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Let me guess: Senior Night is coming up and you need a meaningful gift for your favorite player?

You are in the perfect place for senior gift ideas for athletes! What’s better than giving the gift of memories? Find your perfect, personalized sports gift on this page!

Crystal (me!) and my team of family members at Collage and Wood create senior gifts for athletes that capture all their best moments on the field.

Give me 2-3 weeks with your favorite pictures and number and I'll create a spectacular senior gift for your player ... and you'll be getting the gifting MVP!

We've created this website to not only serve you beautiful collages but inspire you with senior night ideas.

It’ll be something they can cherish forever, long after they graduate!

I've heard amazing feedback from my clients about how perfect these collages are as senior night gifts for guys!

One mom bought a number collage for her son.

Three years later she asked him if she should get one for his brother. He sent back a picture of his photo letters, hanging on the wall, and said "They are the only keepsake I still have."

Wondering which photo gift to give?

I make Senior Night sports gIfts because I love celebrating you and the people you love. I love being a part of your team while we collaborate on this special photo keepsake.

Think of me as your point guard, feeding you an alley oop. You get the dunk, the points and the glory to share with your family, and I celebrate every assist!

Find senior night softball posters and even more sports senior night gift ideas on our blog!

guarantee cute sports gifts for boyfriends and sons that he will love!

Shop now for senior sports gift ideas for every sports season! You've been searching for the best senior sports gifts... and you have found them!

I've been contacted to make water polo senior night ideas, field hockey gifts, basketball, football gifts ...

Pretty much every competitive sport! So if you are looking for senior gift ideas for sports, you have reached your sports photo gift destination!

Sports collages are what I love to do. The chance to be a part of your "Senior Night" team is truly an honor.

Feeling intense or a little stressed about your deadline? No problem. I get it!

For last minute senior night gifts, run the senior sports poster route.

Buy the "digital design option" for your poster.

I'll design and awesome number collage for you. You get to approve it. Then you print it wherever convenient and local to you. Grab a frame at your local Michaels.

Bada bing, bada boom, you have an amazing senior night poster to gift!  

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