Senior Night Style for Basketball Moms With Carrie Hagee

Let's talk Basketball Senior Night.

What should I wear to my son's senior basketball game?

Your son (or daughter!) is your pride and joy.

He’s about to graduate from high school, and she’s going out with a bang by playing in the last varsity basketball home game for the season.

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You want to look good on this special night, but you don't know what to wear.

Here's a couple of quick tips: avoid high heels, consider the style of the school.

Is the school known for dressing up or is it more laid-back?

Think sweater dress, dark denim with flats - and dress up a team t-shirt with a motorjacket or a blazer!

Listen in to hear more amazing ideas from our resident style expert Carrie Hagee, the Storyteller Stylist!

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Senior Night Style for Basketball Moms

Crystal Waddell
0:03 What kind of tips do you have for basketball moms on senior night?

Carrie Hagee
0:09 Well, you know, I think because it's indoors, you have a lot more options than if you're outdoors so I mean obviously, you don't want to show up in high heels you know being on the floor. But I wouldn't also want to show up in high heels on a field either because you know, there's nothing worse than stepping in grass in high heels, right? And sinking in! So you know, I think what you want to do and I also think it depends on the school too, you know, just taking in consideration the style of the school and thinking about that you know, when you're considering what to wear.

Is this a private school? Is this a school that's really known for you know, dressing up and or is this more laid back? I mean, those are some things to consider.

So for basketball specifically, you know, you have more options to wear like, you know, and it's, it's, it's still cold in most places, right? So, but you're also indoors so that gives you a little bit more options but a nice sweater dress is an option you could wear, with flats. Or you could also wear if you know, if you're thinking oh I'm not wearing a dress that's way too dressy for senior night. You could also wear a nice pair of jeans like maybe a darker denim. You know, with a pair of flats or a booty you could throw a booty on with them.

And if you're wearing a sports t shirt, you know or the T shirt of the school or just like you know it's a T shirt that's showing my senior or whatever. You could throw a motor jacket on over top of that or a nice blazer. And that just really kind of steps it up a notch, and you know you could put on a pair of you know like a chain necklace with it and some stud earrings and even a pair of flats with that. Those are all options just to kind of kick it up a notch. So you're so you're not just jeans and T shirt, you know in tennis shoes, so....

Crystal Waddell
2:16 Right, I would have never thought about this sweater dress. I really liked that. You know and then even I think about coaching, you know it would have been nice to put the blazer on over the team t shirt or whatever and it would have brought that up a notch too, you know, so I think that's a really really great idea.

Carrie Hagee 2:34 Yeah, adding adding a blazer over top of the T shirt is is very much in style right now. And it is it is a really great book. So you know just thinking taking into consideration the colors as well you know, in order to that but you know you could if you have a pair of a darker denim you you could put a navy blazer on just really depends on the color of your T shirt you're wearing as well.