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  • Senior Year of High School: 3 Creative Ways to Celebrate the End

    Senior year has always had its challenges.

    As our nation “gets back to normal” I realize that normal will not look the same region to region. For some, large graduations will make a return. Of course, small gatherings may be mandated by the state or local community. Time slots may be reserved during graduations for smaller groups of graduates and their families. With that in mind, I wanted to share some ideas that I’ve seen over the past year.

  • One Shining Moment: Celebrate the Career Highlights

    One Shining Moment: it doesn't get better than this in sports! Have I ever told you my absolute favorite part of March Madness? It’s the part...
  • Life After Sports: Injuries, Interruptions and The End of Competition

    Life after sports. Is that a thing? Just kidding. It IS a thing and a transition that many athletes have made, some more successfully than others. Which is why I wanted to discuss the topic with you.

    Thank you for joining me again on this journey. As promised from my last blog, I wanted to share some beautiful insights from coaches and sports leaders that I’ve picked up via Clubhouse. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attribute all quotes but I will be working on filling in those gaps.

    Please continue reading for inspiration you won't find anywhere else about preparing for life after sports whether it's for a short time or forever:

  • Goodbye, Sports: Making the Most of Your Final Senior Season


    The end of a playing career is inevitable - but the way it ends … every athlete wants to control that. I believe every athlete wants to end a competitive career on her terms. In a perfect world, that would happen. Tom Brady, anyone?!

    But in sports, and the real world, most of us don’t live out fairy tale endings. 2020 and 2021 stole a piece of the story from our athletes. Seasons upended, suspended, postponed. Athletes have watched their gyms close … and they’ve also watched players in other states keep playing.

  • Athlete Mental Health: How to Keep Your Athlete Mentally Healthy

    I’ve also sat in rooms as we shared stories of watching athletes who play “in the zone.” It’s magical to watch - when an individual or team is competing together at their highest level. Other times I’ve seen "it" while watching off-Broadway musicals - I’ve observed it in orchestra. No matter the art, there’s nothing like watching talented individuals perform at their best. 

    In one room, I heard the someone describe “The Zone” as "pure love and joy."

    - Source Unknown

    We can reframe every loss and victory as a metaphor for success in life - and improve athlete mental health.