How to Decorate a Field For Senior Night

The countdown has begun for senior night! 

Whether you have been planning since freshman year or you just found out Senior Night is a “thing” I wanted to share some of the best field decoration ideas I have found on Pinterest.

First, the “solo cup/styrofoam cup” fence decor: 

Senior Night Fence Decor, Curated by
Picture Source: Pinterest
Senior Night Field Decor - Decorations with cups, curated by
Source: Pinterest

I like how this school mixed up the letters for numbers:

Senior Night Fence Decor With Cups, Curated By
Photo Source: Pinterest

Then the “big head” decorations, these seem to be getting more and more popular:

You can buy them …

Senior Night Big Heads
 Photo Source: Pinterest


Or DIY them!!!

DIY Senior Decor: Big Head Cutouts, curated by

Next up is yard sign decorations that you can customize with your senior athlete's picture, number, school, and mascot.

Senior Yard Signs, Ideas curated by
Photo: Shindigz Party Supplies

Next up is a creative job that you'll want to get approved by school admin for sure: Painting the Field

Field Painted for Baseball Senior Night, Image curated by
Source: Pinterest

How about you? What ideas do you have to decorate your senior night field?

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