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Senior Gift Maker since 2013.

We are so excited to work with you! family Crystal Waddell, Jon Waddell and Asher

If you are looking for the "upload pictures" page, I've got great news for you!

Now you can upload your images when you order!

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Easy peasy! Let me know if you run into any issues with our new system!


Take your Senior Night gift giving to the next level with Collage and Wood!

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Crystal Waddell The Heart and Soul behind Collage and Wood

Crystal Waddell from

My journey to entrepreneurship was fueled by the birth of our son, Asher.

As an athlete and volleyball coach, I was no stranger to challenges, but the idea of balancing motherhood with work was daunting.

Plus, the cost of childcare was overwhelming.

Jon and I needed a solution that would allow me to be there for our son without compromising our financial stability.

So, I turned to my passion for creating handmade photo collages on wooden letters, a project I once did for my volleyball team.

I was raised in a stable home with caring parents.

However, my biological mother abandoned me as a baby, and I found myself admiring the "mothering" of my teammates.

Today, working with loving parents brings me immense comfort and joy.

It's a reminder of the unconditional love I craved as a child and now strive to provide for my son.

A significant turning point in my life came during my junior year of high school when an ACL injury abruptly ended my basketball season.

This sudden loss of identity plunged me into a battle with mental health issues.

It's a struggle that has made me more attuned to the mental health needs of athletes.

I understand firsthand how closely intertwined sports and identity can be, and how crucial it is to address mental health in athletics.

My personal values, centered around my faith in Jesus Christ, my commitment to being a good wife and a great mom, and my relentless work ethic, are the foundation of my business.

To me, entrepreneurship is an extension of sports competition - a constant challenge to outdo yesterday's performance.

As a high school athlete, I experienced the magic of reaching the state tournament three out of my four years despite being entering into a losing tradition.

The memories of that turnaround, encapsulated in scrapbooked newspaper clippings, still bring me joy and a sense of achievement.

Through Collage and Wood, I hope to give athletes and their families the same lasting mementos of their magical moments.

Overcoming personal challenges

Our early financial struggles as a new family and then my heart attack in 2020 have shaped how I run my business.

Each setback has only strengthened my resolve to prioritize what truly matters - living a meaningful life and making a positive difference in the world.

Every email I answer and every product I create is a testament to my commitment to making our customers feel genuinely cared about and important.

I know what it's like to feel unrecognized, and I want to make sure our customers - particularly moms - feel seen and appreciated.

Incorporating my Christian faith into my business

I respect and value the dignity of every individual, recognizing their worth as creations of God.

As a biracial woman in an interracial marriage, I can empathize with the struggles of those who feel marginalized or "other". That's why I strive to create an inclusive space through my business.

Looking ahead, I envision Collage and Wood as a million-dollar business supporting sports-related charities and initiatives worldwide.

I believe every person deserves to feel loved and valued, and I'm committed to spreading this message globally.

To sum up my personal journey with a childhood anecdote...

After two skin grafts before the age of one, casts hindered me from crawling.

But rather than wallowing in frustration, my father said that I got up and walked.

That's how I approach every problem - there's always a solution if you get up and look for it.

This spirit of resilience and determination fuels my business and my life, propelling me towards greater heights.



Crystal Waddell of with her family.

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