Dressing Up Your Football Jersey On Senior Night

Let's talk Football Senior Night.

what to wear on Senior Night for Football Moms

What should I wear to my son's senior night football game?

Don't let yourself be stressed out when it comes time to buy clothes or accessories for this big event.

Expert advice from the Storyteller Stylist Carrie Hagee will ensure that you have a great experience on your child's senior night!

It's senior night football season, and that means it's time to break out the jerseys!

But what do you wear with your jersey to make sure you look neat and tidy? Here are some tips to help you put together the perfect game day outfit.


The first option is to tuck your jersey into a pair of pants or shorts.

This will give you a more polished look. You can also add a belt to further elevate the look. If you're worried about your belly looking bigger when you tuck in your shirt, choose a top that's a little looser fitting - but tuck it in.

Listen to the video below as Carrie explains why!


Show your spirit with by incorporating school colors into your outfit.

You can also add a cute jacket or cardigan on top.

If it's chilly outside, this is a great way to stay warm while still showing your team spirit.

And if you get too warm, you can always take off the jacket!

Senior Night Style Bottom Line

Whether you're attending the game or just watching from home, show off your team spirit in style with these tips for dressing up your football jersey.

No matter how you decide to style your football jersey (or non-jersey), have fun with it!

This is your chance to show off your team pride in a stylish way.

Go ahead and mix and match different items until you find an outfit that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

And don't forget to enjoy the game!

Listen in to hear more amazing ideas from our resident style expert Carrie Hagee, the Storyteller Stylist!

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Let's move forward to say football season.

And one thing that sometimes is popular is the moms wearing a football Jersey. Okay. 

So, what if we're thinking about looking neat and tidy and with the jersey tucked in, do we wear a belt?

 Do we not wear a belt? Do we wear capris? I

 mean, what, what are some options there to kind of dress up that Jersey and look well put together on that night? 


So, with the jersey, you could absolutely tuck it in and wear a belt. 

I love that as a way to just elevate the look. 

I tell women to tuck, when you have blouses and things, just because it does look more clean.

It does look less sloppy when you're tucking it in. 

But the other thing is people are like, women are afraid to tuck because they're afraid that they're afraid of their belly looking bigger, whatever. 

Yeah. It does not do that. 

Tucking actually slims you down more than leaving it untucked. And, adding a belt doesn't add attention there.

It actually takes attention away from,  if you're trying to hide a belly or whatever, it actually does take the attention away there. 

That's why I always suggest adding a tie there. 

Like if you don't wanna do a belt, you could also do a scarf and tie it in the front and make it.

It looks like a belt, but when you add a scarf, it just looks like a little tie and it's really cute. 

The other thing you could do is, I mean, you're on the field. 

You could wear a cute sneaker if you wanted. That's in a situation where I would add cute sneakers because, and I'm not talking gym shoes, that's very different from sneakers. 

You know, gym shoes are really thick, like I'm going out for a run type shoe. Right. 

But sneakers are small. The sole is much thinner and they have some really cute sneakers out there. You know, you could even get like a leopard print sneaker!