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Winter Senior Night Decorations: 3 Decor Ideas For You!

Have you ever been the parent that didn’t get your kid a mouthguard for indoor soccer (and your kiddo couldn’t play?)

Or miss the memo about which hole your son would start at during his first golf tournament (and he missed teeing off his first hole?)

Yeah, me neither. 👀😅

I know that you have got it all together - seriously. You are the mom that covers for moms like me, and I’m so grateful for you. For all of the moms that forgot snacks, sunscreen, mosquito repellant and most common sense items, I would like to say thank you on their behalf.

Moms like you kept us from failing completely!

Here are the three categories I created for senior night decor ideas, in no particular order:

  1. Indoor Senior Night Decor: Hallways
  2. Indoor Senior Night Decor: Bleachers
  3. Outdoor Senior Night Decor

Anyway, I know that you probably already know this, but I wanted to show you all of the things you could miss if you waited until the last minute to buy Senior Night GIfts and decorations - it would make for a boring and blah senior experience. Which I KNOW is not going to be YOUR kids’ experience - but other people’s kids could fall victim to their parents incompetence and we’ve got to help them. 

So here are some senior night ideas you can forward to them to gently nudge them along. :)

And don't forget your senior night gift!

Collage and Wood Senior Night Collage Options: Photo Letters, Numbers and Shapes



Basketball Senior Night Hallway Decor:

Senior Night Basketball Decoration

Wrestling Singlet Decor:

Wrestling Senior Night Decor, curated by


Senior Night Decor Idea 2: Gym Decor


Wrestling Gym Decor:

Wrestling Senior Night Decor Ideas: Singlet on Wall and Display Table, curated by

Wrestling Bleacher Decor: 

Wrestling Bleacher Decor, Curated by


Giant “Senior Letters”:

Senior Night "SENIOR" letters, curated by


Senior Night Idea 3: Outdoor Decor

Senior Jersey Yard Signs:

Jersey Outdoor Yard Signs, Senior Night Idea Curated by


Senior Night Outdoor letters:

Is there anything else that you think should have made this list for senior night decor?


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