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Take your Senior Night gift giving to the next level with Crystal!

She's an expert in all things Senior Night related - just email or call her up for help today: (910) 302-3066.


About Crystal Waddell at Collage and Wood

Hi, I'm Crystal!

Creating the best senior night gifts for athletes and active kiddos has been my dream job since 2013.

Collage & Wood was born as a way to make ends meet while still doing something that brings me immense joy - making custom art pieces out of wood and pictures. 

Though our company began as a small project in my in-law's garage, I'm proud to say that over 2000 sales and hundreds of creations later we have grown into an established business.

Tom finishes all of our products by hand - including the unfinished wooden letters and wooden numbers.

We also create

  • senior photo collages for those who want their memories preserved forever;
  • birthday present ideas whenever you need a gift for someone special,
  • or when you need your most prized memories printed onto high-quality materials.

Get a custom made collage for every season and celebration.

Whether it's your son or daughter graduating from high school, you want them to have the perfect gift on Senior Night!

Client feedback and requests then led to creating other senior gifts like senior night posters for sports senior night and FFA gifts. You can now:

  • order a senior poster as a digital file and print on your own, or
  • order a senior sports poster as a printed poster to frame on your own, or
  • order a FRAMED senior poster for a gift ready to give!

When we created our first collages with the seniors, our customers began to request giant props and other oversized wooden items.

We sell giant senior photo props and oversized wooden letters and wooden numbers to senior photographers and parents across the United States.

If you want to see new products and examples of custom items, make sure to follow us on Instagram or Pinterest!

Crystal and her family from collageandwood.comAnd you might see these guys (my husband Jon, my son Asher! and our sometimes naughty puppy, Dezzy!)

Thanks for allowing me to share a little of our story! 

If you want more, check out this article, 3 Fact About Us!

Thanks for helping us create an amazing story!


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