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Senior Photo Ideas for Guys and Moms | Senior Photos Guys

Senior photo ideas are as easy as a google search.

Here are some senior pictures ideas guys will love - as much as they love you!

And adding a senior photo prop can help your senior feel more comfortable!

As a boy mom myself, I wondered what the landscape was like for senior photo inspiration for guys ... and their mamas!

Here's what I found!

Senior Photo Inspiration for Guys and Boy Moms

Taking senior pictures is the latest reminder of the irony of parenthood. Yet another milestone you are looking forward to and your teen boy may be dreading! Your family will treasure the images forever - but he might rather pretend that senior pictures aren’t a thing.

However, giving your guy a chance to pose with all of the items that made his childhood and adolescence special will establish a bond of nostalgia between you both.

Here’s a few ideas for you to try out with your boy for his senior photo session:

  1. Kiss my cheek and I’ll kiss yours.

This photo session from Lisa Marie Photography captured the essence of the mother-son relationship PERFECTLY. Please tell me if you agree - and please share your photos with me if you do something similar! These would make must-have photos for your child's senior collage!

 mother and son photo shoot inspiration

2. Looking back at mom - this gave me goosebumps!

I can hardly take the emotions of this one. As the mother of an only son, who is also an only child, I can only imagine the day when Asher looks back at me for the last time. Before he leaves for college. Or before he gets married. 

I will miss him so much! But I will treasure the memories and moments we have had together. And my heart breaks with yours as this bittersweet moment happens in your life. Because at the end of the day, if we do our jobs right, we will raise confident young men who will take the final glance back before stepping into a bright future.

But, in this moment, our hearts will simultaneously break and celebrate. Another tear-jerker that I would love to include in your custom jersey number collage! But back to the senior pictures and senior photo props!

Thank you to Traci Baker for sharing these amazing photos with the Internet!

mother son photo shoot inspiration for senior photos

 3. The Senior Photo: Heads Together Shots. Thank you to Makia Images for this beautiful share.

senior guy and his mom

4. Silly hug shot with guys and their moms

There comes a time when our boys get shy about hugs from their mamas. But we know and they know there is nothing like a hug from mom. Because at the end of the day, no one will love them unconditionally like their mother. Here's an idea on how to capture that dichotomy on film (or rather, in digital form.) Another wonderful option for you to include in your collage!

Photo credit: Lisa McNiel photography

senior photo shoot with mom
silly senior photo with mom

 5. And just to reiterate its importance: You and Your Senior Athlete.

This beautiful photo captured by Stacie C. Photography

senior baseball player with mom

I wanted to give you a bonus tip: when taking pictures, one great way to relax is to use photo props. Photo props gives your son something else to focus on besides the camera. Here are a couple of photos of guys who have used giant Collage and Wood photo props during their senior portrait sessions: 


2024 photo prop


  Wow, I could hardly get through those without a tear myself! Thinking of you as you watch your guy fly away to explore the world. Don’t feel left out, #girlmoms - here's an article for you, all about Destination Senior Photos!

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