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Graduation Party Inspiration: delivered!

Graduation Party: Inspiration Delivered

I touched on it a little bit in a previous blog but this post is all about the parties! Get ready to feast your eyes on some fun graduation party ideas! Food, decor, and fun awaits!

Ways to display photos at your graduation party

If you have been in my sphere for any period of time, you know that pictures are kind of my thing. 🤣

Rustic Senior Display

If you are a fan of pallets, this giant pallet makes an amazing farmhouse-style photo display. Pair it with a triangle pendants lettered with your graduate's name. Finish it all with cute clothes pins and your favorite pictures and you'll create an adorable display!

Giant Photo Letters

36 Inch Photo Letter Collage Your pictures + your favorite initials or numbers = an unforgettable centerpiece for your graduation party. I make letters from 12 inches to 3.5 feet tall! Choose one initial or create an acronym or word out of photo letters.


Create a giant display of K-12 pictures

Another option is to gather your grad's K-12 school pictures and have them printed to create a giant display! If you have a large foyer or plenty of room at your outdoor party, this option is perfect for you!

The Ultimate Photo Wall

I'm a sucker for rustic decor for any event so that's probably why a rustic display is making appearance number two. This giant pallet display is covered from top to bottom with pictures of various sizes.

Use a large frame to display your graduate's name or diploma (if available) as the center of the display. Surround the giant frame with pictures of loved friends and family.

Wow your guests with THIS picture display! 

Last but not least - keep it simple with a folding table top display. Use a variety of frames with easels to display your favorite photos. Arrange them across the top of the table, leaving room for a fun guestbook or "graduation advice" book.

Fun and Easy Graduation Party Decor

Check out this smart idea: Graduation Party Kits!

If you find yourself short on time and prefer all-in-one solution, check out these kits. Mint Event Design, featured in this link, provides local delivery options in Texas. Searching popular creative sites like Etsy will give you lots of options to choose from as well.

Even Wal-Mart is getting in on it with Table Banners!

Whether your graduate is getting ready for Kindergarten or First Grade or getting ready to spread his wings and fly off to collage, Wal-Mart allows you to customize a banner with your graduate's name and photos.

Balloons and Marquees? Yes, please!

One of my favorite trends in all of party decor is the balloon arch. This particular decoration combines beauty and elegance in a fairly simple way. Using a variety of balloons in different sizes and a monochromatic color scheme will give you a sophisticated look.

Combine that elegance with giant marquee, lighted letters and you will have a stunning display for your graduate. Use my giant wooden letters to create your own marquee letters - we can even add the holes for you! Talk about graduation party inspiration!

Graduation Party Themes and Colors:

I love colors, and I love examples of what worked for other party planners as well! Click the links to see a specific example of that type of party decor. Once you see the image on Pinterest, simply scroll down for even more related activities!

If you can’t make it to Hawaii, bring Hawaii to YOU :)

Here’s an example of a GORGEOUS blush and gold set up.

Make it all about your FRIENDS!

What do you think? What’s your graduation party going to look like this year?

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