Graduation Photo Props and Decorations for Your Party!

Graduation Photo Props and Decorations for Your Party!

2024 photo props for graduation parties and senior pictures!

Graduation is a time to celebrate!

Whether you are the graduate or the parent of the graduate, it's a time to come together and commemorate this milestone.

One way to add some extra fun to your graduation party is by using photo props!

In this blog post, we will discuss some great ideas for graduation photo props and decorations.

Let's get started! 

Celebrate with graduation photo booth props

They are perfect for snapping selfies or group photos with friends.

Pick up some graduation-themed props, like a “Class of 2024” sign or a mortarboard hat.

class of 2024 photo prop

You can also get creative and make your own props!

For decorations, go for a classic look with streamers, or try something more unique like hanging graduation photos from the ceiling.

fun grad photo prop ideas

Balloons are always a festive touch, and you can personalize them with messages like “Congratulations!” or “Best Wishes!”

Cardboard letters make a good diy option for balloon-filled numbers.

Another fun idea is to make a "cupcake stand" in the shape of the graduation year.

We have been making these for our clients since 2017!

2017 cupcake stands, we make graduation year cupcake stands custom for your table!


We create all of our freestanding numbers out of wood.

No matter what you choose, your graduation party will be one to remember with these fun ideas.

These tri-colored numbers made from balloons make fun graduation party decor.


Graduation photo props are the perfect way to add some extra fun and personality to your graduation party.

team picture with graduation numbers

From silly hats and glasses to giant foam fingers, there are plenty of graduation party decorations that will help you show your school spirit.

And don't forget about graduation signage!

Whether you want to display your class year or show off your school colors, adding a few graduation-themed signs will really make your photos pop.

So get creative and have fun with your graduation photo props!

Graduation party props as fun as you are!

Beautiful girl holding 2023 wood photo prop

It's finally here! Your big day!

You've worked hard for years and now it's time to celebrate your amazing accomplishment.

Make sure your graduation photos are extra special with our wooden 2024 props.

They'll add a touch of elegance to any photo and they'll be a great reminder of this special day for years to come.

Graduation party supplies: bright and cheerful

Graduation party supplies from cupcake stands as a fun table decoration (pictured) to photo props.

Think balloons, streamers, and banners proclaiming "Congrats Grad!"

A casual buffet of favorite foods is perfect for a party celebrating such an important milestone.

And don't forget to have plenty of cold drinks on hand to help celebrate in style!

Don't forget to check our ideas for senior pictures for guys and moms!

Frequently asked Questions About Graduation photo props

What pictures should be displayed at a graduation party? 

Pictures of the graduates throughout their school years are a must, as well as pictures from the graduation ceremony.

If your graduate is moving on to college or another milestone, be sure to include pictures from that event as well.

How do you make graduation party props?

Beautiful girl holding wooden script senior prop - perfect for your photo booth!

For graduation party decorations, you can make a variety of props to celebrate the occasion.

For example, you can make a large "congratulations" sign using poster board or cardboard and colorful paint or markers.

You can also cut out letters from colored paper to create a banner or garland.

Another fun decoration idea is to create a photo booth using props like hats, sunglasses, and microphones.

You can also make signs or posters with inspiring quotes about graduation or success.

Finally, don't forget to decorate the food table with school colors and graduation-themed confetti or streamers!

How big should a photo prop be?

Graduation photo booth props should be big enough to be easily seen in photos, but not so large that they take up too much space or are difficult to handle.

Most props are between 24 and 36 inches wide, which is a size that is both easy to see and work with.

Do you need props for a photo booth?

Graduation photo booth props that represent your friendships make photos that much more fun (like these RN photo props!)

What better way to commemorate your graduation than with a fun photo booth?

Props add an extra touch of hilarity and personality to your photos, and they're also great conversation starters.

So what sort of props should you use for your graduation party photo booth? Here are a few ideas:

  • Class year signs: hold up signs with your class year on them - it's a great way to show solidarity with your fellow graduates!
  • "Congrats" banners: hang up some banners or streamers that say "congratulations" or "great job" - it'll make things feel even more festive!
  • Funky hats: regardless of whether or not you actually graduated with honours, pick up some silly graduation hats from a party store and take some photos wearing them!
  • Signs with your future plans: if you know what you're doing after graduation, make a sign that says it - for example, "off to college!" or " headed for the real world!"

It'll be fun to look back on in years to come.

How do I make a photo prop?

ideas for how to make photo props

If you're looking to make a photo prop for a graduation party, one option is to use a large piece of cardboard or foam board.

You can then use a hot glue gun to attach pieces of felt in the colors of your school's colors.

Alternatively, you could use fabric instead of felt. For the lettering on your photo prop, you can either use vinyl letters or cut them out of fabric yourself.

Finally, attach a stick (such as a chopstick or dowel) to the back of your photo prop so that it can be held easily for photos.

We've helped clients make custom marquee letters for their photo booth props.

Adding a fun graduation photo booth frame between the letters made a creative photo booth!

We've been making giant photo props for party photos for years! Graduation photo booth props like these marquee lighted W letters bring a fun energy to the party.

Can you make photo props with Cricut?

Cricut photo prop tutorial: Graduation photo booth props tutorial and examples from

Yes, you can make photo props with a Cricut machine.

For a graduation party, you could use the machine to create props like mortar boards, diplomas, and graduation caps.

You could also use it to create signs that say "Congrats Grad!" or "Happy Graduation!" or my favorite, "Senior!"

If you want to uplevel your props, use a Glowforge!

So many laser opportunities and ideas for your photo booth, so little time!!

What can I use for photo booth props?


Giant numbers make your graduation party that much more fun.

If you're looking for something festive and fun, try using giant wooden numbers as photo booth props!

They'll add a touch of whimsy to your photos and help you capture some great memories with friends.

Just watch out - your friends may fight over who gets to hold it in the photo booth!

How do you make a photo booth prop?

Graduation party photo booth props are great for student events too! Like SGA at Indiana State University! Customize our letters for your theme!

Making photo booth props is easy, and it's a great way to add some fun to your graduation party. First, choose the props you want to make.

You can find printable templates online, or you can draw your own designs.

Next, cut out the shapes of the props from cardboard or foam board.

If you're using a printed template, be sure to print it out at the correct size - otherwise the props will be too small or too large for people to use in the photo booth.

Then, use paint or markers to decorate the props.

You can go with a simple design, or get creative with your choices. Finally, attach a stick or rod to the back of each prop so that it can be held for ours of fun!

Graduation Outfits For Mom!

So how are you decorating for your graduation party?

Will you have a photo booth?

Will you create your own graduation photo booth props?

Let us know in the comments!

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