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Double Digit Sports Collage

Please allow 3 weeks from order to expected delivery. If you need prior to 3 weeks, please contact us via email or phone before ordering.

Photo Collages

Our customizable collage letters and numbers are perfect for birthdays, senior nights, and any celebration that you want to highlight in pictures.


Delivery time ranges from 3-4 weeks from date of purchase AND submission of images.

After you order, you will receive an image submission request from


Standard shipping is included with your order.

Express shipping options may be available, but please contact us prior to ordering.


To ensure the quality of your collage, please choose the appropriate size for your collage using our recommended ranges for images:


For 12 inch letters, please submit 15-20 images per letter/number.


For 15 inch letters, 20-25 images per letter/number.


For 18 inch letters, 20-30 images per letter/number.


For 20 inch letters, 20-30 images per letter/number.


For 24 inch letters, 20-35 images per letter/number.


For 30 inch letters, 25-40 images per letter/number.


For 36 inch letters, 25-45 images per letter/number.

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