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Wood Letter F | Wooden Letter F Wall Decor | Collage and Wood

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Letter F Decor | Wooden Letters For Wall

  • 12 inch wooden letters are 12 inches tall x 8 inches wide x .5 inch thick. 
  • 15 inch wooden letter F is 15 inches tall x 9 inches wide x .5 inch thick.
  • 18 inch wooden letter F is 18 inches tall x 11 inches wide x .5 inch thick.
  • 24 inch wooden letters F is 24 inches tall x 14 inches wide x .5 inch thick.
  • 30 inch wooden letter F is 30 inches tall x 18 inches wide by .5 inch thick.
  • 36 inch wooden letter F is 36 inches tall x 24 inches wide by .5 inch thick.
  • 42 inch wooden letter F is 42 inches tall x 30 inches wide by .5 inch thick.
  • Wooden initial letters for wall, letter F is made from unfinished, cabinet-grade plywood.

Wooden Alphabet Letters, Decorative Letter F

  • We proudly make our wooden letters in the USA (Fayetteville, NC).
  • Small imperfections in the wood F may occur but will not distract from the quality of the wood initial letters.
  • We utilize CNC and laser technology to cut the wooden letter for nursery or home office.
  • Easily add wooden letter lights with LED strips and share your painted wooden letter ideas!
  • Easy to create F letter names with our wooden letter F for wall decor.
  • Need something different? Choose your wood letter font!

If you are searching to make your own wall decor using wood letters for wall, Collage and Wood has every letter and font you need!

  • Your wood letter for wall will typically arrive within 7 days.
  • All wooden letter home, business and nursery decor - F shipments will include a tracking number and delivery confirmation, automatically sent to you through when your wooden alphabet letter F ships.
  • We are not responsible for undelivered wooden wall letter F cutouts due to incorrect shipping details submitted with order.

Large Wooden Letter F Wall Decor is Perfect for Creating Wooden Letter Signs AND:

  • alphabet wooden letter for photo props or wooden craft letters signs;
  • big letter F for wedding decor, or decorative letter F wooden letter guest book;
  • wooden letter wall decor and wooden letters for nursery decor;
  • school and college event decor;
  • YES! Collage and Wood makes giant wooden greek letters, each sold separately.
Our wooden letter F cutouts are lightly sanded for you and ready for painting, adding decorations, or other wood letter crafts. Put all of those wood letter painting ideas to use with one of my giant wooden letter F cutouts! Not recommended for permanent outdoor use.