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You are a great mom.

I know that because you're here.

And here is a little backstory on me: my biological mom left me when I was a baby.

By the time I was one, I had two major skin graft surgeries. I look back on Baby Crystal and my heart hurts for her.

Every child deserves a mom to love them and care for them the way that YOU have cared for your baby (or babIES!). No matter how big they get.

So anyway, that's why I'm confident you are a great mom.

I am also pretty confident that you've given up many nights and weekends for the last few years to help your senior athlete rise to the top of their sport.

And now it's time to celebrate the end of one season of life and transition to another.

Here's an article full of ideas of senior pictures to take with your son:


And I am here for it! Celebrating life and family brings me the most joy in this work - and every great mom I work with restores a little bit of my soul.

Bet you never thought it was going to get THAT deep, am I right? ;)

Anyway! Need to contact me?


Phone: (910) 302-3066

Please feel free to email me, call me, or text: whatever is convenient for you! 

Don't forget gifts for your coach!

Need a collage tutorial?

Download the Collage and Wood collage-making guide right here!

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So nice to meet you!

Jon Crystal and Asher from


My name is Crystal Waddell.
I work with women like you who have committed their lives, especially most weekends, to loving your children and believing in their unlimited potential.
I help incredible women like yourself celebrate the end of athletic careers.
I will walk with you through the process of documenting your kiddo's senior season and support you as you transition, as a family, to the next season of opportunities.
And I do all of this by collaborating with you to create the perfect jersey number collage, customized for your athlete.


Scroll down for FAQs!

What is the process for ordering a collage?

First, you'll choose your collage size.

Then you'll upload your images, place your order and receive your order confirmation via email.

How do I give you the pictures for my collage?

When you order your collage, you will need to upload your pictures before checkout. You will upload the pictures on the order page.

Where do I add personalization for posters?

You can add any notes underneath the images. Alternatively, you can add notes at checkout. That's where you can add personalization information for posters.

    Do you make (insert number here)?

    I make every number and letter combination possible! If your number is 0-9, you'll want to choose the "single digit" option. If your number is 00 or 10+, you wall to order the "double digit" option.

    How long will it take to receive my collage?

    Please allow 2-3 weeks from order to receipt for your collage. If you need it faster, please contact me prior to ordering so that I can confirm whether or not I can get it back to you in time. Express shipping may be necessary for an added fee.

    What should I put as my "need-by" date?

    Here's a hypothetical example: If your senior night is scheduled for December 10, please make your "need-by" date December 7.

    This allows for shipping delays by USPS or Fed Ex that are outside of my control and yours.

    Can you make custom silhouettes?

    Yes! To date I have made dancers, cheerleader megaphones, hockey goalies, hockey players, color guard silhouettes and more. I'd love to hear your idea!