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Best Gifts For Boyfriends | Creative Photo Gift Ideas

Let's talk about the best gifts for your athlete boyfriend! Particularly photo gift ideas!

I'm not just talking about good gifts, I'm talking about fun gift ideas that are original and thoughtful - the best gifts ever that make YOU the BEST GIRLFRIEND EVER!

Whether you are shopping for senior night or Christmas, I've got the absolute best holiday presents and senior night gifts that guys actually love to receive!


Best Gift For Your Boyfriend, Handmade Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend, How make a Collage Gift for Your Boyfriend on His Number

So how do you create a super cute gift for your boyfriend? Here's an idea that will top any "best gifts for boyfriend" list!

Well, there's a couple of options - you can choose to DIY your gift with one of my giant numbers or you can have me do it.

Here's the main con of doing it yourself: it takes a good chunk of time!

But it's still a cute gift whether I make it or you make it, and I know he will love your thoughtfulness.

So the first step is gathering the photos.

If your boyfriend has a good sense of humor, include photos that are from funny or embarrassing moments.

This isn't one of those funny gag gifts but at the same time, we want to bring back memories that will keep him laughing for years.

Making a jersey number collage goes beyond classic gifts like a traditional scrapbook - it's a modern take on memories that everybody will love!

Best Gift For Your Boyfriend

Some people might think it's a bold claim, but I've seen the number of Google search results page go up over the last eight years for these type of handmade gifts.

And even though I started out making primarily senior night gifts, these collages make an amazing birthday gift for your boyfriend as well! But I digress!

So you want to personalize gift - or rather, personalize your collage gift for your boyfriend.

If he's a practical man, he probably doesn't have a bunch of photos laying around.

BUT, in the age of smartphones, all you need is the digital images from your phone or his to make his list of the best gifts ever.

My best practices:

  • include pictures of his best friends (and his mom, because mom's love that!)
  • If your boyfriend is kind of a complex guy, you don't have to limit the collage to just sports pictures.
  • Other useful picks include activities he participates in, like clubs, and FFA.

If you ask your boyfriend for pictures, you might raise the alarm that you are planning something special. But this is where you can turn to his mom or sister for some great help!

I'm sure they would love to be apart of such a cute gift project! So speaking of family, if your boyfriend has any siblings, it would be great to include a picture of each of them.

Maybe they are eating at one of the best BBQ joints! Or making one of those late night grocery runs! Anything that is a fun memory and appeals to your boyfriend's sense of humor is a safe bet.

Because the last few years of school have been so crazy, you might want to include some pictures of him at online "school" - one idea could be with a new Zoom pal.

And of course, i can't believe I haven't even mentioned this - you need a picture of YOU with your boyfriend! And by picture with your boyfriend I mean MANY pictures with you and your boyfriend!

Because you never want him to forget who made him this amazingly cute gift! He will look at it and think of his Honey Boo Boo - or whatever he calls you!

Anyway! Back to the collage.

So after you pick out sports pictures of your boyfriend, activity pictures, family pictures and pictures of your boyfriend and yourself, you are ready to get started.

And before I forget, you can also include a cute boyfriend quote if you want!

Once you have all of the pictures together, it's time to create an unforgettable gift like you've seen in all of those Etsy ads!

Handmade Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend, How make a Collage Gift for Your Boyfriend on His Number

So, you have a decision to make: do you want to make this collage for your boyfriend or do you want me to make it?

If you're going to make the collage, you'll want to order a giant wooden letter or number - whatever makes sense for your boyfriend.

If your boyfriend is into one sport in particular and you want a silhouette of an athlete playing that sport, Collage and Wood can do that, too!

It would actually be kind of cool to make a silhouette from a photo of your boyfriend!

That would be something new and something to add to the fun gift ideas list!

If you decide you would like me to make the collage for your boyfriend, I'll need you to upload your photos on my website,

You definitely want to order as early as you can but three weeks before your need by date is my typical recommendation.

And your need by date is a few days before you boyfriend's senior night. If we are creating a birthday gift for your boyfriend, then it would be a few days before his birthday.

This gives us a little bit of wiggle room if the delivery service is delayed!

Okay, so for the umpteenth time, let's get back to how this works!

Your boyfriend shouldn't really know if you are collaborating with his mom or sister for his senior night or birthday gift.

Even if points out one of those Etsy ads, try to be as nonchalant as possible while you hide the mod podge (if you are making the collage yourself for your boyfriend!) For the DIY project, you are going to need a foam brush, printed pictures and the aforementioned mod podge.

And maybe some Mountain Dew and custom face socks! Just kidding! That's something else entirely!

But in all seriousness, Mountain Dew or coffee might be necessary if you are taking this birthday gift project on by yourself.

Making a photo collage is a bit of a tedious process - but so worth it in the end.

If you like, you can paint your wooden letter or number a meaningful color, but I always paint the sides of my collages black.

Then you can put a thin mod podge onto the pictures and then let everything dry before you start cutting anything out and gluing it onto the letter!

If you find yourself short of pictures of your boyfriend, that might be a good time to take a break and head to one of the best live music venues and make some new memories with your boyfriend - and don't forget to take pictures!

Once you are back, or once the mod podge has dried, you can start cutting out the pictures of your boyfriend.

Remember, you should definitely include the following pictures in your handmade collage:

  • 2-3 of you and your boyfriend
  • at least one picture of your boyfriend with his best friends
  • 2-3 action shots of your boyfriend playing his favorite sport
  • your boyfriend with his mom
  • your boyfriend with your dad
  • your boyfriend with any siblings
  • any milestone event that your boyfriend has told you about
  • at least one picture of your boyfriend with his first car
  • a funny picture of your boyfriend
  • and an "insider joke" picture that you and your boyfriend will understand, but no one else will.

After you've gotten all of these pictures on your letter, it's time to seal this adorable gift for your boyfriend with a few final layers of mod podge.

This birthday gift or senior night gift is going to blow your boyfriend AND his family away. There's a lot of love that goes into a handmade birthday gift like this, and I know it will give your boyfriend all of the feels!

So, I think that about sums it up!

I wish you the best as you create the best gift ever for your boyfriend. And remember, I'm always here if you have questions!

And if you want to order one so you don't have to stress, you can find all of the wooden letters and numbers you need on my website,

Searching for gift ideas for your coach? Get inspired today!



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