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welcome class of 2024!

Collage and Wood: Celebrating Athletes and Their Journey

Collage and Wood began in 2014 out of a need to balance family life with the financial demands of raising a child.

Our inspiration was simple: provide for a newborn son without the stress of daycare costs.

The solution was beautifully unique: handcrafted, custom photo collages on wooden letters and numbers, initially created for a club volleyball team.

Our mission is to celebrate senior athletes with distinct, personalized gifts that encapsulate their journey, achievements, and memories.

We strive to be the number one provider for high school and college senior nights, senior picture props, and graduation event decor.

Harvard giant letters

Our products are unique, many of them handmade and custom-made, standing up to 3.5 feet tall.

They offer a way for parents to connect with their high school and college-age children, commemorating their athletic journey with a tangible keepsake.

Our senior night gifts evoke feelings of accomplishment, joy, and a sense of closure as athletes transition to life after sports.

We like to think of Collage and Wood as Shaq - competitive, huggable, aggressive yet loveable, talented, and generous.

We're proud of our key milestones, from opening our Etsy shop in 2014, buying a CNC machine to make our own letters and numbers in 2016, to opening our Shopify store in 2018.

We're always seeking new ways to engage with our local community.

The most rewarding part of what we do is being a part of a team.

we join your team during senior night season!

We understand the hard work, dedication, and sacrifices made by these young athletes and their parents.

In fact, we want to celebrate YOU, mom and dad, as much as the seniors!

We are thrilled when we hear about the joy our products bring, the tears shed over our personalized gifts, and the repeat customers who come back year after year.

What we value

At Collage and Wood, our core values revolve around faith in Christ, valuing family, commitment, perseverance, and recognizing that children and youth are valuable treasures of the future.

We believe in the lessons learned through sports - competitiveness, empathy, teamwork - and that these character traits are more important than natural skill.

As interracial marriage partners, Jon and I have a first hand sensitivity to racial issues. 

That's why we strive to create a business that is inclusive and representative of a variety of seniors and their families.

We strive to go above and beyond for our customers.

senior night collages from collage and wood

This means tracking packages until they reach their destination and staying in constant contact throughout the order process.

If packages are delayed or lost, we replace them immediately. Every customer is our most important customer.

In the future, we aim to partner with large organizations that value teamwork - college teams, NFL teams, even corporations.

We dream of bringing a podcast dedicated to senior night to life and extending our reach through our senior night sports blog.

We also plan to delve into athlete mental health issues, bringing awareness and support through our platform.

When faced with setbacks or challenges, we handle them as a team, stepping up for each other until everyone is back on their feet.

Just like the teams we serve, we're in this together.

And just like the athletes we celebrate, we never give up.

We look forward to celebrating more athletes, creating more memories, and being a part of your team's journey. Welcome to Collage and Wood.



Here's an article full of ideas of senior pictures to take with your son:




Phone: (910) 302-3066

Please feel free to email me, call me, or text: whatever is convenient for you! 

Don't forget gifts for your coach!

Need a collage tutorial?

Download the Collage and Wood collage-making guide right here!

If you'd like to read more, please scroll down the page to meet my family.

If not, you can go back to shopping for giant numbers, wooden letters, and custom photo collages by clicking here.

So nice to meet you!

Jon Crystal and Asher from


My name is Crystal Waddell.
I work with women like you who have committed their lives, especially most weekends, to loving your children and believing in their unlimited potential.
I help incredible women like yourself celebrate the end of athletic careers.
I will walk with you through the process of documenting your kiddo's senior season and support you as you transition, as a family, to the next season of opportunities.
And I do all of this by collaborating with you to create the perfect jersey number collage, customized for your athlete.


Scroll down for FAQs!

What is the process for ordering a collage?

First, you'll choose your collage size.

Then you'll upload your images, place your order and receive your order confirmation via email.

How do I give you the pictures for my collage?

 You will upload the pictures on the order page before adding your collage to the cart.

Where do I add personalization for posters?

You can add any notes underneath the images. Alternatively, you can add notes at checkout. 

    Do you make a number (insert number here)?

    I make every number and letter combination possible! If your number is 0-9, you'll want to choose the "single digit" option. If your number is 00 or 10+, you wall to order the "double digit" option.

    How long will it take to receive my collage?

    Please allow 2-3 weeks from order to receipt for your collage. If you need it faster, please contact me prior to ordering so that I can confirm whether or not I can get it back to you in time. Express shipping may be necessary for an added fee.

    What should I put as my "need-by" date?

    Here's a hypothetical example: If your senior night is scheduled for December 10, please make your "need-by" date December 7.

    This allows for shipping delays by USPS or Fed Ex.

    Can you make custom silhouettes?

    Yes! To date I have made dancers, cheerleader megaphones, hockey goalies, hockey players, color guard silhouettes and more. I'd love to hear your idea!