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Spring Sports Photoshoot Ideas | 5 Easy and Fun Shots

Here are some fun photos that you might like to include in your senior night collage.

Remember, iphone photos or professional photos from a photographer work the best!

Pictures from Facebook - unfortunately, they will come out pixelated and are hard to enlarge or remove unwanted backgrounds. 

Don’t forget a photo with you in it, momma!

And don’t worry about cropping your photos - a lot of times I need the backgrounds for editing purposes!

Anyway, a lot of senior moms ask me what photos to include.

A nice mix of action, memories and team photos make the perfect senior night gift.

And of course, any senior pictures will make your collage even more beautiful and perfect. 

Here are some unique spring sports photo ideas for you!


Senior Photo Ideas with Sports Props
1. Using props If your athlete plays a sport that includes equipment (bat, stick, racquet, etc.), including that equipment as a prop is always a winning idea.

I like this one, where a lacrosse player is holding her lacrosse stick - and (surprise!) a photo frame!

Lacrosse Senior Photo with Frame, curated by collageandwood.com

Photo source: The Pueblo Chieftain on Pinterest


Senior Photo Ideas with Sports Context

2. If your athlete’s sport includes a net or fence, utilizing the structure is always a fun idea.

Stand in front or behind, but keeping your player in focus is the key to this shot. 

Tyler Brown Photo of Volleyball Player, curated by collageandwood.com

Photo Credit:  Tyler R. Brown Photography


Senior Photo Ideas: Sports Action Shots

3. Action shots are always key.

When you choose your shot, consider what’s important to you - are other player’s important to understanding the image (for instance, was it a big moment in a game against a rival?) or do you prefer to keep the focus on your athlete?

If it’s the latter, I would try to use photos that feature your athlete as prominently as possible. Also remember that the ball can be important to include in the photo.

Soccer action photo, curated by collageandwood.com

Photo Credit: Digital Photography School


Senior Photo Ideas: The Student-Athlete Shot

4. The graduate shot: Any photo combined with your athlete in uniform is a powerful picture. Here’s an example:

Senior Student-Athlete Picture, curated by collageandwood.com

Photo Credit: Jimmy Song Photography


5. Senior Photo Ideas: The Fun Team Photo

So here is a consideration for team photos in a collage: 

Large teams in photos are going to take up more space in a collage.

If you have a smaller number of players (i.e. a small group of seniors), that picture will not feature as prominently, but it will also not take up as much room.

If you have two numbers, a large team picture might not be as big of a deal, but it’s something you want to consider.

Here’s an example of a fun team picture that you might want to include, something silly and fun!

Fun Senior Photo, curated by collageandwood.com

Photo Credit: RattlerAthletics.com
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