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One Shining Moment: Celebrate the Career Highlights

One Shining Moment: it doesn't get better than this in sports!

One Shining Moment Keepsake GIfts for Athletes

Have I ever told you my absolute favorite part of March Madness?

It’s the part where I cry the ugly tears again.

The tears of joy and loss and hope and all of those amazing emotions in between that come with competition.

I revel in the pure joy of victory and the devastation of defeat.

I celebrate the roller coaster of March Madness that we all choose and love to ride every spring.

It’s One Shining Moment, when Luther Vandross narrates via song the highlights of the tournament.

One Shining Moment gets me. Every. Single. Time.

If I could describe our senior night gift collages to anyone who is familiar with the NCAA Basketball Tournament, I would call it a One Shining Moment keepsake, customized for your athlete.

What gifts do you give for senior night?

A jersey number collage can encompass every highlight and joyous moment from your kiddo’s career.

It can include the hard stuff too: injuries, losses, and masked-up events.

But it will keep every single shining moment of the time you invested in the game your kid loves, front and center, forever.

So, are you ready?

Choose to create a letter, a number, or a silhouette.

You can create a framed poster. Or create a ‘ball of pictures” in the shape of a soccer ball, basketball, volleyball or tennis ball.

A growing number of ways to say “I love you”, “I’m proud of you” and “I’ll miss watching you play.”

So many ways to celebrate YOUR athlete's moments that made up a shining career.

What do you do for senior night?

Senior night is a senior's last official sports event of the season before they graduate. It can be both celebratory and emotional, but one thing that senior will always need to take with them are gifts. What senior night gift should you give? There are many great options for senior night gifts, such as:

- A personalized blanket or pillowcase (a perfect keepsake)

- A picture frame to commemorate the occasion

- A digital photo album so your senior will have a physical copy of their memories

Of course, I am partial to our senior night gifts and collages, which encompass elements of each of the above. And if you're wondering what to wear on senior night, check out the special series that I created with the help of Carrie Hagee, the Storyteller Stylist.

I'm wishing you ALL the best on your senior night!

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