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Five Pictures To Take on Winter Sports Senior Night

Crystal Waddell


Remember his first school picture? Or her first day of preschool?

Yeah, senior night is kind of like that. And capturing the memories during the evening can slip away through all of the celebration and the tears.

To help keep you focused but also give you an easy goal to record the moments AND enjoy the moment, here are the five  pictures you need of your kid on senior night.

Plus a few fun ways to set them up. Here we go!

Picture 1: Athlete with Parents 

Hopefully your school will provide you with this picture on senior night, but just in case, hand your phone off to a trusted friend. The other bonus of this is that you can all three look at the camera instead looking in three different directions!

Basketball Senior Night Pictures, Curated by


Mom escorting her daughter on senior night, curated by

Picture 2: All Senior Athletes.

This is a picture that player will immediately need to post to Instagram (or Snapchat or Tik Tok or whatever is cool when you read this!) Bonus points for you if you take a "beautiful one" and a "silly one". They may be big kids but they still love getting silly!

senior night basketball friends curated by

senior basketball teammates curated by

Picture 3: Athlete with Coach(es). 

No senior scrapbook could be complete without a picture of your player and his coach. Coaches are some of the most influential adults your child will have in her life, and good or bad, you'll want to document this moment. 

Hockey Player and Coach, curated senior night photos by


Senior basketball players with coach, curated by

Picture 4: All Athletes with Coaches. 

Then it would be great to get everyone together! All of the seniors with their coach(es) is the perfect way to round out the group photos on senior night.


Senior Night Wrestling Photo With Coach, curated by

Picture 5: Athlete Picture with Family/Significant Other.

These pictures are so important because any senior parent knows, it's not just the athlete who has sacrificed to get the player to senior year. There have been years of sacrifice by the family, and you'll want to document everyone, not just your player - but his/her brothers and sisters, too.
Additionally, any player with a significant other will appreciate a sweet picture of herself with her first love. Plus they need to put it on their social media, ASAP. :)

Family Senior Night Photo, curated by

Basketball girlfriend senior night picture, curated by


Now, it's your turn!

I’d love to see photos from your senior night! Just hit reply to share them!

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