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  • Destination Senior Pictures: Inspiration for Girls

    Destination senior pictures are growing in popularity for senior girls who want to have unique and exclusive senior photos. Senior pictures are ...
  • Senior Photo Inspiration for Guys and Moms

    Senior photo inspiration is sometimes as easy as a google search. However, as a boy mom myself, I wondered what the landscape was like for senior ...
  • Senior Photography: 3 To Follow for Senior Session Inspiration

    What I've learned from selling Senior Photo Props: Senior Photography studios are located all over the county - but some have risen above the rest ...
  • Dorm Room Decor: 7 Easy (and fun) Dorm Room Ideas

    Dorm room decor might rise to the top of your to-do list even as the end of senior year has not come. Making a wish list for the decor you would li...
  • Senior Night Gift Ideas for Senior Athletes (Updated May 2021)

    The best Senior Night gift ideas for Senior Athletes that they want to keep forever?

    You are in the right place! Basketball gifts, coach gifts, team gifts: there are so many stakeholders for whom to shop. If you are the mom of a senior football player, your senior will celebrate at the first of the year, so it's good to get started planning early!

    Planning ahead can help you feel prepared as a football mom. The athlete's senior season is different from the other year: it's the final year of firsts. You may buy on behalf of a booster club for your football team or just for your senior as a mom of a senior football player.

    If this is your first go at Senior Night, you may be wondering, what gifts should you give for Senior Night? You may be shopping for senior gifts for your son or daughter. Or maybe you are the #bestgirlfriendever looking for the best basketball Senior Night gifts for your boyfriend!

  • Custom Graduation Gifts Your Kids Will Love

    Custom graduation gifts: give them a piece of home to take with them when they leave for college. Custom collage letters and numbers take about 3 ...
  • Graduation Party Sweets: Donuts, Cookies, Cakes, Oh My!

    Graduation party food: one of my new favorite topics! But that's mainly because I have an insatiable sweet tooth! How about you? Are you more of th...
  • Graduation Party Inspiration: Find Your Perfect Aesthetic

    Graduation Party Inspiration: delivered! I touched on it a little bit in a previous blog but this post is all about the parties! Get ready to f...
  • Senior Year of High School: 3 Creative Ways to Celebrate the End

    Senior year has always had its challenges.

    As our nation “gets back to normal” I realize that normal will not look the same region to region. For some, large graduations will make a return. Of course, small gatherings may be mandated by the state or local community. Time slots may be reserved during graduations for smaller groups of graduates and their families. With that in mind, I wanted to share some ideas that I’ve seen over the past year.

  • One Shining Moment: Celebrate the Career Highlights

    One Shining Moment: it doesn't get better than this in sports! Have I ever told you my absolute favorite part of March Madness? It’s the part...
  • Life After Sports: Injuries, Interruptions and The End of Competition

    Life after sports. Is that a thing? Just kidding. It IS a thing and a transition that many athletes have made, some more successfully than others. Which is why I wanted to discuss the topic with you.

    Thank you for joining me again on this journey. As promised from my last blog, I wanted to share some beautiful insights from coaches and sports leaders that I’ve picked up via Clubhouse. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attribute all quotes but I will be working on filling in those gaps.

    Please continue reading for inspiration you won't find anywhere else about preparing for life after sports whether it's for a short time or forever:

  • Goodbye, Sports: Making the Most of Your Final Senior Season


    The end of a playing career is inevitable - but the way it ends … every athlete wants to control that. I believe every athlete wants to end a competitive career on her terms. In a perfect world, that would happen. Tom Brady, anyone?!

    But in sports, and the real world, most of us don’t live out fairy tale endings. 2020 and 2021 stole a piece of the story from our athletes. Seasons upended, suspended, postponed. Athletes have watched their gyms close … and they’ve also watched players in other states keep playing.