most common sense items, I would like to say thank you on their behalf.

Moms like you kept us from failing completely!

Here are the three categories I created for senior night decor ideas, in no particular order:

  1. Indoor Senior Night Decor: Hallways
  2. Indoor Senior Night Decor: Bleachers
  3. Outdoor Senior Night Decor

Anyway, I know that you probably already know this, but I wanted to show you all of the things you could miss if you waited until the last minute to buy Senior Night GIfts and decorations - it would make for a boring and blah senior experience. Which I KNOW is not going to be YOUR kids’ experience - but other people’s kids could fall victim to their parents incompetence and we’ve got to help them. 

So here are some senior night ideas you can forward to them to gently nudge them along. :)

And don't forget your senior night gift!

Collage and Wood Senior Night Collage Options: Photo Letters, Numbers and Shapes



Basketball Senior Night Hallway Decor:

Senior Night Basketball Decoration

Wrestling Singlet Decor:

Wrestling Senior Night Decor, curated by


Senior Night Decor Idea 2: Gym Decor


Wrestling Gym Decor:

Wrestling Senior Night Decor Ideas: Singlet on Wall and Display Table, curated by

Wrestling Bleacher Decor: 

Wrestling Bleacher Decor, Curated by


Giant “Senior Letters”:

Senior Night "SENIOR" letters, curated by


Senior Night Idea 3: Outdoor Decor

Senior Jersey Yard Signs:

Jersey Outdoor Yard Signs, Senior Night Idea Curated by


Senior Night Outdoor letters:

Senior Night Lawn Letters, curated by

Is there anything else that you think should have made this list for senior night decor?

Wed, 30 Dec 2020 19:20:22 -0500
3 Facts About The People Behind The Business, Collage and Wood 3 fun facts about the family behind

In case you're new around here, I wanted to make sure I introduced "ourselves" - we are the family behind Collage and Wood, Inc.!

I'm Crystal, and this is my husband Jon and our son Asher. Jon and I are both teachers in Fayetteville, NC. and we started this company while I was a stay at home mom. What began as a way to help us make ends meet has turned into a labor of love that has grown beyond my wildest expectations! 
If you could do anything, what would it be?
My favorite activity is creating senior night gifts for high school and college athletes.3 Fun Facts About The Family Behind Its always fun to get an NFL athlete as well :)
We've created a fun family company that specializes in special photo props, particularly 2021 senior photo props. custom wooden cutouts and collages. In our spare time Jon loves to tutor math and Asher loves sports. Big surprise, right? I’d love to give you a sneak peak into my life behind the scenes. You can find me on Instagram, @collageandwood.

Here's 3 Fun Facts About Us: 

1. In his spare time, Jon loves to tutor Math and SAT prep.
2. Asher wants to be on Ninja Warrior.
3. Jon and I are both Special-Needs PE teachers for our day jobs.
Did you learn anything that surprised you? What’s your name and what do you love to do???
Thu, 22 Oct 2020 20:22:16 -0400