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Senior Photo Ideas For Guys (Spring Sports Edition)

Getting boys to take pictures is usually a little more difficult than girls. Isn’t that interesting? If you have had the opposite experience, I would love to know!


Senior Photo Ideas For Athletic Guys

A few things that will help you create an amazing collection of images (for a collage, perhaps?!) Include props, friends, lots of action pictures and of course, pictures from his first teams!

Don’t forget a senior photo with you (MOM!) in it!

And if you missed it from a previous post,  don’t worry about cropping your photos for your senior's photo collage - a lot of times I need the backgrounds for editing purposes! I hope these creative picture ideas help you with your senior photo shoot and picking out pictures for your collage.

1. Use props like equipment or get the net/goal for your senior pictures sports poses. 

Using the net or a goal for a backdrop can help your athlete feel more comfortable.

Having something to hold, like equipment (bat, stick, racquet, etc.), gives athletes something to focus on besides just saying “cheeeeese”.

Plus athletes are most comfortable in their sports habitat!

Here’s a fun and creative option for sports senior pictures:

Soccer player senior portrait, curated by collageandwood.com

Photo Source: Pinterest

2. Getting a cute shot of you and your boy is a must - ideally creating senior pictures with both of you in sports jerseys!

Because I’m also a boy mom I’m bumping this one up on the list to make sure you don’t miss it.

I am a sucker for the mom/son photos!

Check out this adorable sports senior picture idea: 

moms and sons senior baseball photo, curated by collageandwood.com

 Photo credit: unknown

3. The best senior picture sports poses can be action shots.

When you choose your shot, consider what’s important to you - are other player’s important to understanding the image (for instance, was it a big moment in a game against a rival?) or do you prefer to keep the focus on your athlete? If it’s the latter, I would try to use photos that feature your athlete as prominently as possible. Also remember that the ball can be important to include in the photo.

lacrosse action shot, curated by collageandwood.com
 Photo credit: unknown

4. Meaningful sport senior pictures will include his best friends:

Often high school teammates become your child's best friends.

They will one day get together to discuss the glory days.

Senior night is an excellent time to document these friendships, if you haven't already!

senior night best friends, curated by collageandwood.comPhoto credit: Buford Athletics

5. Considerations for Team Photos In a Collage: 

Large teams in photos are going to take up more space in a collage.

If you have a large number of players, as in senior football pictures with several seniors, that picture will not feature as prominently.

If you have two numbers, a large team picture might not be as big of a deal, but it’s something you want to consider. Here’s an example of all of the seniors looking tough - as the guys like to do!

Senior Football Picture, curated by collageandwood.com, pic by https://www.ericascottphotography.shutterfly.com/Photo Source: https://www.ericascottphotography.shutterfly.com/


One more bonus about your son's senior sports photos: 

If you are gathering pictures for a collage, do not forget the baby/kid pics with your son playing his sport.

One of my favorite all time photos that I used in a collage was for a hockey senior - and the picture was of him as a little boy, sleeping with his stick. 😭😭😭

Little boy running to first base, curated by collageandwood.com

Photo Credit: Unknown

Those are the moments that make life worth living!

Can you think of any other “must-have” pictures for spring sports senior night?

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