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Best Senior Night Gifts - Collage and Wood, Inc.

Senior Night Gifts for Athletes and Collages: Upload images for senior posters, jersey number collages, and bespoke milestone collages here.

We're a company that makes custom keepsakes for athletes, coaches, and parents to celebrate sports careers. I use your pictures to create a custom letter, number, or silhouette of your choice to tell the story of your athlete's sports career.

Whether you are looking for something small like a letter or number for a dorm room wall or want something bigger like a 3 foot giant number, I have what you need!

Collage and Wood is a company that helps parents to celebrate their senior athletes through custom collages. I'll use your digital photos to create a customized letter, number, or silhouette that summarizes your athlete's sports career.

A Collage and Wood keepsake can be used in many ways: as decoration on a wall; framed with a picture of an athlete; hung up over an empty space on the wall; or as part of a shadow box display - all depending on what is most meaningful to you!

Collage and Wood is a company that helps parents celebrate their senior athletes by creating custom collages for them. I'll use the pictures you send to create something personalized, unique, and special. We have around since 2013 and will celebrate their 8th year in 2021!

 Thank you for choosing Collage and Wood for your senior night gifts!